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Published on June 9, 2008

Author: kalata1077


Slide 1: 6/9/2008 1 How Does the Laser Printer Work? By Kalina Kourdova Components of The Laser Printer : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 2 Components of The Laser Printer Static Electricity Drum Toner Fuser Printer Controller Getting The Data : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 3 Getting The Data The printer controller “communicates” with the computer through communication port It can be either parallel port or USB The data is transferred to the printer and it decides how to arrange it on paper Language : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 4 Language The printer and the computer need to speak the same page description language Most commonly met nowadays is Printer Command Language (PCL) Arranging The Page : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 5 Arranging The Page The printer controller determines the margins and word and graph place The raster image processor (RIP) breaks the data into pieces Data is saved in printer’s memory This enables consequent copying of files Writing The Data On The Drum : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 6 Writing The Data On The Drum The data is written on the drum by laser scanning The laser assembly, including laser, mirror and lens, moves the beam that changes the electrical charge on the places where ink should be put Getting The Paper : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 7 Getting The Paper The feed rollers of the printer grasp the paper and pull it This and the toner pickup occur almost at the same time The Toner : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 8 The Toner First, the electrostatic image is created by changing the charges on different places The drum continues to revolve and the toner sticks to the negatively charged places of the text The Fuser : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 9 The Fuser A pair of heated rollers Their temperature can reach 355 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes the papers that go out of it hot When the paper goes through the fuser, the toner melts on it Problems That Might Occur : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 10 Problems That Might Occur Vertical white areas or gray mist Horizontal black lines Printing in gray color instead of black (this means the toner is about to finish) Health Hazards : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 11 Health Hazards When using laser printer certain gases like ozone, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide that can affect human health, are produced Ultraviolet light can cause eye damage Summary : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 12 Summary The laser printer is one of the most widespread devices nowadays Even though it is very often used, it hides some health risks Only a few people know the way it works Works Cited : 6/9/2008 Kalina Kourdova 9/5 13 Works Cited Grammatis, Yannis. "How does a laser printer work?" Information System. 5 Feb.      2005. 29 May 2008 <      HowLaserPrintersWork.htm>. Harris, Tom. How Laser Printer Works. 29 May 2008      <>. "Photocopier or Laser Printer Hazards." The London hazards Center Factsheet.      Dec. 2002. 29 May 2008 <      76fact.pdf>.

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