How retina banner plugin will be used for revive adserver

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Information about How retina banner plugin will be used for revive adserver

Published on September 22, 2018

Author: halena2894


Slide 1: What is retina display, its advantages and how “Retina banner plugin” will be used for Revive Adserver? Slide 2: The “Retina display” has widely noticed in the marketing industry. As all we know the “ Retina Display ” is a brand name that has been launched by the Apple for screens with higher pixel density and resolution . A display which packs over 300 pixels per inch are categorized as “Retina”, this number is very important because above that value, the human eye could not recognize the individual pixels. It indicates that the images and the text appear will be much sharper than a standard display. Retina Display Slide 3: Slide 4: The pixel density is very tight so when you view from the typical viewing distance, dots (pixels) are imperceptible to the human eye. The main purpose of retina display technology is to make the angled and curved lines appear to be smooth lines. For example, previously in a non-retina display, the iPhone had a jaggy look on some angles, why because the pixels are oriented in a square grid pattern. But after the retina display, the dots became so small and close together, which makes the angled lines and curves appear to be flawless. Slide 5: Density and distance are the two crucial elements to whether or not the pixels are perceptible. In general, if the screen is big, your eyes are more likely to move from it and even the pixel density is lower will be qualified as a retina display . Slide 6: Let’s consider an example the iPhones from 4 to 5s has a pixel density of 326 ppi (Point per Inch) whereas the 13 inch Mac Book Pro has only 227 ppi. But this has been qualified as a retina because you hold a phone closer to your face that laptop. This represents clearly that the screen will be related to retina if it is sharp enough for the human eye not to be able to see the individual pixels at a typical usage distance. Slide 7: In a simpler way, the device’s display has been converted to retina by doubling the number of pixels vertically and horizontally by “Apple”. It is nearly four times as many pixels when compared to non-retina counterpart. The user interface elements like icons and menus would look tiny. To compensate this, Apple have created Hi-DPI (Dots Per Inch) mode where each elements has been doubled in size vertically and horizontally and it appears in the same size as it would on a non-retina display. Size of the icon Slide 8: As far now, we have seen some of the technical aspects of Retina. Now let’s see the benefits of the retina banner ads after it came to the ad server. In order to attract more customers, it is very much essential to have the high resolution image for a better visibility. The plugins which equipped with this technology offers numerous advantages compared to the non-retina display. User experience is considerably great: Size of the icon Slide 9: The low quality resolution and a pixel density produce murky images due to noticeable individual pixels. The main advantages of retina display is it provides a better visual experience by displaying crisp and a detailed images with a smooth edges and a fine print. For consuming the contents such as graphics, videos, images, web articles, games and ebooks , the retina display will be best suited for this to present in an awesome manner. Premium User Experience Slide 10: Display information will be more due to higher resolution and a pixel density : When compared the display panels with lower resolution, retina display has the capacity to display more information without affecting the image quality. This means that running the apps or ads in windows side by side, the image scalability will be better. One of the greatest advantages in high resolution display is that it can be useful and visible even if more information fits on the screen. Slide 11: The retina display boosts the saturation of a colour which gives a better contrast between the colours. This gives the user a better viewing experience in apps, running the ads, browsing the web etc. Quality of the colour : Slide 12: Eyestrain will be considerably less due to sharper image reproduction : With its clarity, retina display reduces the eyestrain. The people who spend too much time in front of a tablet, computer or phone may suffer from eyestrain which is characterised by pain in or around the fatigue, headaches, eye, double vision, and or blurred vision. Display panels with higher resolution and a pixel density can lessen the eyestrain and prevents the users from drawing the eyes near their devices as they exert an effort to focus on a particular display area. Slide 13: The marketing proposition of the retina display is to provide an exceptional viewing experience by making individual pixels invisible and thereby images smoother and sharper from a normal viewing distance. Slide 14: Retina HD displays: There are some unique features in HD displays which includes colour accuracy from corner to corner for the better wide angle viewing, dual domain pixels and an improved polarizer for clearer viewing when we view the devices with sunglasses and a precisely aligned crystals for the enhanced viewing experience with sharper text and deeper blacks. Slide 15: With the advancement of technology, we got new things with the incredible features every day. 4k and 5k displays are one among that. Let’s have some idea about the difference between 4k and 5k displays. Pixels Slide 16: Difference between 4k and 5k : Roughly , we could say 4k means 4000 pixels wide and 5k means 5000 pixels wide. But actually the 5k resolution is 5120×2880 and for the resolution of 4k is 4096×2304. 5k is 50% bigger than 4k in terms of raw pixel count. If you want your video to show on full resolution and also wants to have tools and palettes at the same time 4k will be enough. If the sheer quantity of pixel is important means, go with 5k. Space availability also to be considered if you have a limited space in your room go with 4k or else go for 5k. Slide 17: Multiple display features are also available in both 4k and 5k displays. But as per your requirement you can choose that. Multiple display features gives you more flexibility in terms of how you set up your viewing area. When you put them side by side, you can angle them, stack them and can separate different apps and tasks onto different screens. A single display feature gives you a specified one place to look, work and focus on that. Difference between 4k and 5k : Slide 18: If you want multiple places to separate your tasks, go with two or more 4k. If you want a single point of focus, you can go with 5k. Retina display holds so many benefits in terms of better viewing experience and act as a medium to generate more leads than you expected. Presenting our ideas in a understandable way always on demand, this will lead you to attract more prospective customer. Ads can appear in all the iPhones, iMac and all other devices by using the retina banner plugin. Difference between 4k and 5k : Slide 19: Retina banner plugin for revive adserver Specifically when it works for ad server, it provides so many benefits. By displaying the pixels at a higher density, the retina banner users can experience the high quality banners. The retina display devices will be categorized based on the window pixel ratio. Slide 20: If the window pixel ratio is above the value 1, it would be considered as retina display and if it is less than 1, it will be considered as non-retina display. This plugin can resize and shrink the zone size up to 50% of its dimension; this will make the end users to pay more attention to the banners. Retina banner plugin for revive adserver Slide 21: Banner types : In this, an option called “Retina double size” where the users can deliver retina banners/images by selecting this. If the particular campaign is already linked to the zone, the retina banner can be easily making the auto link with that zone. After creating the retina banner, you can link either with campaigns or individuals as per your requirement. Slide 22: Generic HTML as  retina banner : When creating the banners, choose the type as “Generic HTML Banner” and there is a checkbox labelled as “IS RETINA” to select the HTML banner as retina display banner. It supports both the image and generic HTML banner types. You can select either image or generic banner types but when you choose the generic html banner type, it will show you the third party ads within the given zone for retina images. Slide 23: If you’re in the advertising industry, you should consider the retina display for the improved quality of the screen and the increased performance of your business. It ends up being well worth the money!

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