How easy is it to have good data in your CRM?

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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: louisegreen123



Sales people want to sell - not create perfect CRM records. We can show you how B2B marketers are integrating external information into their CRMs, sorting out their data legacies and enriching their intelligence, so they can: target more effectively, deliver superior leads, identify key customer traits.

Today it is easy to have good data in your CRM! Dan Yamoah Account Director

Successful businesses use data to: Sort out legacy Enrich knowledge Get results

The problem with legacy data….. Companies with an address change in the last day 1,836 Companies into receivership / liquidation / dissolved in past week 1,386

The problem with legacy data….. Duplicate Data Stale Data Joe Bloggs Limited • Original record Joe Bloggs • Duplicate record Inaccurate Data Job titles we’ve seen: • Moved to a new part of the business • Glorified Consultant

How do we keep Up?

Today it is easy to have good data in your CRM!

Internal Data Successful Marketing External Data

1. Sort out legacy data…. “We had a lot of data (50,000 records) – something I am sure we share in common with all our members.” “We wanted the data cleansed to remove duplicates by combining records” “We wanted to find a scalable solution that would help us manage and segment our data”

Create a link …. Internal data Common Identifier Externally managed data

Legacy data: Remove “dead” companies….

Legacy data: Manage new entries….

Legacy data: Check your address…

Step 1 complete! “You took a problem I had been having for a while and made it go away. The data of 50,000 records, was cleansed within three weeks. We had previously calculated that this process would take us at least six months to achieve manually, so this was of huge benefit.”

2. Enrich Knowledge “We wanted to segment data into audience types, based on how they had responded in the past.” “We wanted to be able to run campaigns aimed at bringing back people that had previously unsubscribed”

Enrich Knowledge: What does my ideal client look like?

Enrich Knowledge: Plan campaigns

Enrich Knowledge: Overviews & financial Profiles

Enrich Knowledge: Relevant contacts

Enrich Knowledge: Group opportunities?

Step 2 complete! “We are creating much more concise, targeted campaigns which should deliver much better results”

3. Get results “We wanted to break down campaigns to ensure we are targeting the right people with the most relevant message.”

Get Results: Deliver quality leads Leads are appropriate… Timing is right

Get Results: Filter by financial health

Get Results: Monitor for sales triggers

Get Results: Lead management… • Prioritise • Allocate efficiently

In summary…. Step 1: Sort out legacy data

In summary…. Step 2: Enrich Knowledge

In summary…. Step 3: Get results

Today it is easy to have good data in your CRM! “We can’t believe it was so easy to get where we needed to be.” “Campaigns are smaller and therefore cost less, which in turn means we can do more with the same budget.”

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