How HR Became A Profit Centre for Aranca

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Information about How HR Became A Profit Centre for Aranca

Published on March 15, 2016

Author: blackmarketingsingapore


1. WHAT THEY NEEDWHERE THEY GOWHO THEY ARE Smart and savvy new-age business offering customised research and analytics for the hottest start-ups and Fortune 500 companies Customers across 4 continents, 60+ countries and 30+ languages A recruiting solution that not only meets their business objectives of serving customers worldwide, but also enables them to connect with quality talent without using an expensive consultant, globally TALENT PLAYS A CRUCIAL ROLE IN THIS GROWING BUSINESS JOBSBRANDMETRICS 2012 2013 2014 2015TRADITIONAL DEVELOPING FOUNDATIONAL STRATEGIC Job boards being used Social recruitment came into play with LinkedIn Scope of hiring moved to global hires Investing in more Jobs with LinkedIn Understood the employee value proposition  Defined employer brand strategy, & invested in branding with LinkedIn Influential talent brand engaging employees and candidates Established metrics and benchmarks with LinkedIn Data driven decision making powered by analytics and insights SOURCING Reactive, over-reliant on agencies / consultants Focus shifted from active to passive talent Engaged with strong pipeline of leads and ‘silver medalists’ Team-wide pipelining with engaged talent communities ROUTINE RECRUITING TO STRATEGIC SOCIAL RECRUITING PROVED TO BE A WINNING STRATEGY Talent acquisition being managed by HR together with agencies/consultants. Engaging with LinkedIn for regular trainings for faster ramp-up of product knowledge Expanding scope of social recruiting, building an employer brand strategy & defining metrics to drive rigor Team HR as Social Recruiting Evangelists! RESULTS HR BECOMES THE NEW PROFIT CENTRE INDIA HIRES: Middle management, Talent with niche skills GLOBAL HIRES: Vice President Sales - US/UK Engagement Manager - Japan Equity Analysts - China For the full range of recruiting solutions for all industries, visit Sales offices Planned Knowledge Center Sales Office and Knowledge Center GLOBAL RESEARCH & ANALYTICS POWERHOUSE HOW HR BECAME A PROFIT CENTRE FOR SAVINGS $250k ≈5x ROI≈ “Social recruiting with LinkedIn has enabled us to connect with talent worldwide, showcase ouremployerbrandandattractqualitycandidates.Wedon'thavetomakelongsalespitchesto candidates and share notes on company culture and other areas.The candidates can finish all company research without any HR interventions. From a candidate perspective, their social footprint helps in getting the right candidates.The time is ripe to connect with talent pools and create your talent network for the future. Our talent brand is now helping us shape our consumerbrand." Mona Atindra Bose VP HR, Aranca “Social recruiting with LinkedIn Recruiter helps me fill requirements, and build a talent pipeline for future needs. LinkedIn helps me connect with talent,colleagues & competition, expanding my network and helping me source better. The social conversations keep me updated, helping me add value to business decisions by sharing industry & competition insights. Thus helping me build my personal and companybrand." Pratixha Narkar Senior Manager, HR

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