How are Bone Cysts Treated?

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Information about How are Bone Cysts Treated?

Published on December 12, 2017

Author: diseasefix


slide 2: Bone cysts are fluid-filled holes that develop in bones. They mostly develop in children and teenagers. Generally they are not serious but they may sometime require a surgical treatment. slide 5: A bone cyst may require treatment if it: • is large or getting bigger • it can make the bone weaker and/or break fracture the bone • is causing problems such as pain swelling • a visible lump develops slide 10: Read more about Bone Cyst Symptoms Causes Diagnosis and Recovery after Surgery. slide 11: DiseaseFix is a medical information platform that was launched to meet the growing need of trustworthy and fruitful information for the use of healthcare professionals and patients in an easy-to-access easy-to-search and in a user friendly way. Website:

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