How does Arabic influence the pronunciation of English?

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Information about How does Arabic influence the pronunciation of English?

Published on February 21, 2014

Author: ptharpe



When we learn to speak another language, we must acquire some new sounds and strategies. We may also have to reset how and when we employ stress and timing. These slides will accompany a webinar conversation between Peggy Tharpe, M.A. TESOL, Monterey Institute of International Studies, and Professor Hala Fawzi's CALL class at Yanbu University College, Saudi Arabia, on teaching methods and strategies that help Arabic speakers adjust their sound in English.


How Does Arabic Influence Pronunciation of English ?

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Vowels Consonants American English 12-18 American English 20 Standard Arabic 3:3 + 2 Standard Arabic 27-28

Arabic consonants rule! writing Writer Letter he writes it k ka mak yak t ttaa too tu b b b buh

English vowels rule! bike bake book buck beak back Bic balk Bach

Arabic Breaks in sound can occur within words glottal stop

ENGLISH Breaks in sound separate phrases liaisons are syntactic C > V most common

L1 stress patterns persist

Do Lebanese, Tunisians, Algerians, and Jordanians have fewer pronunciation problems than other Arabic speakers? Saudi: p/b Egyptian: th/s

coat, cot, caught, cut How can we help learners become aware of these? How do we help students truly acquire them?

What works best to master unfamiliar sounds? g-dz ʧ h vowel +r th-t-d ŋ

Why do these words get shortened? raid > red hope > hop

How can we help students learn to differentiate these sounds? prove - proof pad - bad lag - lack

Pronouncing English Names Bill Clinton Beel Cleentone

Why does this happen, and what’s the solution? arrangid - arranged istobbid - stopped iskool - school zbeag - speak http://linkedin/in/peggytharpe @peggytharpe @EnglPronCoach @radTESL

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