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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: conglaoshi



Learn to ask how old are you in Chinese

The Numbers Chant(数字歌) • 一二三 ,三二一。一二三四五六七。 • 一二三 ,三二一。七六五四三二一。 • 一二三,三二一。一二三四五六七。 • 二三四,四三二。四五六七八九十。

你多大? (nǐ duō dà) How old are you ?

New words You 你(nǐ) I Age 岁(suì) Many Big 大(dà) He/she 他/她(tā) How big 多大(duō dà) 我(wǒ) 多(duō)

Talking about age • To say a person’s age in Chinese you just need to say “person + number + age” (pronoun/name: I,you,she,he,Jade,etc.) (1-99+) E.g. 我/Jade 十 四 岁。 (wǒ/Jade shí sì suì) 岁(suì)

Practise the sentence structures Q: 你多大? (nǐ duō dà)? How old are you? A: 我 …岁。 (wǒ … suì). I am … years old. Q: XX多大? (XX duō dà)? How old is XX? A: XX …岁。 (XX … suì). XX is… years old.

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