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Published on November 14, 2007

Author: bwaldby

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  You and your family arrived in Spain two days ago and today you’re going to visit Alcazar castle in Segovia. As you walk across the drawbridge with your sister you notice a huge scaly tail flicker in the moat surrounding the castle. "Look at that.” You yell at your sister, Casey, but she’s to busy looking at the castle to bother listening to you. When you get to the castle gates you are greeted by the tour guide. She’s a tall lady with stringy hair and wearing a black dress. “…And the most important rule.. Do not wander away. We wouldn’t want anyone locked in here forever.” The tour guide finishes, laughing a little too hard. You follow the crowd of tourists as she leads you into the castle. “A garden?!” Casey asks confused. “ This is the inner ward.” States the tour guide. “This is boring.” Says your sister. ”Check that out”. You look where Casey’s pointing. It’s a wooden door almost completely hidden by vines. You know the guide said not to wander away, but it does look interesting. So what are you going to do? To Check out the door To stay where you are Slide2:  “Let’s go.” You say. You lead your sister through the hidden doorway. There are spider webs everywhere. “Disgusting.” Casey mutters as she pulls at the mess of webs. You continue walking, but you soon realise the door way is a tunnel. Soon the tunnel separates into two paths. The path to the right is pitch black, but the path to the left smells like burning rubber. What path are you going to choose? To go right To go left Slide3:  So you’ve decided to play it safe? “No.” You tell Casey. ”You heard what that lady said”. You turn around to face your sister but she’s nowhere to be seen. “Great!”. You mutter as you walk back to the hidden door. Suddenly you trip and find yourself falling into… a well? You pull yourself up as you hit the floor hard and look around for a way out. Maybe you should call for someone, or you could try and climb out. So what are you going to do? To call out To climb out Slide4:  You go right. You’re not afraid of the dark and you can’t stand the smell of burnt rubber. Casey grips your arm tightly as you both make your way through the dark tunnel. “ Can you hear that?”. Casey whispers shaking.” That sounds like wings!”. You stop and listen. That does sound like wings. Suddenly a bat flies at you. You hear your sister scream , but she soon stops when a man appears before you. He looks as if he doesn’t have a drop of blood in his entire body. He opens his mouth revealing his razor sharp teeth dripping with blood. You know he’s hungry and you’re going to be his first meal in a very long time…. Slide5:  You go left, it may smell but at least you can see. The tunnel turns steep and leads upwards. Suddenly it ends opening up to a large room with a table that seems never ending, stretched across the centre of the room. Casey pulls you into the room but is immediately stopped as a voice calls ”Won’t you join me?” You look towards the end of the table furthest from you and notice the tour guide staring back at you. “Who me?” Casey asks. “ Of course”. She replies as if daring you to object. Casey makes her way to the end of the table and you follow her. As soon as you join the tour guide you’re both served by a short lady who looks like she’s been sleeping outside in a storm. You don’t order anything but Casey asks for some water, too afraid to order anything more. “Would you like to watch my act? You won’t be disappointed”. She lets out a wicked laugh that echoes off the walls and hits you twice as hard. Should you stay? Yes No Slide6:  You call out. Unfortunately a storm’s coming and no one is around to hear you. Soon the well starts to fill with water as rain pours down from the darkening clouds. The sun light soon thins out as darkening clouds race across the sky. You start screaming as water rises past your waist. There’s no way out and the walls are too slippery to climb. All you can do is wait. You’re stuck and you aren’t going anywhere in Slide7:  You start climbing, you aren’t going to wait around what if no one hears you? You’d be stuck for a very long time. Reaching up for the side of the wall you’re amazed at how easy it is climbing out. You reach the top in no time. Dusting yourself off you start walking through the garden, streams of sunlight pour down between the leaves of surrounding trees. High above the trees loom the walls of the castle. On the roof of the castle is a stone statue of a beast. It’s hunched over with two large wings and a mouth full of over sized teeth. You shudder at how life like it looks and continue walking. Something’s different you feel as though you’re being watched. Suddenly you see a stone tumble off the edge of the castle roof. Then to your horror you notice the statue is no longer there. Your heart starts racing when you hear the crunching of large footsteps within the garden. You know the beast is approaching and will appear any moment now. What are you going to do? Arm yourself with a weapon Hide Slide8:  You’re going to watch the show. It might be entertaining. You settle back in the oak chair and throw a glance at the tour guide as she motions to a man, who seems to tower in the open arch way. Minutes later he enters the room with a metal cage trailing behind him. When he steps to the side of the cage you realise its filled with the tourists. The tourists look as though they are in a trance, staring only into open space, without movement. “What’s going on?” Casey asks, eyes wide with fear. You open your mouth to answer her but are interrupted by the tour guide as she begins to mutter a strange alien-like language. Suddenly a purple mist grows around the tourists and as you watch in horror they begin to shrink. Their skin turns green and eyes burn red. When the mist disappears the tourists are no longer human but small goblin like monsters. “You’re next!” Yells the tour guide as she starts talking her weird language. Quick she wants to turn you and your sister into monsters half your size. What are you going to do? Try to hide Make a run for it Slide9:  You look around for a place to hide. Unfortunately the only place to is the cage but that’s full of the once were tourists. You’re so busy looking for a place to hide you don’t notice the purple mist rising above your waist. When you finally realise what is happening you’re already half the size you once were and turning green. Moments later your vision becomes a red haze. You look up at the tour guide, she smiles down at you, bearing her golden smile. ”How do you feel?” She asks mockingly. You try to reply. You realise you are unable to talk, but you do release a hideous scream that echoes throughout the castle. Slide10:  You and your sister make a run for it. Sprinting towards the open archway as if your life were at stake because lets face it, it is. As soon as you are out of the room you follow your sister ,who some how over took you, up a stair case. The stair case goes on forever winding around and around. At the top of the stairs is a small room with a circular window that allows the golden rays of the dipping sunset to flood the room. You take a deep breath and take in the only beauty this castle has to offer. It looks almost peaceful that is until two extremely pale looking figures appear before you, causing Casey to scream and break the silence. The figure to the right of you is bearing a bucket of water and the figure on your left is holding a mirror. “I can help you destroy the tour guide”. Says the right person. “No, I can help you”. Says the left person. Who are you going to trust? Left person Right person Slide11:  You’re not going to watch the show. This woman seems a little strange. You look around the room for a way out. The walls loom above you as you realise you’re running out of time, you can almost hear the ticking of a clock in the distance. You’re so busy trying to get away you hardly notice the tour guide calling for someone. Then suddenly you hear the scraping of metal steadily approaching the open archway across the room. You’re out of time. You’ll have to watch the show.. Watch the show Slide12:  “How?” You ask the person on the left. ”Well the tour guide can’t stand to see her own reflection. So hold the mirror before her”. He says handing the mirror to you. “What happens to her?” You ask. “You’ll see”. He disappears leaving you no choice but to use the mirror. You take a deep breath and start towards an unlikely task. Entering the room with the tour guide you keep the mirror hidden from sight. The tour guide sensing no harm makes her way towards you. Just as she reaches for you, you pull the mirror out from behind you and place it before her. Suddenly she releases a hideous scream that pierces your ears. Struggling to block the horrible screams you glance at the tour guide as she evaporates before your eyes. After a few moments the castle falls into silent shock. The tour guide is no more. Turning to your sister you smile but are unable to speak. Walking quietly you both make your way out of the castle, never to return.. Slide13:  The person on the right looks like he knows what he’s talking about. “What do I do?” You ask the right person. “Well..” The figure starts holding the bucket in front of him. “All you need to do is throw this bucket of water on her and she will melt away”. Casey looks your way and you can tell by the look on her face she doesn’t believe it. “Are you sure?” She asks the figure questioningly. “Believe me”. He reassures her, smiling mockingly. Well you have nothing else to go on. You take the bucket from him and start back down the stairs. Every step down takes a life time. You finally reach the bottom when you see the tour guide just metres away. You throw the bucket of water on the tour guide. She’s soaked from head to toe. You wait. “Thought I’d melt away?” She reply's grinning wickedly. Immediately a purple mist grows around you and you realise you should never trust a stranger. Slide14:  Frantically you start looking for a weapon. Panic soon overwhelms you, you’re running out of time. Something glints in the corner of your eye, catching your attention. It’s an axe, grabbing for it you stand prepared to face your foe. The beast makes a path straight for you crushing all things that dare to stand between it. Gripping the axe you lunge it at the monster. The axe hits the beast hard, but it doesn’t do a thing, the beast is made of stone. Trembling you start to retreat. The beast approaches. As it comes closer you have two options. You can try and swim across the moat or you can run. What are you going to do? Swim across the moat You start running Slide15:  You’re going to try and hide. Looking around you see a large oak tree. Maybe this would be a good place to hide. You start climbing, as you near the top you can see the beast approaching. Sitting in silence you watch it move below you. After a few moments it disappears into the trees. You realise you’d stopped breathing, smiling you inhale while your heart slows down to it’s original pace. I need to get out of here! You think to yourself. Climbing down from the tree you start walking in the opposite direction of the beast. Before long you reach an open archway connecting to the castle. You see Casey. As she skips towards you, you shake your head in disappointment and anger. “Don’t say anything”. She warns you just as you open your mouth to scorn her. “I couldn’t find that door, help me find it”. Casey says, it wasn’t a request it was an order. Your face slowly turns red in anger and you almost scream “no” at her. “We are leaving, now”. You say keeping cool. “I’m not coming”. She refuses, crossing her arms. Casey obviously isn’t going to come with you. So what should you do? “I know where it is”. You say. You’re going to check out the door To leave Casey here Slide16:  You’ve had enough of this place, if Casey wants to stay she can but you’re leaving. With Casey dragging her feet behind you, you walk inside the castle. The stone walls of the castle can barely be seen behind the ancient paintings. As you reach the end of the hallway you face two paths. You notice a strange smell coming from the tunnel on the left while the path to the right seems a bit foggy. You turn to go right but Casey wants to go left. Should you follow Casey or stick with your choice? Maybe you should trust Casey and go left Stick with your decision and go right Slide17:  You run for the moat and raising your arms you dive into the water. You slice through the surface breaking it’s glass like appearance. You start swimming to the other side of the moat and are amazed at how deep and wide the moat is. Just seconds behind you the beast splashes into the water, but instead of resurfacing it sinks. Of course, rock doesn’t float. Pulling yourself out of the water you start to relax. You follow the moat around to the front of the castle, where you first entered and see Casey. “Where have you been?” She yells running towards you. “The tour finished ages ago!” “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” You reply unable to believe it yourself. You’re just glad it’s Slide18:  You start running. You can hear the flutter of wings high above you. Sneaking a quick glance over your shoulder you see the beasts monstrous wings stretch across the sky casting it’s enormous shadow on you. Any minute now this creature of evil will swoop down and carry you away. Suddenly you see the castle walls loom ahead of you and with one last burst of energy you sprint towards it and dive inside the castle. You’re safe! Picking yourself off the ground you look around at your surroundings. The ancient stone walls are lined with steel suits of armour. The suits were empty although they stood holding swords to look as though they were alive. You start walking down the hallway display when you hear the scrape of metal coming from a suit to the right. You turn to look at the suit but it appears the same. Continuing your walk you hear the sound again and turning your head sharply to the right you see the knight-less shining armour point it’s sword at you menacingly. As it approaches you get the feeling it doesn’t want to have a nice chat. So you can hope you have enough skill to guard yourself against it or run back outside. Guard yourself Run outside Slide19:  You’re going to guard yourself. Reaching for the sword currently occupied by another suit of armour, you start to second guess the choice you’ve made. After all this Knight-less suit’s had centuries of practise and you barely know how to use the weapon. You look at the suit’s killer weapon and struggle to lift your own past your knees. The suit raises it’s glistening sword above it’s helmet and brings it down on you. It’s the last thing you see in.. Slide20:  You run outside completely forgetting about the beast. The creature is perched on top of the castle and as it becomes aware of you below it, it spreads it’s massive wings and swoops down towards you. Suddenly you’re picked up by the beast, you were completely unaware of and taken high into the darkening sky, never to see another living creature ever again. Slide21:  Stepping into the right pathway you are hit with a cool breeze and immediately your vision is clouded by the fog that seems to hover above you. It is also incredibly cold but it isn’t the cold that sends a shiver down your spine it’s the sound of heavy feet ahead of you. You’re not the only ones here. Casey grabs at the back of your shirt and you both start to retreat. Suddenly you hit a wall. Turning around you reach out to the wall and realise you’re trapped. As you fall into a silent shock your sister screams piercing your ears and drawing your attention to the stranger approaching you. Out of the corner of your eye you notice a wooden sign plastered to the wall. You can barely make out the words but after just seconds you do. It reads: Please evacuate at feeding time. The stranger starts to growl and you know they’re going to find you in

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