How registering with Lakeside Medical Group benefits Expats

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Information about How registering with Lakeside Medical Group benefits Expats

Published on October 29, 2020

Author: Daniel105


How registering with Lakeside Medical Group benefits Expats?: How registering with Lakeside Medical Group benefits Expats? Lakeside Medical Group is an exclusive provider of Managed Care for expats in Mexico. If you are an American or Canadian expat living in Mexico, then registering with Lakeside Medical Group will offer you various benefits. Similar to a Managed Care HMO, the group accepts more than 350 American and Canadian insurance plans. This means that you can use your existing insurance plan to avail high quality healthcare during your stay . Read More … Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 / US : 1-888-449-7799 Slide 2: Here are some of the benefits that you will get to enjoy as a registered member of Lakeside Medical Group: No out-of-pocket expense: To avail quality care in Mexico, there is no need to purchase a new plan or pay out-of-pocket. Get registered with Lakeside Medical Group and get healthcare services using your existing insurance. Registration is free: There are no charges to register with the group. Membership and registration is free. If you are using your existing insurance plan, there is no need to pay co-insurance or deductibles. Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 / US : 1-888-449-7799 Slide 3: Managed Care healthcare model: The group offers healthcare based on Managed Care model. If you fall sick, the group’s primary care physician will first attend you and then make referrals, if needed. Referrals are only made to hospitals, specialists and diagnostic center’s where your insurance benefits will be accepted. Extensive network of doctors and medical facilities: The group owns and operates its own facilities in Mexico and has an extensive network of professional’s doctors and specialists. They also have a network of the best hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and diagnostic center’s, so you don’t have to worry about the accessibility of quality care in Mexico. Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 / US : 1-888-449-7799 Slide 4: Emergency hospitalization: As a registered member of Lakeside Medical, you will also get emergency hospitalization service. If there is a medical emergency, you can get admitted in any of the best hospitals across Mexico that comes under their network. What to expect from Lakeside Medical? From doctor’s office visits to minor in-patient needs, you will get a wide range of healthcare benefits with Lakeside Medical Group. You will be receiving co- ordinated care during your stay under the group’s Managed Care model. Lakeside Medical Group has contracts and agreements with more than 350 American and Canadian insurance companies. The group will receive payment for services availed by you through your insurance company. So what are you waiting for? Use your existing US or Canadian insurance plan today to start enjoying hassle-free healthcare services with Lakeside Medical Group. We also accept Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans. Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 / US : 1-888-449-7799 About us: About us Lakeside Medical Group is similar to a Managed Care HMO and we accept over 350+ different American medical plans. There is no cost to join Membership and Registration are free There are NO hidden fees We provide coverage for your medical needs while travelling or living in Mexico With our medical group of primary care physicians and extensive network of Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers and Board Certified Specialists, Primary Care Physicians (PCP), lab and diagnostic centers and pharmacies we provide comprehensive managed medical care using your current and existing policy benefits from your United States medical insurance policy. Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 / US : 1-888-449-7799 Contact us: Contact us Our main office in Chapala- Ajijic is now co- located in Hospital San Antonio at Hidalgo #23 San Antonio de Tlayacapan (376) 766-0395 . Toll Free from the USA and Canada 1-888-449-7799 and Toll Free from any phone in Mexico 01-800-681-9396 We can be reached 24-7 at 376-766-0395 and toll free in Mexico 01-800-681-9396 . Our toll free from US and Canada is 1-888-449-7799 +52 (376) 766-0395 Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 / US : 1-888-449-7799

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