How Continuous Level Control Modernizes Pump Stations?

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Information about How Continuous Level Control Modernizes Pump Stations?

Published on November 19, 2019

Author: sapcon_instruments


slide 1: How Continuous Level Control Modernizes Pump Stations Pump stations or pumping stations as well as pump houses are the facilities used in many industrial and infrastructural applications including sewage water treatment breweries distilleries and refneries. As the name suggests these are used to pump liquids from one place or level to another. Level sensors or controllers are the important pieces of equipment that help in monitoring the liquid level at pump stations and their indications can be used for numerous purposes and processes. Among the two main types of liquid level sensors continuous level control is one approach that continues to gain more attention for various pumping station applications. Find out why. Getting Precise Measurements A continuous liquid level controller is designed to provide accurate liquid levels contrary to the point level control approach which only tells whether the liquid level is low or high. At various pumping stations the operation team must know the exact level of the liquid in a container in order to take many diferent types of actions like: ● Turning the pump on or of at a particular liquid level point ● Adding chemicals to a container for a particular volume of liquid ● Measuring and controlling the fow of liquid Better Integration with Software Systems Many industrial units that use pump stations to deal with diferent types of liquids usually use software tools to manage the operations better. The problem with using point level control technique is that the software fnds not much scope in controlling its working as it can’t be adjusted to meet the custom requirements. On the other hand a continuous level sensor that measures liquid levels in a variable range can be controlled and confgured using a software tool that ensures better pump station efciency. Improved Diagnostic Information Output In simple language continuous types of level sensors are more advanced in outputting valuable pump station diagnostic information to the operation teams. One good example to understand it is how alarming systems can be integrated with this approach of liquid level monitoring. A single alarm can be used and confgured to know the desired liquid level. So whenever there is a rise in liquid and it is about to exceed the desired level the team would be instantly informed about it. Because of the information communication of this level pump stations can have better management control reduced waste increased operational efciency responsive maintenance and reduced costs of running. Better Inventory Management For many industrial plants utilizing liquids optimally is extremely important. When you have accurate measurements of the liquids in the containers it becomes easy to slide 2: keep a check on inventory utilization and management. In order to enjoy these advantages you must choose the right kind of continuous level sensor among the options like optical ultrasonic capacitance radar and more. Sapcon is a leading level sensor provider both in the point and continuous level controller categories. The manufacturer ofers sensors for a wide range of applications from soybean oil extraction plants to the facilities dealing with conductive and non-conductive liquids and more.

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