Housing Quality Standards rental unit exterior part iv

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Information about Housing Quality Standards rental unit exterior part iv

Published on October 15, 2014

Author: bobburns

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http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html Section 8 Housing Quality Standards HQS Unit Exterior Checklist Video Part IV

1. http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.ht ml

2. UNIT Exterior http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

3. Windows http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

4. 38) Is there at least one exterior window in each bedroom and in the living room? http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.ht ml

5. 39) Do windows open, close and lock properly? Windows designed to open must either operate, able to open or be screwed shut. http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

6. 40) Is the UNIT free of cracked, broken or leaky windows? http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

7. Other http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

8. 41) Is the roof free of leaks? http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

9. 42) Are gutters (if required) attached firmly? http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

10. 43) Are exterior surfaces in a condition to prevent moisture leaks and rodent infestation? http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

11. 44) Is the chimney secure and flue tightly sealed with no gaps? http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

12. 45) Is the house/building's foundation sound? http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

13. 46) Are openings around doors and windows weather-tight? http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

14. 47) Are sidewalks free of tripping hazards? Large cracks and uneven surfaces must be addressed. http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.ht ml

15. 48) Is all siding present and securely attached? http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

16. Check out our HQS Checklist Videos 1. HQS Checklist Video Part I 2. HQS Checklist Video Part II 3. HQS Checklist Video Part III 4. HQS Checklist Video Part IV http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflo rida.com/checklist.html

17. http://www.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.com/checklist.html

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