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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Boyce


INTERNATIONALLY TRAINED HOSPITALITY WORKERS:  INTERNATIONALLY TRAINED HOSPITALITY WORKERS TORONTO CONSULTING GROUP T.VIRESH FERNANDO,C.A BARRISTER & SOLICITOR COMPANY PROFILE: TORONTO CONSULTING GROUP:  COMPANY PROFILE: TORONTO CONSULTING GROUP We have facilitated migration of professionals, provided consulting services for international businesses, and assisted in post-secondary education placements since 1979. The President of TCG is Mr. Viresh Fernando, who is a Canadian Lawyer and a Chartered Accountant. We have assisted thousands of people from different parts of the world to migrate to Canada and/or obtain work visas. OUR GOAL:  OUR GOAL Our primary goal is to provide the Canadian Hospitality Industry with fully qualified, highly trained, and well-experienced staff, who are fully proficient in English. OUR RECRUITS :  OUR RECRUITS WE CAN ASSIST IN RECRUITMENT IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: Cooks and Chefs (Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Bakers, Chefs de Partie, Line Cooks, Grill Cooks, and Commis) Kitchen Stewarding Sandwich and Fast Food Restaurant and Banqueting Front of the House Engineering, Housekeeping, IT and Accounting OUR HOSPITALITY STAFF:  OUR HOSPITALITY STAFF Comply with all Canadian Immigration Regulations. Possess a minimum of 5 years experience at 4 and 5 STAR properties. Have completed an English proficiency test. Have medical and security clearances. Are able to work independently as well as be team players. Recognize and adapt to living and working conditions in different communities. Some staff have already worked overseas. HOW IT WORKS:  HOW IT WORKS After ascertaining the needs of our Canadian Hospitality Clients , we visit selected countries to interview candidates. We then review the qualifications and experience of the candidates with potential employers in Canada. Slide7:  Once the Canadian Hospitality Clients indicate their preference, we submit the required documentation to Service Canada (HRSD), and obtain the Labour Market Opinion. We then prepare and file the visa and work permit application for the potential staff member with the Canadian Diplomatic Mission Overseas. We also ensure that the staff member complies with medical and security clearances. BENEFITS TO YOU:  BENEFITS TO YOU We do all the paper work in Canada for obtaining the LMO We make all necessary arrangements for staff (Overseas orientation, travel arrangements, meeting at the point of entry and orientation in Canada, etc.) We conduct orientation sessions before the staff member begins work. We monitor the employer-employee relationship on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. OUR GUARANTEE :  OUR GUARANTEE If there is a breakdown in the employer-employee relationship within the first year of employment, we will provide a replacement at no extra charge. COSTS:  COSTS Our fee is $2,000 per staff member. CONTACT DETAILS:  CONTACT DETAILS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO ARRANGE A MEETING PLEASE CONTACT US AT: TEL: 416 977 9846 CELL: 416 732 3680 FAX: 416 977 1143 EMAIL: WEB: THE END:  THE END

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