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Published on March 17, 2018

Author: mitsdeonline


How can a course from MITSDE reshape your career?: 1 How can a course from MITSDE reshape your career? How can a course from MITSDE reshape your career?: How can a course from MITSDE reshape your career? 2 This is the age of digitalization where the system of education is not just confined to the physical classroom learning but there is even a digital mode of education- distance learning mode . This mode of learning facilitates the students from all across the globe to get educated and skilled through a common platform . The courses are offered via correspondence learning mode making it suitable for both the students and working professionals. The course can be taken by the fresh pass outs according to their convenience. They can make their own schedule whether early in the morning or late night. Those engrossed in familial responsibilities can also pursue the course in their free time. 1.  One year Diploma courses: 1.  One year Diploma courses 3 The 1-year diploma course is ideal for the 12 th passed students. Under this category, the students are offered with Diploma in Business Administration and Diploma in Retail Management . Both these courses equip the students with professional skills and intensive know-how of the industry.  The course enhances the skills of the students and accustoms them to the latest industrial trends. The course is a value-added course that opens door of opportunities. 2.  One year PGD courses/ MBA: 2.  One year PGD courses/ MBA 4 The post graduate diploma courses offered by the institute prepares the students to enter the corporate world as skilled managers. The course imparts theoretical knowledge and case study based practical knowledge and prepares the students to deal with most common situations . The candidates have a lot of options to choose from when seeking a Post Graduate Diploma from MITSDE . You can choose from a wide range of management disciplines including Information Technology , Infrastructure Development , Marketing Management, Wealth Management, Materials Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Management and Operations Management. 3. Certification courses: 3. Certification courses 5 The working professionals can pursue short-term certification course via distance education mode and enhance their skills. The certification is offered in Piping design and Fire protection and safety. 4. Two year Post Graduate Diploma course: 4. Two year Post Graduate Diploma course 6 Fresh graduates can pursue our two-year PGD in Business Administration to enhance their career prospects. The courses under this category help the candidates to gain professionalism, qualification, and skills so that the candidates get well-paid jobs. It also gives practical exposure to the candidates and accustoms them to the industrial terminologies. Courses offered in this category include Human Resource Management, IT Management, Operations Management, Materials Management, Marketing Management, Finance Management, and Supply Chain Management. Summary: Summary 7 MIT School of Distance Education(MITSDE) is one such platform that offers a plethora of digital learning courses . The institute offers diploma courses, postgraduate diploma courses, and certification courses in various disciplines including business administration, marketing management, operations management, retail management, infrastructure management, finance management and many more.

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