How invoices evolved over the years

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Information about How invoices evolved over the years

Published on October 3, 2017

Author: jimmysmith994


slide 1: How invoices evolved over the years. Invoices the best integrated payment system which serve to be the greatest tool to receive payment have been around since a long time. The usage of invoices in business dates back to the ancient times. It was discovered by the archeologists that invoicing has roots in the history of Mesopotamia which is modern day Kuwait Iraq and Eastern parts of Syria. Back in those days the technique was different but the ultimate goal was the same. To get the bills paid. Merchants at that time used some simple math in their IOUs which functioned as their invoices. They would carve clay and stone tablets and carry out their calculations on it. These IOUs were carved with a writing system known as cuneiform. Many years down the lane the IOUs developed into a much proper and professional looking format. People started creating their invoices on a piece of a paper with ink. This included slide 2: hand-written writing style. With just the substantial amount of information and some necessary calculations people began adopting this new way of giving bills to their customers. Over the years it kept getting improvised. It got more principled and proper. With the development in technology and technical advances invoices got molded into a more professional looking format. Companies big or small got their name and address printed as a head in the invoices but the rest of the work was all manual. This method of invoicing is practiced till date by some companies. slide 3: Then came a giant step of modernization in Invoice making. In 1976 a machine by IBM model 3000 came with a bang. The sole purpose of this machine at that time was printing high volume documents such as invoices and mailing labels. This machine created the first printed invoice. slide 4: After several years of technical advancements it was in 2013 when the business world was introduced to the amazing and exceptionally quick e-invoicing feature. Many companies over the time initiated perusing this advanced technique for payments and billing. A number of invoice apps and softwares are religiously used all around the globe. slide 5: It sure was one rollercoaster ride for the invoices to get their modern day look and undoubtedly it was worth it. In today’s fast pacing world it is very essential to get your invoices automated by a trusted source such as Clique Center. Get this app and remove all the hurdles that come between the effective payment by your customers.

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