How technology has changed the way we communicate

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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: CristinaDomene



Since the invention of the telegraph in 1792 (first method of bidirectional communication using technology), and later, the invention of the telephone (patented by Graham Bell), things have changed a lot.

The beginnings of Internet were in 1969 as 'Arpanet', connecting three universities in California and one in Utah. Since then, a revolution that changed the way people communicate took place. Blogs and social networks began to have a great importance in communication.
Blogger was born in 1999 and later in 2003, Facebook, the social network of reference.

Certainly this method has revolutionized the way we communicate but, how has been the impact on people who use them?

Technology & Communication How technology has changed the way we communicate Cristina Domene Beviá María Rosario Alfaro Garrigós

Introduction  Telegraph in 1792  Telephone in 1890  Arpanet in 1969  Blogs: Blogger in 1999  Social networks: Facebook in 2003

Introduction  Certainly these methods have revolutionized the way in which we communicate but, how has been the impact on people who use them? Positive aspects Negative aspects

 New ways of communication  Quickly, easily and with a big variety of formats  The user of the media has shifted from a passive role to an active role.  The information is immediate.  Today we can decide about the information we want, search for it and also feed it with our own knowledge. Positive aspects

 These advances improve our daily lives:  We communicate with our family or friends  We can work remotely  We can attend a conference or receive news in real time  We can study anywhere in the world Positive aspects

Negative aspects  A lot of information oversaturation  According to a study called ‘How Facebook Affects you and your relationships’, more and more people are getting obsessed with the Internet and social networks.  Facebook  affect our mood  create us stress due to information or images that publish our contacts

Negative aspects Sometimes, people give more importance to the virtual world than to the real world. There are games like WOW or LOL that make young people prefer to make virtual hangouts with friends rather than with friends in the real world.

Negative aspects Whatsapp is another problematic issue. According to Sherry Turkle (Ph.D. in personality psychology at Harvard), can cause problems with the sentimental couple.  All your contacts can know:  if you got the message that they sent  the last time when you were connected These issues can create fights and jealousy.

Conclusion  The technology is very powerful and can help us a lot, but it is necessary to use it with the head and not forget to communicate face to face.  The information technology was designed to approach people, not to replace them. Do not become obsessed with the online life. The new communication channels can exert significant control over us if we do not have clear limitations.

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