How Placemaking Can Transform Transit Facilities into Vibrant Destinations---Engaging Bus Stops

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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: PWPB_Slides



Title: How Placemaking Can Transform Transit Facilities into Vibrant Destinations
Track: Prosper, Place
Format: 60 minute panel
Abstract: A transit station or stop can serve much more than a transportation function; it can be a focal setting for community interaction and a place that fosters a diversity of activities. Learn about opportunities for Placemaking at transit stops that creates a win-win-win for ridership, economic development, and local communities.
Presenter: Cynthia Nikitin Project for Public Spaces, Inc.
Co-Presenter: Jennifer Flynn Center for Urban Transportation Research, USF
Co-Presenter: David Nelson Project for Public Spaces, Inc.

1. ACTIVATING BUS STOPS Reverie! Affection! Laughter!

2. ACTIVATING BUS STOPS Smile! Play! Kiss!

3. What are we talking about doing? Bus Stops. Public Spaces.

4. What is the goal of this project? First, alleviate one or more problems that affect specific bus stops, e.g. graffiti, litter, crime, rider complaints, environmental exposure, or low ridership. Second, bolster the image of two partners, the city, the Port Authority, and the transit system within the region and the PWPB audience. Third, stimulate sociability, engagement, and excitement in the surrounding neighborhood.


6. Local Precedents Highmark’s Community Blue healthcare kept commuters warm this winter with heated bus shelters.

7. Yahoo Bus Derby | San Francisco Yahoo! pit commuting neighborhoods against one another in interactive game play. The winner got the glory and a chance to host their own block party with rock band, OK Go!

8. Omaha Gives! & MidCentury Chic | Omaha Omaha By Design converted a University bus shelter into a comfortable living room you wanted to stay in.

9. Victoria Bug Zoo & Bug Eyes | Victoria, BC The interactive display at this shelter let commuters stop, look, and see the world from a new angle.

10. Pepsi Max & AR Freak Out | London By adding a hologram to the bus shelter, the ridership was treated to a commute full of adventure.

11. Samsung & Surfing | Amsterdam Commuters were given the opportunity to “ride the waves.”

12. MacBook Air & Swing | London Waiting for the bus is much more palatable, when you’re swinging!

13. Osmosis of the Boulevard Diderot | Paris This Parisian bus activation goes beyond the station and uses Placemaking to make the station a destination in its own right.

14. Pittsburgh can take Thinking Beyond the Stop even further Pittsburgh can raise the bar when it comes to transit Placemaking by making it a strategy for improving neighborhoods and accomplishing transit agency goals.


16. Doable & Worthwhile Select 2 bus stops to be activated. Identify potential partners. Host a Placemaking workshop at each stop. Develop & approve activation plans. Activation in place from Sept 8-11 (at least). Evaluate the activations with conference participants in a mobile session. Produce a brief summary report.

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