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Information about hotel_booking_feedback_Sudha

Published on May 9, 2014

Author: sudsheel


1. When the error for group booking gets displayed, the form gets cut 2. The error message after 5 booking for free user should be – The maximum limit for the online booking is over. Please contact the hotel to book a table. I think he should not able to upload. Saying Currently you cannot book Online. Do not ask him to contact hotel. Some hotels may not upgrade and will be ok with this kind of message to customers as customers will anyway contact them. If we do not give indicate message, customer might choose another restaurant…there by loss of business…

3. The email format should be changed. Use the format of Property app YES 4. After 5 bookings, when 6th (for every booking after 5) person tries to book, a mail should go to the hotel. Use format of Property app. … The mail message is already been given… You are loosing the business… 5. When 5 bookings are done, you get an error, and the app keeps showing this error. There is no way to go back to the first page of the app. 6. When a mail goes for a confirmation of the booking while using the demo account, the mail should also mention it is with demo account. 7. The form is getting cut for the below error. The error message should be – You are trying to make a group booking. Please contact the hotel on XXX for group bookings.

8. There is no way to go back to the home page post the above error 9. Border and border curve is not working properly 10. Hotel information accordion – mandatory fields validation

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