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Published on December 26, 2013

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Leading the Quest for Health A Look at the Modern Hospital Care Dr. Farhad Zargari, Academic Staff of Azad University, Tehran - I. R. Iran July 2006

Hospitals, A Short Background  A hospital today is a centre for professional health care provided by physicians, nurses and supporting staff.

Hospitals, A Short Background  The word hospital is derived from the latin word hospitalis which comes from hospes, meaning a host (as indicated in the words ‘hostel’, ‘hospitality’ and ‘hotel’).

Hospitals, A Short Background  In ancient cultures religion and medicine were linked. The earliest known institutions aiming to provide cure were Egyptian temples. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia under the word “hospital”.

Hospitals, A Short Background  Greek temples also dedicated to the healer-god Asclepius might admit the sick, who would wait for guidance from the God in a dream. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia under the word “hospital”.

Hospitals, A Short Background  The first institutions created specifically to care for the sick appeared in India. Brahmantic hospitals were established in Sri Lanka by 431 B.C., and King Ashoka founded 18 hospitals in Hindustan c.230 B.C. The latter were provided with physicians and nurses, and supported from royal funds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia under the word “hospital”.

Hospitals, A Short Background  The Romans created valetudinaria for the care of sick slaves, gladiators and soldiers around 100 B.C. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia under the word “hospital”.

Hospitals, A Short Background  The First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. urged the Church to provide a hospital in every cathedral. Among the earliest were those built by the physician Saint Sampson in Constantinople and by Basil, bishop of Caesarea. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia under the word “hospital”.

Hospitals, A Short Background  Medieval hospitals in Europe followed a similar pattern. They were religious communities, with care provided by monks and nuns. (An old French term for hospital is hôtel- Dieu, "hostel of God.") From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia under the word “hospital”.

Hospitals, A Short Background  Muslim hospitals developed a high standard of care between the eighth and twelfth centuries A.D. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia under the word “hospital”.

Hospitals, A Short Background  Hospitals built in Baghdad in the ninth and tenth centuries employed up to 25 staff physicians and had separate wards for different conditions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia under the word “hospital”.

Hospitals, A Short Background Slide 1 of 3  One of the finest Islamic hospitals was built by Abdul Wahid al-Marakeshi in Morocco in about 1200 A.D. According to the writer of the Medical History of Persia, "The hospital was unequalled in the world. First it was selected in a large open space in the most level part of the town. The workmen embellished with a beauty of sculpture and ornamentation even beyond what was demanded of them.

Hospitals, A Short Background Slide 2 of 3  All sorts of suitable trees and fruit trees were planted there. Water there was in abundance, flowing through all the rooms. In addition there were four large pools in the centre of the building, one of them was lined with white marble. The hospital was furnished with valuable carpets of wool, cotton, silk and leather, so wonderful that I cannot even describe them.

Hospitals, A Short Background Slide 3 of 3  For the use of patients there were provided day-dresses and night dresses, thick for winter, thin for summer. After he was cured, a poor patient received on leaving the hospital a sum of money sufficient to keep him for a time. Every Friday the Prince after the midday prayer mounted his horse to go and visit the patients and learn about each of them".

Hospitals, A Short Background Development of the Modern Hospital      1700-1870 Early - Charitable hospitals 1870-1910 Phase One - modern hospitals 1910-1940 Phase Two - also WWII increase in number from several hundreds to six thousands Post 40’s - Phase Three- big business formal management 1970-90’s – Net work Hospitals, e-Hospital, Managed Care, etc.

Hospitals, A Short Background Hospitals :   Are largest & most costly operational units of the health system. Account for a large portion of the health sector’s infrastructural, financial and human resources.

Hospitals, A Short Background  Hospital management is about the delivery of care in the most effective and efficient manner to the ultimate benefit of patients.

Hospitals, A Short Background  Delivery of care in hospital is the interactions of the clinicians, nurses, and staff representing finance, human resources, lab, pharmacy, housekeeping, maintenance and so on…

Hospitals, A Short Background  As such, hospital is a venue for clash of the most number of professionals of different fields but for the same cause.  “Clash of super competent and righteous personalities” John. E. Lewis

Hospitals, A Short Background Bases for the classification of hospitals Ownership /control basis  Clinical basis  Length of stay basis 

Hospitals, A Short Background Types of hospitals General. H  Specialized. H  Rural. H  Teaching. H  Isolation. H 

Hospitals, A Short Background Functions of Hospitals      Providing care for the sick and injured. Prevention of disease and promotion of health. Training of physicians, nurses and other personnel. Advancement of research in medical fields. Good return for the stake holders.

Major trends and issues in health care in the new era  “Medicine looks likely to change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 200.” British Medical Journal (11-11-99)

Major trends and issues in health care in the new era , Global Health: Hope and Uncertainty, Gro Brundtland :Director General, WHO World Health Report, 1999  “Remarkable gains in health, rapid economic growth, and unprecedented scientific advances – all legacies of the 20th century – could lead us to a new era of human progress. The world enters the 21st century with hope, but also with uncertainty.”

Major trends and issues in health care in the new era Health care is a right and not a privilege.  Without adequate health care human capital diminishes faster, productivity decreases and development becomes unachievable. 

Major trends and issues in health care in the new era Health Development Capital

Major trends and issues in health care in the new era  Treatment Prevention  Illness Wellness  Acute care Primary care  Inpatient Outpatient  Individuals Populations

Major trends and issues in health care in the new era  Fragmented care  Independent institutions  Service duplication  Traditional analogue Therapy Managed care Integrated network systems Continuum of services e-Health

Major trends and issues in health care in the new era  All these trends lead to: Holistic Vision on Health

Holistic Vision on Health Health Promotional Vision Community Based Medicine

Holistic Vision on Health Comprehensive Health Care Services Minimally Invasive Health Care Preventive Curative Rehabilitative

Holistic Vision on Health Patient Oriented Medical System Electronic Care – e Care

Holistic Vision on Health Recruiting Highly Competent Medical Teams Working at the Regional & Global Networks

Holistic Vision on Health High Quality Care and Best Practice Techniques Highest Possible Return for Shareholders

Health Hotels Holistic Vision on Health .Paradigm Shift in Hospital Mgt Hospitals Health Hotels

Health Hotels Quality strategies aligned to organizational goals Quality improvement mechanisms integrated Good leadership at all levels and open learning culture Strong management systems & clinical processes Well developed infrastructure to support practice Well trained staff, right skill mix, safe environment

Professionalism  Hospital management is a complex process and requires special knowledge and skills, it is a professional task.

Professionalism  Oxford dictionary defines Professionalism as “the high standard that you expect from a person who is well trained in a particular job”. Key words “well trained in a particular job”

Professionalism  A precious statement by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH): When trust has been wasted, you can expect destruction. A sahabat seeks clarification: “how can it be wasted?” Rasulullah (SWT) replied: “when a position is handed over to those who are not in their field, you can expect destruction”.

Professionalism Professionalism in Hospital Management   It is ultimately patient focused. -Good outcome for patient care -Good practice for the doctors -Hospital sustainability for growth -Incentive for hospital owners Require strong managerial traits. -Ability to do right things not just doing things right. -Ultimate patient care is delivered -Continuous improvement of knowledge and skill -Guiding, discussion, teaching, learning instead of just giving instructions.

Professionalism  All these are accomplished when there is health leadership. The key purposes of leadership are to provide direction, gain commitment, facilitate change and achieve results through the efficient, creative and responsible deployment of people and other resources.

Professionalism  Leadership is nothing except: 1- Creating a Vision 2- Motivating employees towards the achievement of that Vision

Professionalism  All these are accomplished when there is an attractive vision and well defined mission.

Professionalism Daydream about your Vision  Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

Professionalism Organization without a Vision Organization with a Vision

Vision, Mission & Values Some Examples of Vision, Mission & Values in Hospitals

Vision, Mission & Values  Mission Statement Boston Medical Center We will provide consistently excellent and accessible health services to all in need of care regardless of status and ability to pay. Vision Our vision is to meet the health needs of the people of Boston and its surrounding communities by providing high quality, comprehensive care to all, particularly mindful of the needs of the vulnerable populations through our integrated delivery system, in an ethically and financially responsible manner. Values Respect We will serve our patients and their families, physicians, staff and communities with dignity. Commitment We will integrate our public health, preventive, emergency and rehabilitative programs with a full range of primary to tertiary medical service. Diversity We will serve the ever-changing needs of our urban and suburban populations, while honoring their ethnic, religious and cultural differences. Competence We will apply a high degree of medical, nursing and technical management in a professional and accountable manner. Education We will collaborate with Boston University, its schools and other institutions to support a premier learning environment for all members of our community. Research We will conduct research that will lead to major improvements in health care and health status for all people, and further scientific advances in medicine. Cost Effectiveness We will develop and participate in community-based and managed- care programs that promote affordable, responsible and hig-quality health care.

Vision, Mission & Values  KI's vision is to be Europe's leading medical university in the next five years . Karolinska Medical Institute, Stockholm

Vision, Mission & Values   Our Mission & Vision Riverside Community Hospital is committed to the comprehensive delivery of high quality healthcare to the residents of the Greater Riverside area. It will achieve this goal by providing and arranging a full continuum of care while seeking to maintain a sound financial position. Furthermore, Riverside Community Hospital is committed to the healthcare needs of its community and will actively facilitate and evaluate programs and services to address those needs and improve the overall health status of the community. Respect for the Individual, Corporate Teamwork, Customer Service, Integrity, Corporate & Professional Growth, Financial Responsibility, Total Accountability Riverside Community Hospital, California

Vision, Mission & Values Sun Health, Arizona   Mission Sun Health is a non-profit healthcare organization that exists to serve all ages with excellence in medical care, wellness programs, research and education. Vision Sun Health will be the healthcare network of choice, recognized for excellence in clinical care and quality relationships with employees and physicians. Sun Health is a non-profit, community-owned network of healthcare services that provides world-class acute, longterm, residential and home-delivered healthcare and related services to west Valley communities. Residents of all ages benefit from Sun Health's community-focused continuum of care that ranges from obstetrics and newborn services to cardiology and orthopedics.

Vision, Mission & Values       Mission To improve the health of all we serve through community-owned health care services that set the standard for high-quality compassionate care. Vision To be preeminent in the communities we serve and nationally recognized for our health care excellence. We will work together with our physicians to provide an accessible, coordinated continuum of quality health care services. Values Trust, respect and dignity reflect our responsibility to achieve health care excellence for our communities. We will be recognized as the preeminent community-focused health care organization in Florida and the leader in medicine through our Centers of Excellence. Morton Plant Hospital, FL

Vision, Mission & Values Mayo's Mission  Mayo will provide the best care to every patient every day through integrated clinical practice, education and research.  Primary Value  The needs of the patient come first.  Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Vision, Mission & Values     Our Mission Providence Health System  continues the healing ministry of Jesus in the world of today, with special concern for those who are poor and vulnerable. Working with others in a spirit of loving service, we strive to meet the health needs of people as they journey through life. Our mission is carried out by employees, volunteers, physicians and others who work together in a spirit of service that reflects our core values.  Our Core Values      Compassion Caring for each person as part of our family. Justice Working for a fair and equitable society. Respect Affirming the God-given dignity and worth of each person. Excellence Continually improving all that we do. Stewardship Wisely caring for and sharing human, environmental and financial resources held in trust. Providence Hospital, Anchorage - Alaska

Vision, Mission & Values  OUR MISSION Promoting a healthier Queensland  OUR VISION Leaders in health – partners for life     OUR VALUES We recognize that Queenslanders trust us to act in their interest at all times. To fulfill our mission and sustain this trust we share four core values: Professionalism Teamwork Performance accountability Quality and recognition Queensland, Australia

Vision, Mission & Values      Mission Statement To maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of the people of South Australia (and nearby states and territories) by: providing a comprehensive range of high-quality, accessible hospital and related health services promoting the health of the general community and encouraging healthy behaviour on the part of individuals encouraging and supporting teaching and research. Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia

Vision, Mission & Values                 MISSION STATEMENT We deliver quality care to every patient through comprehensive integrated clinical practice, innovation and lifelong learning. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of: Our patient : excellent and cost-effective healthcare Our staff : continuing development and welfare Our nation : partnership in promoting health OUR VISION To be a renowned organization at the leading edge of Medicine, providing quality healthcare to meet our nation's aspirations. OUR CORE VALUES Commitment - dedicated to SGH and its mission, and upholding the highest professional integrity Collegiality - looking beyond oneself and working in partnership with others; building trust through openness and goodwill Compassion - valuing and caring for every individual; being sensitive and attentive to their needs, and responsive to these needs in a timely and appropriate manner; showing empathy in all interactions with patients and colleagues Respect - treating every individual with consideration and dignity Integrity & Openness - upholding firm principles and high standards; demonstrating a high level of trust and honesty; being upfront and truthful in actions and words when dealing with people Professionalism - dedicating one's best knowledge and skills to assure best outcome and experience for patients and colleagues; staying professionally competent and continually seeking self-improvement and development. OUR QUALITY COMMITMENT "Best Outcome, Best Experience" Clinical Quality - Assure Best Outcomes Service Quality - Create Seamless Service ; Excel in Personalized Care Singapore General Hospital

Vision, Mission & Values University Health System, TX    Mission The mission of the University Health System is to promote the good health of the community by providing the highest quality of care to both inpatients and outpatients; by teaching the next generation of health professionals; and by supporting research thereby advancing medical knowledge and improving the delivery of patient care. Vision We will continuously improve the health and well-being of the people of Bexar County, South Texas, and beyond. Values Our patients come first. We work as a team. We work for the community. We do everything with Respect Dignity Sensitivity Trust We will be experts at our jobs. Education and research are important to excellent patient care.

Vision, Mission & Values         Mission: To bring the full measure of human knowledge, talent, and compassion to bear on the healing of the sickness and injury and the advancement of health and wellness through preeminent programs in patient care, education, and research. We value... service to our patients and our communities education and research respect for our patients and for each other quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness collaboration and caring careful use of our resources Vanderbilt University Medical Center, TN

Vision, Mission & Values  Mission / Vision Mission Our mission is life. Vision Our vision is to appreciably enhance in a proactive manner the healthcare status and related quality of life of the residents and communities we serve. Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, AL

Vision, Mission & Values         VISION   To be the most customer-friendly leading edge tertiary hospital in the Asia-Pacific region.   MISSION   To be a regional centre providing comprehensive tertiary hospital services in a friendly and caring environment. We achieve this through highly skilled staff, state-of-the-art technology and a dedication to consistent quality and continuous improvement.    CORE VALUES    We C A R E about You C ustomer-friendly service A im for continuous improvement R esponsive and competent staff Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore E ffective and efficient care

Vision, Mission & Values            Mission & Values     Our mission is to bring the healing ministry of Christ to all we serve. Our concern for others, especially those in need, permeates every aspect of the life and work of our services. We are dedicated to providing the best possible health care, drawing on the talents and creativity of our people and others who share our vision. We express our mission through our daily work in hospitals, ambulatory services and multidisciplinary clinics, research institutes, aged care services, hospices, outreach activities and in the home. Values The values of the Sisters of Charity are the foundation of our mission. We will be guided by these values in our relationships with the people we serve and our partners. In all our activities we strive to demonstrate: Compassion Accepting people as they are, bringing to each the love and tenderness of Christ. Justice Acting with integrity and respecting the rights of all. Human Dignity Respecting the uniqueness of each person created in the image and likeness of God. Excellence Excelling in all aspects of our healing ministry. Unity Creating a community characterized by harmony and collaboration.  St. Vincent's Health, Melbourne

Vision, Mission & Values       Vision: To create the health care delivery system of value for the 21st century. Mission : To build for our patients; with our physicians, employees and Tenet; a high quality, cost effective, appropriately coordinated health care delivery system in our targeted service areas which provides the greatest potential long term viability and growth. Values: Foster Trust Focus on People Enhance Value Change through Innovation Lead through Partnership Brookwood Medical Center

Vision, Mission & Values         Our Mission We are committed to health and healing through excellence, compassionate care and reverence for the spirituality of each person. Our Core Values Respect We honor the worth and dignity of those we serve and with whom we work. Integrity We are faithful, trustworthy and just. Service We reach out to the community, especially those most in need. Leadership We encourage initiative, creativity, learning and research. Stewardship We care for and strengthen resources entrusted to us.

Vision, Mission & Values          Our Mission: Provide quality care that will improve the health of those we serve Our Vision: Be the best hospital in Alabama and nationally recognized for excellence Our Values: Integrity: being consistent, honest and fair in everything we do Excellence: exceeding the standards in service, clinical and financial performance Innovation: promoting creativity to enhance patient care and organization performance through a team environment Accountability: taking responsibility and ownership for our actions and their outcomes Compassion: awareness of the needs of others Safety: eliminating or minimizing potential harm to our patients, visitors, physicians and employees

Vision, Mission & Values     Vision Statement The UAB Health System will enhance its role as a preeminent and well-integrated clinical enterprise, recognized as a leader in the advancement of medical science and the delivery of health-related services. With the School of Medicine, the Health System will create highly innovative, well-coordinated interdisciplinary services and partnering relationships that serve as a model for health education and service delivery. Mission Statement To improve the health and well-being of society, particularly the citizens of Alabama, by providing innovative health services of exceptional value, a superior environment for the education of health professionals, and support for research that advances medical science. University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System

Vision, Mission & Values Vision To dramatically enhance the health and wellness of the community we serve. Mission To provide a full spectrum of high quality, wellness oriented healthcare in an organized, cost sensitive and customer oriented academic environment.       Values Respect for people and property. Maintain dignity of the patient. Service to the customer. Commitment to personal integrity. Pursuit of excellence. Fiscal responsibility. Maricopa Medical Center, Arizona

Vision, Mission & Values              Catholic Healthcare West and St. Joseph's Medical Center are committed to furthering the healing ministry of Jesus, and to providing high -quality, affordable healthcare to the communities we serve. Our Mission Catholic Healthcare West and our Sponsoring Congregations are committed to furthering the healing ministry of Jesus. We dedicate our resources to: Delivering compassionate, high-quality, affordable health services; Serving and advocating for our sisters and brothers who are poor and disenfranchised; and Partnering with others in the community to improve the quality of life. Our Vision A growing and diversified health care ministry distinguished by excellent quality and committed to expanding access to those in need. Our Values Catholic Healthcare West is committed to providing high-quality, affordable health care to the communities we serve. Above all else we value: Dignity - Respecting the inherent value and worth of each person. Collaboration - Working together with people who support common values and vision to achieve shared goals. Justice - Advocating for social change and acting in ways that promote respect for all persons and demonstrate compassion for our sisters and brothers who are powerless. Stewardship - Cultivating the resources entrusted to us to promote healing and wholeness. Excellence - Exceeding expectations through teamwork and innovation.

Vision, Mission & Values     MISSION BAPTIST HEALTH exists to provide quality patient-centered services, promote and protect the voluntary not-for-profit healthcare system, provide quality health education and respond to the changing needs of the citizens of Arkansas with Christian compassion and personal concern consistent with our charitable purpose. VALUES In fulfilling our mission, we place special emphasis on the values of: - service - honesty - respect - stewardship - performance VISION Shared Christian values of service, honesty, respect, stewardship, and performance, combined with a commitment to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, allows BAPTIST HEALTH to unite Physicians, Nurses, Employees, Technology and Access into the most comprehensive healthcare provider, delivering total health services to the citizens of Arkansas. Serving the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of patients from the inception of life to support at life's end means compassionately providing total health from prevention to long-term care. BAPTIST Hospital, Arkansas

Vision, Mission & Values  Drew Memorial Hospital will be the provider of choice for excellent healthcare and wellness services in South Arkansas .

Vision, Mission & Values        Our Mission Rooted in the mission of Jesus and the healing ministry of the Church, and faithful to Catherine McAuley's service tradition marked by justice, excellence, stewardship and respect for the dignity of each person, St. Edward Mercy implements and advocates innovative health and quality of life of communities served, with particular concern for people who are economically poor. Our Vision As a people entrusted with the healing ministry of the Catholic Church, we will make a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. To achieve this, we will Strive to ensure access to all by working with others to develop a complete and operationally effective range of health and social service Excel in the delivery, management and measurement of service and clinical quality, and Implement innovative and integrated health care delivery models St. Edward Hospital, Arkansas

Vision, Mission & Values  Convenient, Quality Healthcare Summit Medical Center's mission is to be the health care provider of choice and healthcare employer of choice in our community while providing quality, convenient care in a cost-effective, ethical manner. Summit Medical Center, Arkansas

Vision, Mission & Values           MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of San Francisco General Hospital is to deliver humanistic, cost-effective, and culturally competent health services to the residents of the City and County of San Francisco by: Providing access for all residents by eliminating financial, linguistic, physical, and operation barriers; Providing quality services that treat illness, promoting and sustaining wellness, and preventing the spread of disease, injury and disability; Participating in and supporting training and research; The commitment to community involvement in healthcare needs VISION STATEMENT “To be the Best Public Hospital in the Country.” VALUE STATEMENT Our goal is to promote access to services, quality of care, patient safety, customer satisfaction, staff morale, resource management, effective partnership, and academic excellence. San Francisco General Hospital

Vision, Mission & Values    Our Vision To be a provider of choice and the center of health care services for the community. Our Mission To be a general acute care hospital; to provide quality and personalized care; to attract and sustain outstanding physicians, employees and volunteers; to grow consistent with community need and financial feasibility; to remain financially stable; and to be an effective health care district.   Our Values Access, Dignity, Community Leadership, Integrity, Community Resource  Alameda Hospital, California

Vision, Mission & Values  Mission Statement "We enhance the health and well being of people in the communities we serve through compassion and excellence." Alta Bates Summit Medical Center offers comprehensive services designed to meet the health care needs of the diverse communities of the greater East Bay Area. Alta Bates Summit Medical Center is a community based and not-for-profitAlta Bates Summit Medical Center, California organization.

Vision, Mission & Values Catholic Healthcare West and St. Mary Medical Center, California             Our Mission Catholic Healthcare West and our Sponsoring Congregations are committed to furthering the healing ministry of Jesus. We dedicate our resources to: Delivering compassionate, high-quality, affordable health services; Serving and advocating for our sisters and brothers who are poor and disenfranchised; and Partnering with others in the community to improve the quality of life. Our Vision A growing and diversified health care ministry distinguished by excellent quality and committed to expanding access to those in need. Our Values Catholic Healthcare West is committed to providing high-quality, affordable health care to the communities we serve. Above all else we value: Dignity - Respecting the inherent value and worth of each person. Collaboration - Working together with people who support common values and vision to achieve shared goals. Justice - Advocating for social change and acting in ways that promote respect for all persons and demonstrate compassion for our sisters and brothers who are powerless. Stewardship - Cultivating the resources entrusted to us to promote healing and wholeness. Excellence - Exceeding expectations through teamwork and innovation.

Vision, Mission & Values     Objective: To Provide a dynamic organization that is able to meet the challenge of delivering excellent healthcare. To employ the best and brightest men and women for our caring team Philosophy: Our staff believes that providing excellent healthcare is the key to success. Through fair and sound management, we work together to bring out the best is each other. Antelope Valley Hospital, California

Vision, Mission & Values  Mission “To improve the health of our community through compassion and excellence in healthcare services.” Vision “To create the ideal healthcare environment to surpass community expectations.”  Values Integrity Trust & Respect Accountability Teamwork Clinical Competence & Quality Compassionate Care Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, California

Vision, Mission & Values Mills-Peninsula Health Services, California           Mills-Peninsula Vision Mills-Peninsula Health Services will take the initiative to meet or exceed the realistic expectations of all our customers (patients, physicians, payers). This will be achieved by providing a competent, attentive, respectful and efficient team of employees, physicians and managers whose primary focus is on the patient. Through continuous improvement and living our values, our mission will be achieved. Mills-Peninsula Values Mills-Peninsula is committed to creating an environment in which individuals' (patients, physicians and employees) differences are acknowledged, understood, accepted and responded to with sensitivity. As an employer, Mills-Peninsula will continually strive to create an environment in which employees and physicians can develop their potential for work satisfaction and contribution to the organization and community. Mills-Peninsula will be known by the following characteristics: C ulturally Aware of the different values, traditions, languages, lifestyles and expectations of our patients and fellow employees. A ttentive to the medical and personal needs of our patients, their families and our coworkers. R espectful of the individual and alternative modes of treatment and healing; and treat all individuals with dignity and fairness. Communication is open, honest and based upon the interest level of the individual. E mpathetic to others' experiences, conditions and healing processes.

Vision, Mission & Values       Our Mission: Provide high quality, cost-effective medical care to all residents of Santa Clara County regardless of their ability to pay. Make available a wide range of inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services within resource constraints. Maintain an environment within which the needs of our patients are paramount and where patients, their families and all our visitors are treated in a compassionate, supportive, friendly, and dignified manner. Support a setting within which quality medical education and professional training are conducted for the welfare and benefit of our patients and community. Sustain a workplace which recognizes and appreciates our employees and allows employees to realize their full work potential. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, California

Vision, Mission & Values Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, California                             Organizational Values At Santa Clara Valley Medical Center we conduct ourselves and provide services from the following fundamental values that are at the heart of who we are. PATIENTS are the PRIORITY We provide quality treatment. We uphold the dignity of our patients and treat them with respect and compassion. We incorporate the goals of our patients and families into the care we provide. ONE TEAM WORKING TOGETHER Management and staff are in partnership to fulfill the goals of the organization. We demonstrate mutual respect, trust, and support. Our communication is effective and reflects honesty, sensitivity and integrity. We hold ourselves, individually and together, accountable for our actions and job performance. We recognize, value, and acknowledge each other's unique contributions and accomplishments, and support each other as equals. We give constructive feedback and encouragement. We appreciate our diversity. PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE and EXCELLENCE We are a well-trained, competent workforce striving to provide excellent services. We are empowered to continue our personal and professional growth and effectiveness. USER-FRIENDLY PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT We provide safe, clean, inviting and accessible facilities. Employees and volunteers have the equipment and supplies needed to support our work. RESPONSIBILITY for RESOURCES We utilize our resources responsibly and ensure our financial health to effectively fulfill our mission. We actively seek out and obtain new sources of funding and resources. RESPONSIBILITY to the COMMUNITY We are a critical resource for the whole community. We create and maintain a respected reputation and positive image in the community. We are perceived as a trusted partner and dependable community resource. "Dedicated to the health of the whole community."

Vision, Mission & Values        Our Mission: Our mission is a healthy community, one person at a time. Our Vision: Our vision is to be the regional leader for excellence in personalized care and healing. Our Shared Values: Healthy, healing environment Excellence Accountability Respect Trust and Teamwork Valley View Hospital, Colorado

Vision, Mission & Values Tri-City Hospital, California            Mission, Vision and Values Mission Statement To continuously improve the health of those we are privileged to care for and serve. Vision Statement By year 2010, the Tri-City Healthcare District will achieve top quartile of California Hospitals for patient, physician and employee satisfaction, while maintaining financial viability. Values Statement Our values shape our organizational culture and guide our interactions with our customers and with the communities that we are privileged to serve. Quality - We strive to continuously improve our work processes and the interactions between people so that we can achieve higher levels of measurable outcomes and satisfaction from our customers’ perspective. Service - Our respect and compassion for people causes us to strive for excellence in all of the services that we provide. We recognize that consistently achieving everhigher levels of satisfaction is difficult and will require an enduing commitment. Work Environment - We seek to foster a collaborative work environment, where dedicated responsible professionals are respected and have a meaningful voice with which to participate. Community - We are involved and engaged members of the community who believe in being held accountable for our corporate and social responsiveness.

Vision, Mission & Values                A Commitment to Excellence Excellent Quality Excellent Service Excellent Financial Strength to Support Our Mission Our Mission For the benefit of our patients and the larger community, the mission of Stanford Hospital & Clinics is: To Care To Educate To Discover What We Expect of Ourselves and Others Respect – Consideration and appreciation of everyone Honesty – Truthfulness and sincerity in everything we do Compassion – Kindness and caring for everyone Teamwork – Working together with the spirit of cooperation, active participation, and individual initiative Excellence – Commitment to doing our best at all times Stanford Hospital, California

Vision, Mission & Values     Valley Health System Mission Statement "Valley Health system is committed to improving the health and quality of life in our communities with care, compassion and respect.“ Valley Health System Shared Values V ision H onesty S ervice C ompassion A ccountability R espect E conomic Responsibility S afety Valley Health System, Hemet, California

Vision, Mission & Values         Denver Health is an integrated, efficient, high-quality health care system serving as a model for other safety net institutions across the nation. Our mission is to: Provide access to the highest quality health care, whether for prevention, or acute and chronic diseases; Provide life-saving emergency medicine and trauma services to Denver and the Rocky Mountain region; Fulfill public health functions as dictated by the Denver Charter and the needs of the citizens of Denver; Provide health education for patients; Participate in the education of the next generation of health care professionals; and Engage in research, which enhances our ability to meet the health care needs of Denver Health system patients. Denver Hospital

Vision, Mission & Values Exempla Hospital Net, Colorado                Mission To foster healing and health for the people and communities we serve. Vision To be recognized as best in the nation as measured by patients’ safety, their satisfaction, employee and physician engagement, clinical excellence, and value. The Exempla Way: Integrity doing the right thing Welcoming Spirit making all feel at home Partnership together and with patients, families, community; with physicians, providers, payers Pride doing good work and making healthcare better Good Humor enjoying one another and our work

Vision, Mission & Values Centura Health, Colorado       Mission & Values Centura Health is a nonprofit, faith-based health care system dedicated to improving the lives of the people in our communities. We are made up of more than 12,000 associates, each of whom is committed to the healing ministry of Christ to care for those in need, particularly the sick, the injured and the elderly. Mission Statement We extend the healing ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and by nurturing the health of the people in our communities. Vision Statement Centura Health will fulfill a covenant of caring for our communities with excellence and integrity to become their partner for life.

Vision, Mission & Values  Our Mission  Saint Raphael's caring mission is to improve the health status of our community by providing a comprehensive range of quality healthcare services. As a Catholic healthcare system sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, we continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by stewarding our resources according to the principles of dignity, charity and justice. We collaborate with all who share our values, our vision for better health for each individual, and our special concern for the underserved, the poor and the elderly.  Saint Raphael Hospital, Connecticut

Vision, Mission & Values Yale-New Haven Hospital's Missions        Patient Care To provide sensitive, high quality, cost effective health care services to all patients, regardless of ability to pay. Teaching To be the primary teaching hospital for the Yale University School of Medicine and offer training opportunities for nurses and allied health care professionals. Research To provide the setting for ongoing clinical research that helps bring medical advances from the laboratory to the patient's bedside. CORE General Clinical Research Center, Yale School of Medicine Community Service To serve the community as a public health advocate and provide support and services which respond to the area's health care needs through health education, health promotion and access to care. Historical Photo Gallery A gallery of annotated illustrations and photographs tracing the history of Yale-New Haven Hospital from its beginnings in 1826 to the present.

Vision, Mission & Values  Our goal We aim to provide a high-quality service tailored to the needs of our local population complementing the services offered by our health and social care partners. Ealing Hospital, Middlesex, UK

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values            Our Mission The mission of Wishard Health Services is to: Advocate, Care, Teach, Serve, with a special emphasis on the vulnerable populations of Marion County. Our Vision Wishard Health Services will be the provider of choice for all people of Marion County while strengthening our commitment to the needs of the underserved. Our Values We respect all people. We give excellent service. We work with integrity. We provide superior quality healthcare and emphasize patient safety. We are always learning and developing. We are good stewards of our resources. Wishard Health Services, Indianapolis

Vision, Mission & Values           OUR MISSION Our mission is to encourage healthy living, prevent illness, and restore optimal health with the people residing, working, or visiting the communities we serve. OUR VISION Beebe Medical Center will be a community-based healthcare system committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective healthcare. OUR VALUES Respect for the individual Patient/Customer satisfaction Commitment to quality Personal responsibility Financial responsibility Teamwork Beebe Medical Center, Delaware Integrity

Vision, Mission & Values Baptist Health, Florida    Our Mission The mission of Baptist Health is to improve the health and well-being of individuals, and to promote the sanctity and preservation of life, in the communities we serve. Baptist Health is a faith-based organization guided by the spirit of Jesus Christ and the Judeo-Christian ethic. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of clinical and service excellence, rooted in utmost integrity and moral practice. Consistent with its spiritual foundation, Baptist Health is dedicated to providing high-quality, costeffective, compassionate healthcare services to all, regardless of religion, creed, race or national origin, including, as permitted by its resources, charity care to those in need. Our Guiding Principle Through our compassionate healthcare services, we seek to reveal the healing presence of God. Our Vision Baptist Health will be the pre-eminent healthcare provider in the communities we serve: the organization that people instinctively turn to for their healthcare needs. Baptist Health and its physicians will offer a broad range of services with superior clinical outcomes, and attain the highest levels of patient satisfaction through the high quality and compassionate treatment we provide.

Vision, Mission & Values  Our Mission, Our Vision The mission of the North Broward Hospital District is to be the regional leader, in partnership with and for the benefit of our community, in the provision of an integrated system of healthcare services.The vision of the North Broward Hospital District is to be recognized as the dominant integrated healthcare system through innovative organizational and technological partnerships with, and for the benefit of, our community-- including physicians and other parties-- to ensure the delivery of services in such a way that our community's needs are met in the most efficient and effective manner. The system will focus on optimizing the health status of our entire community through a complete continuum of services, including wellness initiatives. Further, the District shall be recognized by its stakeholders and other parties for its excellence in services, clinical outcomes and financial performance. North Broward Hospital, FL

Vision, Mission & Values  University Community Health is a not-for-profit community hospital network, strategically represented throughout the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area, that provides high quality, personalized and compassionate care to its patients and community. Through its dedication to performance improvement, safety, rigorous self-assessment, corporate integrity and service management, the hospital network is committed to being the preeminent provider of inpatient and outpatient health care services for the residents of Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and surrounding areas. University Community Health, FL

Modern Hospitals Quality direction and customer orientation in modern health care facilities are very well communicated with all customers at the local and international levels.  This dialogue is reflected in details in the web sites of these centers as the first contact hub with the community. 

Examples of Hospitals Web Sites Main Contents               About us Contact Us Doctor Referral Service Education Employment Opportunities Hartford Healthcare Portal Hlth. Information Library & Internet Resources Medical Staff Pt. Financial Services Pt.-Visitor Guide Programs and Services On-line Nursery Your Gift Makes a Difference Hartford, Connecticut

Examples of Hospitals Web Sites             Main Contents About us For Pts. & Families Professional Education and Research Programs and Services Hlth. Information Physicians Directory 13-On-line Nursery Classes and Events Employment Volunteering / Women’s Auxiliary Board of Directors

Examples of Hospitals Web Sites             Main Contents Hospital Home Directory of Services About Us Affiliates and Satellites Patient Information Job Opportunities Online Nursery Online Pharmacy Publications Health Calendar For Employers Education/Residencies /

Examples of Hospitals Web Sites Slide 1 of 2 Main Contents       General Information Quality Measures Health Services Foundation Online Appointments Online Pre-Registration Quality/Patient Safety Maps & Directions Become a Volunteer Health Plans Latest News on Baptist Health Phone Directories D.A.S.H Average Costs Cancer Services Cardiovascular Services Diabetes Services Children's Health Executive Health and Wellness Outpatient/Diagnostic Services Pregnancy & Childbirth Senior Services Rehabilitation Services Services By Hospital Urgent Care/Emergency Services Women's Health

Examples of Hospitals Web Sites Slide 2 of 2           Main Contents Events & Education Support Groups Charity Care Billing Information CME Medical Library News Media Center For Medical Staff For Employees Only For Governing Board Health Classes Childbirth Class Registration Bereavement Arthritis Bereavement (Faith-based) Cancer Breast Cancer en Español Diabetes Cardiac Meditation/Stress Infertility New Parents Neurology Obesity Sleep Disorders Women's Issues General Billing Information Frequently Asked Questions Reading Your Statement Patient Privacy Financial Assistance Program Contact Us Glossary

Examples of Hospitals Web Sites             Main Contents Facilities Services Senior’s Programs Hlth and Wellness Links Community Programs Health Tools My Electronic MD News letter Registration Drug Information Baby Pictures Hlth. Library Brookwood Medical Center Birmingham, AL 35209

Examples of Hospitals Web Sites         Main Contents About VMC For Health Professionals For Patients & Families   Valley Health Centers Services & Programs Residency Programs Job Opportunities    Contact Us Valley Medical Center, WA

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