How green and sustainable architecture are contributing to the future

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Information about How green and sustainable architecture are contributing to the future

Published on June 25, 2018

Author: cpkukreja


slide 1: How green and sustainable architecture are contributing to the future Architecture is the art and technique of designing building as different from skills associated with constructions. The practice is employed to fulfill practical requirements serving both utilitarian and aesthetic ends. The characteristic that differentiates a work of architecture from the built structures are: 1. The suitability of the work use by human beings in general and adaptability for human needs. 2. The stability of work’s construction 3. The connection of experience and ideas through its form slide 2: With the progressing living standard the demand for environment-friendly architecture in India has risen from the past few years. We need to live sustainably on the earth because the degradation of environment is compromising on our survival and other living beings as well. Indian architecture brings unique challenge in the field of sustainability by using natural materials. The purpose of sustainable architecture in India is to work with nature and avoid the damage of natural systems or resources. Vernacular architecture is losing its importance as modern methods are gaining popularity. This should not be practiced in the long run as old methods use natural materials that are energy-efficient. Green architecture is an approach that encourages buildings within both local ecosystems and in global environment that increases energy efficiency and reduces building impact on mankind’s health and environment. The tradition of building human dwellings is known to be tested through sustainability in various settlements through planning and architectural practices evolved due to socio and economic factors. What a pleasure to delve into forms that have derived from the productive mind of humans The idea of green building is an extension of vernacular architecture and holds great value for the living reasons with low carbon footprint. Closing thought The biggest challenge for the acceptance of sustainable agriculture is the gap between technology and economic status. With change in time the importance of promoting health and well-being has risen. It is very important to promote green buildings and make our country go green. By this we will not only make our lives better but will also make the world a better place to live in for our future generations. For more information: architecture/ slide 3:

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