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Published on March 6, 2014

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How I created a Brand Identity By Ryan Talmage

Content The content created in these promotional products create a brand identity that appeals to the target audience and thus creates an overall anticipation for the film. These products combined together also to create a brand identity that is both easily recognised by the target audience and establish the genre very well. All products include the two main protagonists which maintains the brand identity and links the products together through the use of form and conventions which effectively establishes the genre and themes of the film. The themes that are conveyed in the products relate to the Post-Apocalyptic Horror Genre as they bring across the themes of violence and hopelessness well which would appeal to the target audience and further develop and establish the brand identity. These themes also shows that they are all part of the same promotional package.

Layout The layout that I used in my two ancillary products also help develop and establish the brand identity as they present the type of target audience that I am targeting. I do this by including several conventions of the form such as masthead, title and typography etc. thus making the brand identity conventional so it is more easily recognisable. The layout is eye-catching and visually pleasing as the products are full of content which relates to the PostApocalyptic Horror Genre. This therefore appeals to the target audience through the use of conventions of its form.

Imagery The images used also help create a brand identity as they both incorporate similar conventions of the PostApocalyptic Horror Genre such as violence. The use of the same characters in each product also helps establish the brand identity as they are being represented in the same way which is defiant against an unknown threat. The themes of survival and violence are also prominent within the products as well as in the film trailer. This also sticks to the conventions which combines all forms of the promotional package into an engaging brand identity that both fits the genre and appeals to my target demographic.

Colour The colour scheme used is similar in both ancillary products and my film trailer in order to create a similar brand identity. The use of these colours are conventional to the Post-Apocalyptic Horror genre with the use of red, black and white which stand out and attract the target audience. For the magazine cover, I used colours that contrasts with the black background which also helps make the product eye-catching and help further establish the brand identity. These colours relate to the genre and are associated with the brand thus developing a more conventional brand identity.

Typography In order to create a brand identity, I have used a similar typography throughout my products. It is bold and in a sans-serif font so it fits the conventions of the genre and that it is easily visible. This is so my target audience are familiar with the brand and they can then instantly recognise it. By having a specific font, the promotional package looks professional thus developing the brand identity as it clearly promotes the product as it attracts the target audience.

Summary I have successfully created a brand identity within my Film trailer, Poster and Magazine cover. This is through the use of mise-en-scene, layout, typography and imagery. I have also specifically appealed to my target audience through the use of conventions and themes which makes the brand identity instantly recognisable. This all helps the promotion of my film because it quickly establishes the tone and genre which builds up anticipation for the film. The use of brand signifiers also allow each product to be linked together and will let the target audience know that they are all related to the same film making it more well known in terms of its brand identity. Overall, the use of a brand identity is effective in targeting your audience as it successfully establishes the genre.

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