How International Studies are Beneficial

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Information about How International Studies are Beneficial

Published on December 15, 2017

Author: CPGoenka


Slide1: How International Studies are Beneficial Slide2: Schooling plays an important part in the development of a child’s character and attitude towards others and life in general. In the recent years, a lot of parents have preferred international standard schools for their children. With such demand, the number of registered international schools is on rise. Slide3: In India, while looking for the ideal school for their child, parents look for high-quality studies, a friendly staff and the facilities the school is ready to offer. The fees for such schools may be high in metro cities such as Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and others, but the quality of education it offers is paramount. The search for a good international school needs thorough check. Slide4: The Curriculum and Programs at school The schools of international standards offer internationally recognized academic curriculum. The curriculum is approved by a certified international accreditation organization to maintain the standard of international education in all the schools throughout the world. Most of the international schools have the world class curriculum such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the American Curricula. Slide5: Say, if a parent wants to look for an  international school in Pune , he can look for a school with the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the American Curricula. The admission process is simple and in most of the schools a student can be enrolled throughout the year. The staff in these schools attends to a limited number of students so that special attention can be given to each student. This gives the students better access to their teacher and they can learn better. Slide6: The educational program includes a foreign language along with the basic subjects such as math, science and social studies. The international schools in India have languages such as German, French, Japanese and Spanish as their second language. The students can choose from any of these. The program in such schools has English as the basic language of instruction. The students who do not have English as their first language are provided special support for better learning.  Slide7: The programs offered in an international school such as  IGCSE School in Pune  gives an exposure to the students to secure jobs abroad or help them for their further studies in universities in their own country or abroad. Other Benefits of Attending an International School Along with exposure to further studies and job opportunities abroad, international schooling can help students in many other ways. When looking for the   best international school in Pune , parents can opt for schools that have special programs for soft skills training and personality development.  Slide8: These programs concentrate on skills such as time management, self-management, general communication skills, public speaking, critical analysis, conducting oneself formally and informally, table manners, dress codes and body language and much more. In addition, the schools have special programs to introduce the students to different cultures, religions nationalities and traditions from all over the world. The idea behind the program is to help the students understand and appreciate different cultures and people from other countries, religions and communities. Slide9: Thank you & visit us @

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