How Cloud and Sage Construction Software Help You Face Industry Challenges?

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Information about How Cloud and Sage Construction Software Help You Face Industry Challenges?

Published on January 25, 2019

Author: SarthakBhatia10


1. How Cloud and Sage Construction Software Help You Face Industry Challenges?

2. According to a market report published by Lucintel, it is estimated that the global construction market will be worth approx $10.5 Trillion by 2023. And it is only expected to grow further as the industry gets more digitized.� For the construction businesses that are already digitized, Sage is one of the most trusted construction software providers. Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE software are the most in-demand desktop software as they help the constructors make their operations smooth. However, the desktop version of Sage software has its limitations and is not able to support the businesses in facing the challenges posed by the industry.

3. What Are The Challenges Faced By The Construction Industry? The construction industry faces numerous internal and external challenges. Internal challenges comprises of problems like shortfalls in accountability, talent management, utilization of resources, and many others. External challenges, on the other hand, comprise of competition, complex portfolios, and fragmented value chains.

4. Here is where the cloud comes into the picture. Construction businesses are adopting the cloud platform to counter the industry's challenges. Let us see how Sage software along with the cloud helps a construction business to confront the obstacles in front of them.

5. 1. Efficient Subcontracting Hosting Sage software on the cloud allows the contractors and clients to collaborate in real-time on the same platform. Since the status of work done is available in real-time, it helps to make the subcontracting process smooth. It enables better interaction between the on- site and off-site staff as they can work on the same files simultaneously.

6. 2. Simplifying Portfolios Construction businesses have a huge number of portfolios which become difficult to handle with precision. Cloud with Sage software brings the data of your geographically distributed construction projects at one place. With constantly updated information in real- time, the portfolios are handled in a smooth manner.

7. 3. Having An Edge Over Competition In a trillion dollar growing market, being ahead of your competitor would give a boost to the company and its morale. Hosting Sage construction software on the cloud will enable you to have any time, anywhere accessibility with significant cost savings and advanced data security. Such benefits will not only help to streamline your process, but will also ensure significant profits.

8. 4. Add-on Compatibility As construction businesses have different projects going on at the same time, the value chain struggles and the need for add-ons arises. However, with the desktop-based software having limited resources to accommodate the add-ons, it becomes challenging to manage the projects. With cloud-hosted Sage software having no such resource limitations, the integration gets easier.

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