Hot Tab : Interactive Tablet Based Platform for Hotels and Restaurants

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Information about Hot Tab : Interactive Tablet Based Platform for Hotels and Restaurants

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: simplebyte



Turn guests into brand advocates & raise service quality with seamless interactive platform of HotTab


GUESTS Early morning, John wakes up and grabs his HotTab to go through the news. He is interested in what’s happening locally in the industry.

NEWS • Local News • International News • Magazines • Articles GUESTS

GUESTS While reading the news, John looks out for options for breakfast.

DIGITAL MENU • Digital Menu • Payment Options • Social Interaction GUESTS

GUESTS As he opens the food menu on HotTab, it shows him his usual “Continental Breakfast” as the first choice.

GUESTS As he is browsing through the menu he notices quite a few guests have highly rated “American Breakfast” and written positive comments on it. He decides to give it a try instead of his usual choice so clicks on “Order” and chooses “Add to Room Charges” as payment option.

HOTEL Meanwhile, Room Service receives his order and processes it

ORDERING SYSTEM • Manage Food Menu • Process Orders • Receive Orders • Order List • Notify guests (If any) HOTEL

GUESTS John receives confirmation on HotTab that his breakfast would be delivered within 30 minutes to his room.

GUESTS While waiting for the breakfast, he wants to find out attractions in and around Saigon.

TRAVEL • City Guides • Restaurants • Attractions • Tour Packages • Maps GUESTS

GUESTS He notices War Musuem could be interesting for a lazy afternoon and Orders a taxi for 11’O Clock.

SERVICE MANAGEMENT • Guest Requests • Room Service • House Keeping • Extra Services • SPA • Massages • Fitness / Gym HOTEL

HOTEL Front Desk receives John’s request for a taxi to the War Museum and confirms the Taxi Request to the exact address.

GUESTS John receives the confirmation of the taxi. And just before his breakfast arrives, he manages to view a summary of last night’s “Man U and Arsenal Football Match”.

ENTERTAINMENT • Movies • Videos • Radio • Songs GUESTS

GUESTS As John finishes his breakfast he is delighted with the quality of the breakfast and overall hotel service. He collects 30 Hot Points by “Rating” and putting a “Comment” and also “Likes” the breakfast which sends an update to his facebook page.

BRAND ADVOCACY • Social Integration • Feedbacks • Ratings GUESTS

GUESTS John’s friend in Toronto who is planning a trip to Saigon next month sees John’s Facebook Update. He clicks on the link and receives a coupon for drinkon-the-house which is saved in his Hot Tab.

GUEST LOYALTY • Coupons • Offers • Membership • Special Occasions • Follow ups GUESTS

GUESTS John gets back from his trip to the War Museum and prepares for his next day’s trip to Hanoi. He looks for Partner Hotels in Hanoi and finds the one matches his interests. He also signs up for golfing for the next day in Hanoi through partner hotels offers.

PARTNER HOTELS • Partner Hotels List • Hotel Informations • • Address • • Introduction Map Link to Booking GUESTS

HOTEL Partner Hotel receives his notification and manages his booking and travel arrangements via the Front Desk in the current hotel.

GUESTS John upon checking out is highly satisfied, gives five star ratings and promises to return to the hotel on his next trips.

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