How Social Media Management Helps Businesses

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Information about How Social Media Management Helps Businesses

Published on December 6, 2010

Author: buzzmouth


Slide 1: By Aaron Bare Slide 2: Social Media is Local and Global Slide 3: 90 Trillion The number of emails sent on the Internet in 2009. Source: Jess3 Slide 4: 500 Million Active Facebook Users Source: Tech Herald Photo Credit: Oversocialized Slide 5: 126 Million The number of blogs on the Internet. Source: Jess3 Slide 6: 10 Billion+ Tweets Sent on Twitter Since 2006 Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa Source: Mashable Slide 7: 2 Billion Videos Are Streamed Each Day On YouTube Photo Credit: jonsson Source: Techcrunch Slide 8: What Is a Social Media Strategy? Slide 9: “Social Media: Enables Others to Advocate for Your Business Through Compelling Content” Image credit: Ian Sane Slide 10: “Social Media is Like a Cocktail Party: Listen Then Respond” Photo Credit: The Dana Files Slide 11: Listen and Respond Slide 12: “Links are the Currency of the Social Web” Slide 13: Publish and Broadcast Slide 14: “Social Media Monitoring Collects Online Mentions for Measurement and Response” Image Credit: Suchitra Prints Slide 15: Connect Slide 16: “Company Blogs are Digital Publications that Allow Public Responses” Photo Credit kevindooley Slide 17: Create viral loops Slide 19: “Facebook is a social network that connects people personally and professionally through connections, messages, photos, & videos.” Photo Credit: Marvin Kuo Slide 20: Facebook Fan Pages Let Businesses Interact with Customers and Prospects Slide 21: Facebook Social Applets drive results and traffic Slide 22: “Twitter is like a Text Message with a BCC: To The World” Photo Credit: ydhsu Slide 23: Businesses Use Twitter to Converse with Prospects, Provide Customer Service and Drive Website Traffic. Slide 24: Mobile Marketing Slide 25: Social Media Can Drive Leads and Customers Photo Credit: Slide 26: Microsites & Landing Page convert Social Media Slide 29: Traffic Growth Slide 30: Content Distribution Slide 31: Reputation Management Slide 32: Email Acquisition Slide 33: Lead Generation Slide 34: Online Branding Slide 35: Revenue Growth Slide 36: 1,344 Friends 233 Followers 533 Friends 2,345 Connections 15,768 Views 334 bookmarks 22 digg’s 12 top keywords 244 top keywords 24 top keywords 998 email subscribers 42 feeds 998 forwards 83 blog post 19,998 monthly website traffic 23 photos April 2010 Social Empire Monthly Report $232,567 online revenue 145 brand mentions, pr weight $45,300 Results focused Our Digital Media Offerings : Our Digital Media Offerings Campaign Management – manage online projects Content Management – observe, contribute, publish and manage content Link Management – grow links Reputation/Brand Management – manage your brand Influencer Management – connect with key influencers/advocates and create common purpose Conversation Management – from listen to engage to lead the conversation Network Management – manage your networks (brand outpost) Fan/Follower Management – manage networks Policy Management – manage company interactions Digital Applications –iPhone, Facebook and other applications. Interactive – websites, micro-sites and landing pages. Slide 38: Any Questions? Slide 39: Overview Slide 40: WE MANAGE BRANDS WE MANAGE TRAFFIC, LEADS, REVENUE FOR PEOPLE, EVENTS, CAUSES & COMPANIES.

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