How Much Does It Cost to Create an Mobile App

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Information about How Much Does It Cost to Create an Mobile App

Published on January 5, 2017

Author: abdul476930


slide 1: How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App slide 2: “ Drilling down the cost components estimates for building a mobile app on iOS or Android. Also know How much it will cost to build mobile app in each part of the world “ slide 3: 3 What Kind of Apps Can One Make slide 4: 4 What Impacts The Cost of the Mobile App Development The key cost drivers that make up the cost of Mobile App Development: ❖ Timeline ❖ Development Team ❖ Cost Increasing App Elements ❖ Post Production Maintenance slide 5: 1. Timeline slide 6: 2. Development Team Basic Advanced Backend developer optional 1 UI/UX Designers 2-4 Per Platform QA Engineer Admin panel developer optional QA Engineer 1 UI/UX Designers 1-2 Developers Backend developer optional slide 7: 3. Cost Increasing Application Elements Monetization Admin Panel Project Urgency Server Backend Social Media Integration Optional Hardware Usage Integration With 3rd party services Integrations Elements that add to your Mobile App Development bill slide 8: 4. Post Release Maintenance Mobile App Development doesn’t end with launch. Maintenance is what keeps it alive Processes that falls under the ambit of post release maintenance: Custom Icons Illustrations Custom Graphics Maintenance Device Permission Variations Orientations Pull to Refresh Triggered Animations slide 9: 5. Used Platforms Amount Sizing up the market share of each platform how they fare against each other slide 10: 6. Global Application Development Hourly Rates slide 11: How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App The cost to build mobile app varies depending on the type tech sophistication involved: The cost to build mobile app varies depending on the type tech sophistication involved: slide 12: 1. Development Time for One Platform Simple Apps Up to 2 months Complex Apps 5 -6 months ● Api Integration ● Basic UI/UX ● Item list ● Simple search ● Tables support ● Integration with payment sync ● Social integrations ● Search by map ● Video Audio support ● Real time sync High load ● Integration with 3rd party services ● Custom animation ● Several type of database sync Design Up to - 80 Hours Development mobile backend/Baas Up to 500 hours Design Up to - 160 Hours Development mobile backend/Baas Up to 900 hours Design up to - 160 Hours Development mobile backend/Baas Up to 1000 hours Complex Apps 5 -6 months Middle Apps 2 - 5 months slide 13: 2. How Much Did it Cost to Build Your Favorite App A quick look at the cost estimates of chart-leading apps - Edit photos videos - Advanced creative tools - Custom built stabilization for video - Instantly share photos vis Social - Directly sending photos videos - Handoff between devices Built in camera for video streaming Image search shares from the web Location Sharing Quick audio notes sending Pinned group chats Live video streaming Group chats Photos Videos Recording a voice message Previewing a camera photos slide 14: FGST Aiming to Build Your Dream Mobile App Apphitect Can Help You App building expertise that talks for itself Apphitect is a globe-leading mobile app builder with tons of experience on creating stunning mobile apps for various enterprises. We love toying with emerging technologies like Augmented Reality Wearables BLE 4.0 and several others that will become mainstream in near future. 1000+ Happy Clients 200+ UI Developers 8+ Years Exp slide 15: FGST Unique Traits That Sets up Apart Fast to Market App Store Support ROI We follow methodologies that lose no time in launching your apps to the world’s reach. Our App Store optimization techniques will move your apps to the top of app store charts Emails phone chat - we have set up every possible infrastructure option to serve you Leverage our IT expertise to amplify your operational efficiency across all business processes. slide 16: FGST Successful Mobile Apps Augmenting customer base for Bostons biggest restaurant pub chain Engineering Indias best selling SUVs app-aided infotainment system THE LANSDOWNE Mahindra Scorpio - Blue Sense app slide 17: FGST A Short Glimpse of Our Wide Service Spectrum ➢ Education ➢ Media Entertainment ➢ Sports Health ➢ Travel Hospitality ➢ Logistics ➢ eCommerce ➢ B2B B2C Much more. ➢ Java ➢ Objective-C ➢ .Net/C ➢ C++/C ➢ HTML5 ➢ iOS ➢ Android ➢ Windows Phone ➢ Hybrid Apps Technology Platforms slide 18: FGST The Tools That Fuel Our App Building Process slide 19: FGST 5 Scenarios Where We Can Pitch In for You Scalability of Mobile App New Unique Mobile App Mobile Version of Existing Apps Cross-platform Mobile Apps Mobile App Maintenance slide 20: FGST We have worked with startups as well as towering corporations everyone in the middle. We help all kinds of businesses and end-users to win with the help of digital transformations. The Kind of People We Work with 20 Mobile Development Companies Service Digital Companies Stratus Individuals Small Medium Companies slide 21: FGST Apphitect perfectly replicated my ecommerce website into an app. The UI was much better than the browser version. We experienced threefold betterment in sales. Thanks guys. Customers’ Speak 21 Ahmed Balkis Co-founder CEO 3lamodak “ slide 22: Why Wait Any Longer Let’s build your dream. Let’s Build Mobile App for Your Business Drop in for a Detailed Cost Estimate Thanks for Watching

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