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Information about Hosalkars surgical skill near top of field

Published on May 2, 2014

Author: pzmediainc

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Nobody questions the surgical talent Dr. Harish Hosalkar brings to the orthopaedic community.

Hosalkars Surgical Skill Near Top of Field Nobody questions the surgical talent Dr. Harish Hosalkar brings to the orthopaedic community. Harish Hosalkar brings years of finely-tuned surgical prowess to every procedure he performs. His mastery of orthopaedics is second-to-none. A graduate of Mumbai University, Hosalkar took academics to a new level, earning record-breaking marks in multiple medical subjects. A sharp and diligent student, he proved to his peers and his teachers how dedicated he was to medicine. Dr. Harish Hosalkar then moved to the United States, competing his residency in orthopaedic medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Hosalkar then pursued and earned his Pediatric Fellowship in the United Kingdom. A professional orthopedic surgeon for 15 years, Harish Hosalkar had developed a unique set of surgical skills. He has experience with a wide variety of orthopedic treatment methodologies. Dr. Harish Hosalkar understands the delicacy and care it takes to perform surgery on people of all ages, particularly children. Some orthopaedic conditions are caused by trauma, others are hereditary. Hosalkar has experience across the orthopedic spectrum, and has seen a plethora of unique orthopaedic conditions during his career. Dr. Hosalkar is qualified and experienced to handle many known orthopaedic procedures. Skilled and confident, Hosalkar takes each patient and procedure seriously. His skilled and gentle touch provide patients a sense of security and comfort. Hosalkar understands that a patient’s comfort level can sometimes make the difference between a successful and a rough recovery. Harish Hosalkar has treated a broad scope of patients and conditions, and never shies away from an orthopaedic challenge. His patients appreciate the time, care and patience he exhibits during his evaluations and procedures. Dr. Harish Hosalkar has been rewarded many times for his orthopaedic surgical skill. He has shown, time and again, how dedicated he is and how far he’s willing to go to help his patients. Hosalkar’s practice runs the gamut on orthopedic procedures, treating everything from trauma-related fractures to bone tumors and Hip dysplasia.

Harish Hosalkar also cares for those with multiple hereditary exosteses (MHE), osteogenessimperfecta and orthopedic problems resulting from Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke and spasticity. His skillset as a orthopedic surgeon and a physician is quite extensive. Hosalkar’s expertise covers multiple pediatric, adolescent and adult pelvic and hip disorders. His ability to treat and/or correct many types of orthopaedic conditions and disorders is well-known throughout the field. Deformity and limb-length discrepancy correction are also within Dr. Harish Hosalkar’s scope of expertise, as well as special conditions like Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis and Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease.

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