How many licks does it take to get to the centre of the salt block?

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Information about How many licks does it take to get to the centre of the salt block?

Published on December 7, 2013

Author: Heifer_in_Tank


•Ingredients: -SodiumChloride -Calcium Iodate -Cobalt Carbonate -ultramarine coloring • The Role of Salt: – – – – – – • Composition of a blue Cobalt Iodine Salt Lick: – – – – Salt (NaCl): 99% Cobalt: 120ppm Iodine: 180 ppm Traces of other minerals Regulates blood pressure Maintains body acidity Involved in muscle contraction and nerve transmission Chlorine in stomach acid Cobalt for vitamin B12 synthesis in the rumen Iodine for thyroid hormones and metabolism

The Salt Lick Menu • White: good old plain sodium chloride, NaCl and trace elements • Red: NaCl, trace elements, and additional iodine •Yellow: sodium chloride and trace elements with additional sulfur • Marbled: Himalayan salt, with high levels of minerals • Blue: sodium chloride with trace elements and extra cobalt •Brown: sodium chloride with additional minerals

The Great Salt Lick Contest “Thou STILL art cow art!” • 2008 saw the second annual salt lick charity auction in Baker County, Oregon • Last years contest raised over $4000 from 29 submitted entries • This years awards include a prize for the block “Most Likely to be Barbequed” and “Closest Resemblance to Michael J Fox or Janet Reno” • Check out http://www.whitdeschner .com/salt-lick-main.html for more info

• Cows will drink around • May lick more than 1879 45L of water per day, times in one visit to the up to 120 L salt block •Can produce up to 200L of saliva every day (for chewing cud of course) •Require 45 g/day or 315 g/week or 16380 g/year – that’s less than one whole salt block

24.8 cm 22.2 cm • Grams removed from block with every lick: (20468g – 20356g = 112grams) = 112 g = 0.06 g/lick 1879 licks • Find volume of the block by multiplying volume of 1/8th of a sphere by the density of the block. First, find the radius of the circle from the block’s dimensions.

1. Find Radius of Sphere using Pythagoras's Theorem: √(11.1cm)2 + (12.4cm)2 =16.6 cm 24.8 cm 22.2 cm 2. Find Volume of 1/8th Sphere: 4/3 π r3 = 4/3 π (16.6cm)2 x 1/8 = 2411.15 cm3 3. Multiply by density of block: 2411.15 cm3 x 2.17g/cm3 = 5232 g

• Licks to get to the center = 5232.2 g 0.06 g/lick = 87200 licks • Time to get to the center: (assuming 1 lick per second) =87200 licks x 1 second x 1 hour 1 lick 3600 sec = 24.2 hours!

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