How Did You Do To Survive When Kid

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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: presunta_implicada



How did you do to survive when kid?

If you lived as kid in the 70’s, 80’s or beginings of 90’s (like me hehehe), how did you do to survive???!!!

As kids we rode cars that didn’t have seat belts or air bags, and riding in the box of the pickup truck, was a special ride that we still remember.

Our cribs were painted with b r i g h c o l o r s of paints with lead base.

We didn’t have cap with safety locks for kids in the medicine bottles cabinets or doors.

When we ride a bicycle, we didn’t use helmet or elbow and knee protection, and it was even better when you put an empty plastic bottle of juice in the back weel to make it sound as motorcycle.

We drank water from the water hose or any faucet wherever we find it, as far we get rid of thirst and not from a bottle of purified water.

We spend hours and hours building cars out of boxes and tubes…

… and the ones that had the fortune to have a friend with bike we manage it, so he pull us and in the corner we remember we didn’t have brakes!!

After several crashes we learned how to solve the problem… Yes, we crashed with bushes or falling to the ground, we didnt crash with other cars…

We went out to play with the only condition to go back home before dark.

School lasted till noon, we get home to eat home but after we ate that were sold at the door of school.

We didn’t have cell, so none could locate us… Unthinkable!!!

We got cut broke a bone, lose a tooth, but never was a sew for those accidents nobody else was guilty but us.

We ate twinkes, sweet roll and drinks with alot of sugar and we never had over weight cause we were away out side running and playing.

We shared a coke among 4 (when we could buy it, and it was an a glass bottle of almost a liter), drinking from same bottle and noone die cause of that.

We didn’t have play station, game boy, xbox, video games, 99 tv channel, video records, dvd, movies and surround system, cell, computer, chat rooms and internet but we had REAL FRIENDS.

We went out, take the bike or walk to our friend house, touch the bell or simply enter and there he was to play.

Out there… in “the cruel world”… without a guardian payed for dad.

We play games with a stick, tennis balls, thieve and cops, football, baseball…

… and if a game was on, and you didn’t get choose to belong to a team, there wasn’t desillusion that cause a trauma.

Some students were more brillants than others and when you flunk a year, you simply take it again. Noone take to a phsycologist, pedagogue, no one had dyslexia, it was just a second chance.

We had freedom, fails, success, responsabilities and we learned to handle them.

If you are from that generation, give yourself a second thougt and send your friends this mail and maybe the forget their rush lifes and be for a second like we were then….


Have a great day!!!

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