Horse Breeders Need Hidden Security Cameras

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Information about Horse Breeders Need Hidden Security Cameras

Published on July 29, 2009

Author: SecurityCameras


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Horse Breeders Need Hidden Security Cameras There are many reasons why horse breeders should invest in quality portable hidden security cameras both inside and outside of their barns. Horses – no matter what their breed – are incredibly valuable animals. Although there are no legal slaughterhouses open in America for horses, there are still people who buy and sell horse meat. A horse can mean thousands of dollars on the hoof whether dead or alive.

Human Nature And they are also very docile animals, making them (sadly) a target for people who like to be cruel to animals. As a human being, you have probably made your share of enemies of the years (it happens to everybody). You can't take the chance that a sicko from your past won’t take their anger with you out on your pregnant mare or champion stallion. Hidden security cameras can not only help protect your horses, but helps to prosecute any intruder.

Foaling Season The most common reason horse breeders need hidden security cameras is when foaling season comes around. Although most female animals (including people) have little trouble giving birth to their babies, mares are the great exception. And there seems to be an unwritten rule that the more valuable the mare, the more likely she is going to have trouble giving birth.

Domestic horses Domestic horses descend from wild prey animals that always had to worry about predators lurking around. Mares till retain this nature by preferring to give birth in the wee hours of the early morning. It used to be that you had to camp out in the foaling barn any time a mare was due and check on them every hour in order to make sure everything was alright. This made for many sleepless nights.

Pregnant mares And pregnant mares can be very puzzled as to why there is suddenly a human sleeping in the barn with them, especially if this is their first foal. It is thought mares can purposefully delay foaling for some time if they think that they are in any danger. The presence of a person in the barn can cause mares to delay giving birth as long as possible.

Hidden security camera A hidden security camera takes care of this. Sure, you still have to get up every hour or so to check on the visual feed from the hidden security camera, but at least you don’t have to sleep in the barn. This can help you not only get some rest, but help relax the mare and make for a smoother delivery of the precious foal.

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