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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: rongrimes01



The upcoming Hostile Environment PSD / CPP Operator's Course includes the following:
First Person on Scene Basic (FPoS)
A.C.T (Aiki Control Tactics) restraint, removal & control techniques.

HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT PSD/ CPP Operator’s Course Lop Buri, THAILAND 5th April to 12th April 2014. (Dates inclusive) Pioneer Protective Services Group will be conducting the HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT PSD / CPP Operator’s Course at PPSG’s Tactical Training Centre, in Lop Buri, Thailand from the 5th April to the 12th April 2014 (dates inclusive). The aim of this course is to train students to the standard required of an operator in a Personal Security Detail / Close Personal Protection team and enable students to competently fulfil the various roles and positions within the team. This course is ideally suited for security professionals whose duties may require them to deploy to high risk areas as part of a PSD or CPP team. The course is also very beneficial for professionals who wish to improve their skills & experience as well as security managers who in the execution of their respective duties may be responsible for the contracting & management of a PSD / CPP team. Specialist Security Solutions SE Asia

Instruction on the course includes but is not limited to the following:  First Person on Scene, Basic (FPoS) medical qualification. Edexcel BTEC Level 2 award. Students have the option at completion of the Hostile Environment PSD / CPP Operator’s Course to complete the advanced medical module: First Person on Scene Intermediate. Please ask for further information on this.  Mission Planning and Operational orders.  Security & Risk Management.  Situational Awareness.  Travel Security & Trip Management.  Route Reconnaissance & Planning.  PSD convoy formations and actions on.  IED awareness- types of IEDs and their employment by terrorist groups.  EOD, Mines & ERW (Explosive Remnants of War) awareness.  Weapon transition drills with pistol & carbine/assault rifle.  Combat pistol & Gun Fighting techniques.  Vehicle preparation and operation essential equipment.  Vehicle extraction and crossover drills (includes live fire practises).  CPP walking drill, formations & actions on.  Counter Ambush drills.  Mounted and dismounted PSD SOP’s and drills.  Scenario training using live fire and simulated firing drills.  Conduct and prepare site & venue security assessments/ mission risk assessments.  Building entry & room clearance techniques.  Weapon familiarisation& training.  Tactical Scenario training conducted in a realistic urban training facility with multi level buildings.  Intelligence gathering & methods of obtaining intel.  Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Techniques. The course is a combination of theory conducted in lecture rooms and field classrooms, and practical training in field training areas and weapons ranges. Also vehicle training will be conducted within private facilities with full range of road types and surfaces. The course is unique in that you will be working alongside Thais & other nationalities on a day to day basis, and the environment is typically non western, which will pose realistic situations not encountered at home & take you outside of your comfort zone. Training missions and planning will also incorporate well known landmarks in Lop Buri, Thailand, in the form of venue and route reconnaissance, secure road moves and on site/ venue TTPs. Transport Students are to arrange own return flights to Bangkok, Thailand. Please ensure that flights (airline tickets) are refundable & able to change at short notice. Students are to have current travel & medical insurance. Specialist Security Solutions SE Asia

PPSG will arrange student pickup from a designated location in Bangkok for transport to Lop Buri on the 4th April 2014. Please advise if you will organise your own transport to Lop Buri. Students are to be in location in Lop Buri no later than 0730 hrs on the 5th April 2014. For more information on Lop Buri, please visit the following links: Accommodation & meals PPSG will arrange student accommodation as part of the package. Included in this will be breakfast & lunch. Students are responsible for their evening meals, of which there is a large variety of choices, both western & Thai, in Lop Buri City. There are also a number of shopping centres within walking distance of the course accommodation. PPSG is responsible for movement of students to and from the designated accommodation to the training venue. Students staying at other lodging are to arrange their own transport to & from designated course accommodation. Language Course instruction is given in English. Native Thai instructors are also rostered on course staff for Thai students & personnel. Medical At all training activities a medic will be in attendance, and the venue is in close proximity to an international standard hospital. Students are advised to have adequate travel insurance in case of sickness or accident. Please ensure to bring personal medical needs (prescriptions) and personal first aid kits. There are times on the course when physical and strenuous activities are undertaken, students should have a reasonable level of fitness and be of good health. A basic medical check up is recommended prior to course. Specialist Security Solutions SE Asia

Dress & Equipment It is recommended students bring the following items & equipment:            Outdoor shoes or lightweight boots Outdoor socks- lightweight for hot climate. Cross trainers Trousers- cargo or BDU style. Lightweight & loose fitting. Riggers or duty belt- sturdy enough to support holster & sidearm. Shirts – lightweight & long sleeves for warm climate Shirts- polo or short sleeve casual Cap or bush hat- for protection from the sun. Belt pouch or belt bag- for carrying wallet, keys etc. Lightweight waterproof jacket (in case of rain ) Loose breathable underwear & t shirts. * Bring enough clothing to allow for a 24 hour turnaround in hotel laundry service. ** Various items of cheap clothing can be purchased locally, though footwear for larger feet is extremely hard to find. *** The climate is hot & humid. Dress appropriately. Health & Safety         BALLISTIC or Industrial standard protective eyewear / or sunglasses with ballistic protection properties. Prescription glasses must meet ballistic or industrial safety standards. Tactical shooting gloves. Personal strapping/joint supports for existing injuries. Personal prescription medicine – ensure to keep in original packaging. Personal insect repellent - Rid / Aero guard etc. Sunscreen (non- irritant to eyes). Lip balm. Specialist Security Solutions SE Asia

  Personal first aid kit containing bandages, bandaids, antiseptic cream, bite and sting relief etc. Personal shooters hearing protection (this will be supplied for those who do not have their own). Field Equipment          Day pack – large enough to carry items including stationary, personal first aid kit, drinking water , camera ,spare shirt etc. Personal Tactical Vest or Rig. Do not bring hard armour plates or soft armour vests. Multi tool – Gerber or Leatherman type (optional). Camelbak – optional (sufficient drinking water will be available at all activities). Small torch – AA battery type. Lightweight rain proof jacket (breathable). Personal holster & belt (for large calibre pistol). Silva compass or similar compass if you have one. Handheld GPS or smart phone with Thai mapping. (not a requirement but useful to have for planning & recces). PPSG Tactical Store There will be a tactical store facility available. If you do not wish to carry excess items on flights, there will be a range of tactical equipment & items for purchase including:      Tactical backpacks Grab bags / bail out bags Personal Med kits Caps Tactical flashlights Specialist Security Solutions SE Asia

The cost of the HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT PSD/ CPP Operator’s Course is $3850.00 USD per student. (Or the equivalent in AUD or other currencies). Course must be fully paid for prior to commencement, this is due to ammunition, training, instructional support and equipment requirements which must be finalised before start of course. The student fee also includes all ammunition, student handouts, course photos, morning tea and lunch (Thai and western), bottled water / soft drinks, transport and lecture rooms. Also an end of course function will be held at a traditional Thai restaurant. At successful completion of course students will be issued a Certificate of Completion for the Hostile Environment PSD / CPP Operator’s Courses & a Certificate for FPOS Basic (First Person on Scene), an internationally recognised medical qualification. (Edexcel BTEC Level 2 award). For further information or to confirm a place on the course please contact Ron Grimes at or Methods of payment will be confirmed on application for a position on the course. Potential students will need to complete course application form and background checks as deemed necessary by the training organisation. Confirmed students will be issued with a course joining instruction detailing necessary administrative details required for attending the course. Method of payment will be confirmed on receipt of completed application form. Specialist Security Solutions SE Asia

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