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Published on April 9, 2008

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Our Company-
HealthCursor Consulting is launched in direct response to growing demand from clients in the region for mHealth consulting services, and is a natural complement to the Founder's expertise in Healthcare IT business management and financial services.

In healthcare, the pressing need to innovate to deliver more efficient, cost-effective care whilst improving patient outcomes demands new thinking and methods to significantly bolster the chances of success

“First impressions of your workplace, and your employees, can havea significant impact on the success of your business.Image may not be everything, but it does speak volumes about yourorganizations values, achievements, work ethic, andprofessionalism.In fact, approximately 55 percent of first impressions are based onoverall appearance, and people often decide whether or not they likeyou, and will do business with you, within 10 seconds of a firstencounter” .Regardless of the industry, every business can project aprofessional image and turn a first impression into increasedprofits and growth

When Good isn’t Good Enough..


Dress Code and Personal AppearanceImportant to present an authoritative, conservative, and competent image .

(relaxed dress codes actually had a detrimental affect onbusiness, resulting in relaxed productivity, punctuality,ethics, manners, and quality ).

The clean look is the “in” look • Maintaining personal hygiene and decorum is the most essential element that builds the foundation of a reputed organisation. • Grooming not only boosts the morale of the people working within the organisation but will ultimately reflect its culture to the people outside.

Workstations and Overall WorkplaceConditions• A clean, well-organized workstation should be mandatory, so compliance must be enforced.• The overall appearance of your workplace also has a huge impact on how your customers and even your current employees perceive your business . ENTRANCE INNER SPACES PEOPLE

The Entrance• Is the entrance to your workplace inviting, clean, and safe?• If there is a parking lot, are bumpers in tact and is the pavement free of potholes?• Do the exterior walls look freshly painted, free of chipped paint and dirt? Is the door to your workplace clean, attractive, and free of defects?• Consider painting or replacing worn-out doors. If you have a reception area, is it inviting? Is the seating comfortable and clean (if appropriate)?• Are the floors well-maintained? Is there someone stationed at the front to direct customers, or is there someone designated to perform this function?Note: Customers do not appreciate having to wait or not knowing where to go.

The Inner Spaces• Bright, well-kept ceilings will help open up the workplace. Walls should appear freshly painted with a neutral colour, although you may decide to accent one wall with a deeper colour. The paint should have a washable, flat finish for easy maintenance.• Armless chairs are comfortable and provide fewer surfaces to have to repair. Are there areas where clutter has started to accumulate?• Clear out the mess, and make sure that passageways and the tops of cabinets and tables are clean and well- organized. Storage items should not be in plain view .

The People• To sell your companys products or services to potential customers depends on how they perceive your business operations, the quality of your products, and the reliability of your service.• Therefore Grooming counts, First experience counts,Image counts.• Good communication skills matter, especially during those first few contact moments .The HR stands for Setting policies, training employees on those policies, and ensuring they are enforced is important in creating a pleasant work environment and turning a good first impression into a lasting impression.

What you see is what you get!• How true is the statement that “In an interview, an HR manager’s job is to attend to those facets that directly influence the candidate’s ability to perform the tasks relevant to the position”..?.

According to a survey..• The interview process establishes several non-work connected aspects into the evaluation process. Inevitably, we tend to judge the applicant with certain irrelevant nonverbal observations based on dress sense, personal appearance and habits…says Lancelot Cutinha, director-HR, J W Mariott• Melba D’sa, asst-manager (and admin) , McCann Errickson agrees, “The interviewer will make a swift assessment as to how well you will fit in with the organisation’s based on your personal demeanour

The verdict is out: appearance matters• The appearance of your employees radically shapes your corporate brand recognition.• Hence grooming employees in order to acclimatise them to the culture of their working environment is imperative.• Employers base their grooming practices on the presumption that employees at all levels are representatives of their corporate culture and can influence the public’s perception of the business and internal decorum.

Grooming Influence person’s perception

“Play the game and look the part”

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