How i made the christmas special banner

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Information about How i made the christmas special banner

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: meghanfrances



Step 1 To begin with I started with a basic rectangle shape and created it the right thickness I wanted it and the where on the cover I wanted It to be placed. I also changed the colour to Red as that is my colour theme for my magazine.

Step 2 I didn’t want a straight banner as I thought this looked to plain and to little work put in, so I decided I wanted It slightly curved. So I clicked on the shape, went on transform and clicked warp. I then bent the banner to the right curve I wanted it to look and saved it.

Step 3 I made the banner look eroded and warn down like my masthead to make it connect more with my Indie/alternative genre, to do this, I clicked on the rubber tool in the tool bar, this then gave me selections at the top, I clicked the brushes tool which gave me a wide selection of effects which is shown on the right and I customised the brush so it made the right brush for me, I increased the brush size and individually added the eroded look where I wanted It to be.

I wanted my banner to stand out just like my polaroid so I went on the shapes properties, the changes I made were, I gave the shape a drop shadow, I then went onto give an inner shadow to the shape. I then put the Bevel and Emboss effect which made the eroded bits more darker and effective, When I added the stroke it gave a dark outline that worked well when looking at it from the right size. I also put a brighter red colour overlay on the top. Step 4

Step 5 (and finished banner) To finish the banner off I added the ‘Christmas Special’ text which was just selected from automatic fonts on Photoshop, I however added a drop shadow and stroke to the font to make it stand out and have more depth in the banner.

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