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Published on June 18, 2007

Author: Woodwork


Slide1:  Quick Tour of HowNow® by businessfitness™ Your world of documents easily …:  how easy. Your world of documents easily … HowNow®, Standardised  Systemised  Stored  Secured  Shared  Searched What is HowNow®?:  What is HowNow®? HowNow® is: The complete document management system for electronic filing and retrieval, that ensures effective control of all document flows into, through and out of your organisation. HowNow® makes it easy: For any document, email or file to be centrally stored, appropriately shared, efficiently delivered and later easily found. HowNow®, how easy.:  HowNow®, how easy. HowNow® easily stores: Emails Scanned documents Systems, procedures and know-how Standards, templates and precedents Knowledgebase and reference library (including documents, web links, training videos, any file!) HowNow® rapidly retrieves: Using a lightning fast keyword search Users don’t have to know ‘where’ a document is in order to find it Search results can then be filtered by Procedural Area, Document Type, Topic, Dates, Authors, Signatories, etc. Easy! Integrated Document Management:  Integrated Document Management HowNow® gives you: One easy access point for ALL electronic document storage and retrieval Quick, easy, automated, error-free electronic filing Quick and easy to find any document or email Peace of mind knowing your team are using the approved and up-to-date versions of your compliance templates The benefits include: Higher efficiency Lower risk Better client service End-to-End Document Management:  End-to-End Document Management HowNow® is the only software that gives you end-to-end document management across: Knowledge Management Document Management Records Management HowNow® Knowledge Manager handles KM and DM The HowNow® Home screen:  The HowNow® Home screen ‘Start Your Day’ screen Summarises news in and around your organisation Acts as a Bulletin Board Ideal for announcements Displays: Quick Phone List Birthdays andamp; Anniversaries User’s Own News Items New Documents Added User’s Recent Documents User’s Favourite Documents and Links Live news headlines Customisable Include your logo Change the colours Modify the layout The Organisation screen:  The Organisation screen View Your Organisation by: Organisation Chart Teams View Alphabetical List Staff Directory – Click on a Person’s Name to View: Their photograph Email address Various phone numbers Birthday (omits the year) Their Mentor in your firm (if applicable) Home address (optional) Click on Your Name to View: Your Personal Procedures Manual – All the procedures that relate to your role Keyword search this list Greatly simplifies training and induction of new team members The Procedures screen:  The Procedures screen Your Organisation’s ‘Procedures Manual’ Quickly and easily find any procedure using: Keyword Search Procedural Area Filters Topic Filters Procedures link to related standard documents and templates at each step Automatic Version Control Staff see only up-to-date and approved versions of documents and templates Ensures consistency across your organisation Reduces your PI risk The Documents screen:  The Documents screen Quickly and easily find any type of document or template, using: Keyword Search Procedural Area Filters Document Type Filters Topic Filters My News A firm-wide bulletin board My Favourites Users can create their own list of Favourites, yet still link to the master versions My History User’s accessed documents My Review Document review system Quick Links Toolbar Launch other applications from within HowNow® The Records screen (Optional):  The Records screen (Optional) Other screens in HowNow® relate to procedures, standard documents, templates, reference and knowledgebase documents The Records screen is for all other documents and emails This screen appears if you purchase the optional module HowNow® Records Manager Automates electronic filing of emails and records such as: Correspondence, workpapers, completed checklists, completed forms, file notes and other ‘records’ Easily track workflow stage of all documents in the organisation Find any document or email in seconds The Contacts screen:  The Contacts screen A view into your existing database (not another database to manage!) Keyword search on any part of client name, entity name, client code, even address or phone numbers to find any client’s details in seconds. Create as many additional custom fields as you wish. Create sophisticated merge letter templates so your team can do lookups and create letters (even highly customised letters) in a fraction of the time. Create new contact records HowNow® Email Manager:  HowNow® Email Manager Part of the optional module HowNow® Records Manager Centralised filing of sent and received Outlook® emails Users are prompted to save emails upon: Sending an email Deleting an email Users can also click ‘Send to HowNow’ when viewing their Inbox or an individual email Emails are saved centrally on your network into the appropriate client folders, and … Copies of saved emails are also stored in Outlook® subfolders A specific email can be easily retrieved within seconds HowNow® in Outlook®:  HowNow® in Outlook® Search the Documents area of HowNow® from within Microsoft Outlook®. Make it even easier for your staff to get to your firm’s up-to-date and approved procedures, standard documents and templates. HowNow® in Outlook®:  HowNow® in Outlook® Alternatively, choose to display the equivalent of the HowNow® Home screen in Microsoft® Outlook HowNow® in Microsoft® Office:  HowNow® in Microsoft® Office HowNow® toolbar appears in Microsoft® Office programs Search the Documents area of HowNow® from within Microsoft® Word, Excel or PowerPoint® Click the toolbar button ‘Send to HowNow’ to easily add Microsoft® Office documents to the Documents or Records areas of HowNow® Make it even easier for your staff to search and save into HowNow® Advanced (Yet Easier and Faster) Mail Merge Features:  Advanced (Yet Easier and Faster) Mail Merge Features HowNow® Merge Letters Produce complex merge letters in a fraction of the time with Smart Templates Creates individual documents, not one large Word file Automatically names and files each letter as it is created If you’ve merged it, you’ve filed it because HowNow® automatically knows where to file your correspondence 1-Step ‘Email or Print’ Batch Automatically emails AND saves each document into the correct client folders; OR For clients without email addresses, those letters are filed AND sent to the printer. Other features you can see during your custom demonstration of HowNow® …:  Other features you can see during your custom demonstration of HowNow® … Content Utilisation Reports Document Visibility Control who can see which documents and records in HowNow® Record Encryption Encrypt sensitive records (documents) documents so they cannot be opened via Windows Explorer or other programs PDF Conversion of Records Document Workflow Management HowNow® Publisher for sharing content across multi-office organisations Automatic Version Control and Revision History Content Expiry/Update Management Slide19:  For further information about HowNow® by businessfitness™ Contact businessfitness™ to make a time for your custom demonstration. Telephone 1800 99 11 00 Outside Australia +61 7 3229 4197

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