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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: gajananshirke


PowerPoint Presentation: HOTEL ENGINEERING  MANAGEMENT BOOK By Gajanan Shirke Author Of Various Hospitality Management Book Visit : GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: INDEX The Engineering department and its integration in the overall  operation and management of the hotel 1.1. Classification of Maintenance Management 1.2. Maintenance Planning 1.3. The similarity of the Maintenance and Renovation Concepts in hotels 1.4.  Preventive and breakdown maintenance, comparisons 1.5. Roll of maintenance department, duties and responsibilities 1.6. Duties and responsibilities of Chief Engineer in a hotel GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 2. FUELS USED IN CATERING INDUSTRY 2.1. Heat Terms & Heat Transfer 2.2. METHOD OF HEAT TRANSFER 2.3. Precautions to be taken while handling Gas 3. Fundamentals of electricity 3.1. Characteristics 3.2. Resistance 3.3. OHM’S LAW GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 3.4. Parallel Circuits 3.5. AC VOLTAGE 3.6. Alternating Current (AC) 3.7. Sine Waves 3.8. AC vs. DC 3.9. Sine Wave Values 3.10. ELECTRIC POWER 3.10.1. Calculating Power 3.11. Kilowatt GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 4. Basic Refrigeration Cycle 4.1. Principles of Refrigeration 4.2. SAFETY 4.3. Fahrenheit and Celsius Scales 4.4. Kelvin and Rankine Scales 4.5. HUMIDITY 4.6. HEAT 4.7. HEAT FLOW GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 4.7.1. HEAT TRANSFER 4.8. PRESSURE 4.9. PRESSURES YOU NEED TO KNOW 4.10. PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE 5. Fire safety 5.1. CHEMISTRY OF COMBUSTION 5.2. FIRE PREVENTION / SAFETY IN OFFICE 5.3. TYPES OF EXTINGUISHING AGENTS GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 5.4. TYPES OF FIRE EXTINGUISHERS 5.5. Using the Fire Extinguisher 5.6. METHODS OF EXTINGUISHING FIRE 5.7. Using Hose Reel 5.8. Fire Basics 5.9. BURNS 5.10. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES 5.11. ATTACKING FIRE: 5.12. Means of preventing accidents: GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 5.13. Safe workplace layout 5.14. Effects Of an accident 5.15. Types of Accidents 5.16. Categories of accidents 5.17. Accident Investigation 5.18. HAZARDOUS IDENTIFICATION, EVOLUTION AND CONTROL 5.19. HAZARD CONTROL 5.20. Accident Proneness GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 5.21. Laws Accident Proneness 5.22. Causes of Accident Proneness 5.23. Characteristics of accident proneness 5.24. Active Fire Protection 5.25. Passive fire protection, 5.26. Fire and fire extinguisher 6. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES OF MAINTANENCE DEPARTMENT 7. CLASSIFICATION AND TYPES OF MAINTENANCE GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 8. MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS 8.1. FORMS OF GENERAL CONTRACT 8.2. REPLACEMENT 8.2. Acquisition of fixtures and fittings 8.3. Repair and Maintenance 8.4. Outsourcing and In-house contractors 9. Difficulties of hotel operators in the implementation of maintenance plans 9.1. Acquisition of fixtures and fittings GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 9.2. Repair and Maintenance 9.3. Difficulties of hotel operators in the implementation of maintenance plans 9.4. Rating global issues that relate to hotel maintenance management 10. Pollution 10.1. Forms of pollution 10.2. Development of Standards of AOX for Small Scale Pulp & Paper Mills 10.3. Technological Developments to Reduce the Discharge of AOX 10.4. Different Methods of Waste Disposal GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 10.5. Pollution & Recycling Facts 10.6. Sewage Treatment Plant 10.7. Types of Sewage Treatment Plants 10.8. Water Pollution 10.9. Sewage treatment 11. Energy Conservation 11.1. Energy Conservation Techniques 11.2. Best Energy Saving Light Bulbs GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 11.3. How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Windows 11.4. Ways to Conserve Energy 12. Housekeeping and Maintenance Department Coordination 13. Budgeting maintenance department expenses 13.1. Allocating energy costs 13.2. Budget other expenses 13.3. Budget energy costs GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 13.4. Evaluate actual results 13.5. Sample energy budget form 13.6. Capital request/expenditure process 13.7. Replacement Schedule/Work Cycles 14. Heating 15. Air conditioning 16. Heat pumps 17. Air supply and ventilation GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 17.1. Exhaust systems 18. Domestic hot water system 19. Laundry 20. Energy management control systems 21. Preventive maintenance 21.1. Plan a preventive maintenance schedule 21.2. Kitchen maintenance 21.3. HVAC systems GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 21.4. Servicing and cleaning air conditioners. 21.5. Preventive maintenance on room HVAC 21.6. Air conditioning maintenance/public areas 21.7. Unplug a clogged toilet 21.8. Replace a broken toilet handle 21.9. Fix a toilet where the water is running 21.10. Replace carpet burns 21.11. Unclog plugged and slow drains GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 21.12. Repair small holes 21.13. Repair large holes 21.14. Clean the hot water heater 21.15. Cut replacement keys for metal key 22 Basic steps for utility cost reduction and energy conservation 22.1. Guestrooms 22.2. Meeting rooms 22.3. Lobby GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 22.4. Recreational areas 22.5. Laundry 22.6. High water usage 22.7. High electricity usage 22.8. Energy efficient housekeeping practices 23. Staffing 24. Job Descriptions 24.1. Hiring GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 24.2. Communication 24.3. Budgets 25. Scheduled Maintenance 26. Useful Format 27. Basics Hotel Projects 27.1. SIZE of Hotel Room and Bathroom 27.2. FURNITURE 27.3. Curtains GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 27.4. Luggage rack 27.5. Beds 27.6. Beside tables and bed heads 27.7. Armchairs and table 27.8. Desk and chair 27.9. Mini-bar 27.10. Mirrors 27.11. Decorative items GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 27.12. Balcony (if applicable) 27.13. BATHROOM 27.14. FIXTURES 27.15. ELECTRICITY AND LOW VOLTAGE 27.16. COVERINGS 27.16.1. Floors 27.16.2. Walls 27.16.3. ACCESSORIES GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 27.17. EXTERIOR LIGHTING 27.18. Sign lighting 27.19. LANDSCAPING 27.20. FRONT DESK (Guest Reception) 27.21. SERVICE RECEPTION (back-of-the-house areas) 28. GLOSSARY GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: GAJANAN SHIRKE : FOR BOOK PURCHASE KINDLY VISIT Or Write me /

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