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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: lifevantagebizz



The company is USA based lifevantage and they provide much information about this product on their website for its ethics, product quality, corporate leadership and charitable works. Firstly, Protandim formulated for humans and then for canine health, formulated for dogs. One of the most important aspects of Protandim is the publication of scientific results in peer reviewed journals. Protandim has fifteen peer reviews that are published in the NIH publication, which respond to the concerns of public health and safety. You can order either or both Protandim and canine health for yourself, your dog with a ship to address of:

Contact: Grant Marks
627 Crystal Drive
Palm Harbor, Florida
United States, 34683
Call me: 7274853726

Chemistry behind the Most Important Supplement: Protandim Free radicals released in the digestion process combined with the natural declaration of your skin’s ability to fight free radicals leave your skin without a fighting chance. The end result is aging, oxidative stress and less beautiful skin. True science anti aging skin cream contains the ingredients of Protandim, which are found to fight aging externally and prevent cell damage internally. I believe that lifevantage TrueScience is a key complementary product to Protandim that provides a glowing skin with a smooth tone and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The effects of aging have a variety of causes. Decrease wrinkle up to 45% in two months, resulting in reduced oxidative stress and boost 6 skin rebuilding essentials through its powerful formula. How do Protandim Works and its Benefits? After research of years into free radical biology, the scientist Joe McCord has invested the most effective way to reduce the production of free radicals. His continuous dedicated efforts have resulted in the invention of Protandim, composed of five herbal ingredients. a. Unique Innovation: Perhaps, this is the first innovation in free radical biology which has pledged the attention of a large number of doctors and researchers, and has been approved through a number of clinical trials and tests. b. Best Anti Aging Supplement: a Protandim tablet of 675mg has the capacity to “turn on” 500 gene to produce antioxidant enzymes which scavenge massive amounts of free radicals, returning our cellular functions back to that of a child. c. Reduced Inflammation: Protandim also works as the best fighting tool against inflammation. It diminishes the progress of C-reactive protein in the body which results in the lowering of risk factors for hypertension and diabetes. The United States Patent and Trademark Office have awarded this method for enhancing antioxidant enzyme activity and reducing C-reactive protein. d. Reduced Heart Diseases: Oxidative stress is the result of imbalance between antioxidant and prooxidants, which play an important role in heart failure. Protandim also prevents a process that can cause blockage of vessels following coronary artery bypass surgery and carotid enarterectomy. e. Increased Immune System: Protandim also support the immune system and works at many levels in your body to combat the free radical damage which occurs the aging. f. Chronic Pain Alleviation: Glutathione is a natural anti inflammatory enzyme which acts as an anti inflammatory for chronic pain. As we grow old, our body produces less Glutathione. Pills of vitamins cannot combat the production of oxidative materials in our body and leaving us to suffer joint pain. Protandim is the best solution to chronic pain.

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