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Published on May 1, 2014

Author: layarmobile


Layar In Education Georgia Diaconescu Olga Beza April 2014

GEORGIA DIACONESCU Interactive Print Consultant OLGA BEZA Support Engineer

TODAY’S SETUP ● 45 minute presentation ● Questions via GoTo “question box” ● Get this deck, the recording of this webinar and an industry overview, tomorrow at ● Part of the Layar in Business Webinar Series


AGENDA ● Introduction & about Layar ● Layar in Education ● Examples ● 7 Tips for AR in Education ● Product walkthrough ● New Educational Pricing ● Questions and Answers

1992 - Tom Caudell and David Mizell coin the term “augmented Reality” 1968 Ivan Sutherland 1984 The Terminator heads-up display

LAYAR 2009 - with the advent of smartphones with a camera and a digital compass, Layar realized the potential to deliver Augmented Reality to anyone owning such a device

Today, Augmented Reality rides the wave of smartphone growth

HOW IT WORKS It starts with an attention grabbing front page or image with a call-to-action to scan

HOW IT WORKS Hold the device over the page with the Layar app and tap to scan

HOW IT WORKS The image is then analyzed and its fingerprint is looked up in the “cloud” database

HOW IT WORKS This is AUGMENTED REALITY After a match, digital media is downloaded and placed on the image

● Image Recognition ● Augmented Reality for Content & Interactivity ● No special printing technology ● No special codes BETTER THAN QR-CODES No ugly visuals Rich media like video and 3D Update content after publishing ‘Wow’ effect

THE FUTURE OF ONLINE IS OFFLINE AR is a 1 billion market opportunity (Juniper Research) MOBILE PLATFORM is growing fast - 1.5 B smartphones Research highlights what users do on their phones today WHERE they are/go (location) What they LIKE (social), What they DO (big data & the cloud), What they SEE (IR & AR) and SCAN (BLE, beacons) DIGITAL WORLD is seeping into REALITY and the future of Online is Offline (Layar for Google Glass) Image Recognition & Augmented Reality BIG DATA



Founded in 2009 Backed by Intel Capital, Prime, Sunstone 30 people in Amsterdam, New York & Toronto ABOUT LAYAR

in Education

Exciting times ahead for education professionals! Demographic change & high levels of expenditure drive a growth forecast of 7% per year until 2017. Within that, education technology is predicted to be the fastest growing market. [UK GOV study] TECHNOLOGY & EDUCATION “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” - John Dewey

Sales of textbooks - expected double-digit growth in 2014, high demand despite the digital disruptions we are presented with. MEANWHILE … Technology is making decisive strides into the education sector .. and students embrace innovations at an intuitive pace. Recent study - only ⅓ of middle school students prefer to read digital materials, rather than printed textbooks. TEXTBOOK PARADOX ?

Traditional approaches to education still seem resilient. HOWEVER.. One factor which will undoubtedly shift the current paradigm: mobile devices as lifestyle companions - ubiquitous, easy-to-use Mobile learning is becoming an integral part of K-12 education. Among students who owned a tablet, 82 % said they used the device for academic purposes. (University of Central Florida study) MOBILE IN EDUCATION ON THE RISE

1 - SUPPORTS RETENTION Innovative teaching methods reignite student's interest in the classroom, thus improving student retention 2 - GROWS ENGAGEMENT Resulting in more interaction with the material as well as duration of working with the material. This leads to Enhanced Educational Experience and a higher overall effectiveness of the learning process. 3 - SUPPORTS ALUMNI COMMUNICATION Enhanced communication materials show how innovative the institution is as well as the advances of the use itself. 4 - SUPPORTS CURRENT TREND OF CONNECTIVITY & IMMEDIACY Students are used to being online all the time & serviced immediately. With Ar printed textbooks can be updated live using AR as well as being interactive. 7 REASONS FOR AR IN EDUCATION

5 - ENABLES ASSESSMENT SUPPORT Simple tests can be added to existing books enabling teacher to see how far students have progressed. 6 - ENABLES DISTANCE LEARNING The teachers don’t have to be there in person. Adding videos, animation and more to existing books enables independent and distance learning 7 - EXTENDS THE ‘LIFE’ OF PRINT MATERIALS By linking print materials to new and updated digital forms of educations the print materials stay relevant. 7 REASONS FOR AR IN EDUCATION

AR can support recruitment, as well as school marketing and branding efforts WHAT IS POSSIBLE? SCHOOL BROCHURES - FLYERS - POSTERS with .. ➔ Videos and slideshows of campus life (dorms, sports, local area etc) ➔ Videos of classes ➔ Video interviews of professors and student testimonials ➔ Link to pages with more information, professor resumes, etc. ➔ Links to pictures of alumni to show where people go after graduating ➔ Social media - enable liking and tweeting ➔ Provide call back buttons for questions ➔ Link to enrollment forms AR IN EDUCATION MARKETING


PACE The University of Winnipeg published PACE - a career services magazine - with interactive print built in! The pages enable readers to see more information about the magazine & access

OXFORD BROOKES Oxford Brookes University enriched their Undergraduate Prospectus 2014

GEORGE WASHINGTON UNI The George Washington University Office of Undergraduate Admissions uses Layar to enrich printed student recruitment marketing materials with extra digital content.

TROY UNIVERSITY Explore your inner warrior - Troy University recently augmented a campaign to promote the university

DINOSAUR ENCYCLOPEDIA This interactive dinosaur encyclopedia educates children about incredible facts about the prehistoric world. Presents the different species of dinosaurs, their attack and defence techniques, their skeletons.

PEARSON Developed by Pearson and Layar, “BouncePages” instantly connects textbooks to digital content, allowing students to discover interactive content illustrating the concept being taught.

INTERACTIVE WORLD MAPS Enjoy the personalized, fun yet educational maps for kids. The wall art is professionally designed and printed locally using latest eco-friendly techniques and avalibke as posters, puzzles, curtains and more.


BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY Advanced Typography students created planet posters based on the concept that humans use both science and religion to explain the unexplainable. Video and audio related to the still images are visible using Layar.

USGS WATERMAP USGS uses augmented reality to teach kids about the water cycle

ESTELAS DE CANTABRIA Primary school teacher Fernando Herrera Díaz at IES Estelas de Cantabria (Spain) used Layar for his class of nine-year-olds; their task was to do research about energy resources.

EXETER COLLEGE Exeter College created augmented door hangers for their students. Upon scanning, students access an awesome video of various students and teachers, wishing good luck to everyone with their studies.

7 Tips for AR in Education

# 1 - ADD WORD EXPLANATIONS WITH TEXT AND IMAGES Use AR with textbooks and enhance pages with extra explanatory information (links, text and images). Keep it simple for you to make - use existing images or add a simple, textual explanation # 2 - ADD EXPLANATORY VIDEOS, TUTORIALS If you are able create your own video and use the Layar Creator to place them on the page. Also YouTube videos may be used. Video is the most popular AR media format. 7 TIPS FOR AR IN EDUCATION

# 3- ADD POP QUIZ AT THE END OF CHAPTER Students use AR to do a test at the end of a chapter in a school book. The teacher creates the test and gets the collected answers for review. This is a way of AR testing the students on the material they are studying. More information in the Industry Overview document! 7 TIPS FOR AR IN EDUCATION

# 4 - ADD REVIEWS BY OTHER STUDENTS IN VIDEO/TEXT Needs good involvement by the teacher - gathering feedback from former students. Former students offer tips on how to study the material, share what they liked about the book, what they didn’t. 7 TIPS FOR AR IN EDUCATION

# 5 - CREATE EDUCATIONAL POSTERS Using video, text and images These are posters that hang in well visited places. Students scan the posters to learn more about the subject matter. More than one student at a time can experience the posters. 7 TIPS FOR AR IN EDUCATION

# 6 - CREATE A TREASURE HUNT WITH IMAGES Create a treasure hunt by hanging different images around the school (knee height, if that is appropriate to the average height age of the students). Students have to collect letters from these posters (each depicting an animal, or object) to form a word and win the challenge. 7 TIPS FOR AR IN EDUCATION

# 7 - CREATE A TIMELINE Idea from Early Adopter for the Avenues School It starts with a timeline poster. Each class or group of students have the assignment to fill the timeline in AR, with information on history, art or any other content. It becomes an interactive learning tool - learning by creating It can be displayed in the school as an educational poster for other students and periodically updated with new, exciting content. Students will be working on their computers, using the Layar Creator to do this project. 7 TIPS FOR AR IN EDUCATION

Product Walkthrough

THE LAYAR APP Free - iOS and Android Works on smartphones & tablets Shows 2D &3D Geo based & Interactive Print Reads QR-Codes Extend Content with Pop-out and save

CHOOSE ONE OF THE 3 FLAVOURS 1. Do it yourself with the Layar Creator 2. Work with Layar Interactive Print Services 3. Work with a Layar Partner

DIY: THE LAYAR CREATOR Drag & drop content creation Enhance a page in less than 1 minute

DRAG & DROP BUTTONS Basic Media Social Advanced



ACTIVATION Usage is directly tied to visual activation. No call to action? No usage!


LARGEST 10 million downloads in the US, 38 million worldwide 75,000 marketeers & publishers on the Layar Creator EASIEST Make a page interactive under a minute FIXED PRICE* $60 per image no matter size of print run or usage


Layar Educational Pricing WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Small groups and organisations in the education, charity, art, culture or non-profit sectors. E.g.: school yearbook, university recruitment materials, charity event flyers, museum brochures etc.


LAYAR PARTNERS Work with one of the 60 Layar Partners. Find yours at

Questions & Answers

Get this deck, the recording of today’s show, industry overview tomorrow at www.layar. com/education GET THIS DECK & MORE

OLGA BEZA Support Engineer THANK YOU! GEORGIA DIACONESCU Interactive Print Consultant

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