How Live In Care Works For Caregivers

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Information about How Live In Care Works For Caregivers
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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: CareFamily



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This webinar gives a clear description of what live in care is. There are many benefits of live in care for caregivers. A live in caregiver can have days off and share time with other caregivers while still making a decent income.

How Live-in Care Works for Caregivers A Fantastic Career Opportunity Presented by: Tom Knox January 30, 2014 CAREFAMILY.COM

Defining Live-in Care As a live-in caregiver, you would provide 24 hour care to a senior in the senior’s or the family’s home. It is full or part time work in a great work environment with excellent pay, and you can really get to know your client. The goal of this presentation is to help you learn more about this care option so you can decide if you would like to provide live-in care in the future. CAREFAMILY.COM

What does live-in care look like? • You would stay in the home for an extended period of time – days to weeks at a time • Your day is basically split up into 3 parts, 8 hours each • Breakdown of each day: – Work Hours: During this time, you perform normal care tasks, such as bathing, dressing, running errands, meal preparation, and more advanced hands on care when needed. – Rest Hours: During this time, you are allowed to relax, catch up on personal tasks, and get some alone time. You are still “on call” in the event of an emergency. – Sleep Hours: This time should be reserved for sleep as much as possible so that you can stay fresh. You would be available to assist the senior in the event of an emergency.

Benefits of Live-in Care for the Care Provider • Share your time with one or two other caregivers while maintaining a good income • You will be able to have alone time during the day – your own room for privacy and sleep • Room and board are provided – You are responsible for extra snacks, but all normal meals are part of this kind of case. You should be available to help with meal preparation. • You can develop strong bonds with the senior and the family CAREFAMILY.COM

Typical Pay Rate • Though the cost of live-in care for families is less than a typical agency, caregiver pay rates are better. • Most live-in caregivers working through CareFamily make $135 - $155 per day. • This allows you to have off days, sharing time with another caregiver, while still maintaining a decent income. • Remember that room and board are included with live-in care. CAREFAMILY.COM

Scheduling and Sharing • Determine which days you are responsible for upfront. • Very clear communication with the family is important when it comes to scheduling. • Be sure to connect with the other caregiver or caregivers on the case so that you can back each other up in the case of an emergency. CAREFAMILY.COM

Is Live-in Care for You? • Do you look for consistency in your cases? • Are you ok with living at a home away from home for extended periods of time? • Would this kind of pay work for you? • Do you prefer cases in which you can develop close bonds with the family and the senior? • Are you okay with being “on call” at all times? CAREFAMILY.COM

Our Story … Your Story “ My beloved grandmother was neglected in a facility. It inspired me to start an agency that successfully hired and cared for thousands of seniors at home. I have realized that there are great caregivers who want to build their careers at a livable wage. Our goal is to provide you great career options with the best families in America.” - Tom Knox, Founder Held by my great grandmother … 5 Generations of my family. CAREFAMILY.COM

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