How i defeated hair loss

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Information about How i defeated hair loss

Published on September 26, 2015

Author: georgehugo2000


1. How I defeated hair loss

2. Until the age of 28 I lived a normal life, having a desk job, my diet was everything that I can eat and exercise, well walking is considered exercise, right? One day I noticed that I had lots of hair on my pillow and I didn’t

3. know why. After a look at my head I noticed that parts of my scalp were without hair and then I started to panic a little. I wasn’t prepared to go bald before the age of 35. I started researching about hair loss over the Internet and found hundreds of solutions and treatments that experts recommend. I tried a few of them that

4. promised immediate results (3 months or less) but these treatments didn’t worked for me… Do you want to know the happy ending of my story? How I defeated hair loss

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