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Published on November 12, 2011

Author: Kudus

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PBL SCENARIO: OPANYIN KWAKU FORI : PBL SCENARIO: OPANYIN KWAKU FORI GROUP 300B GROUP MEMBERS: GROUP MEMBERS MOHAMMED KUDUS MORO JEMIMA YEBOAH KODJO ARHIN EMMANUEL ATTAFUAH SAMPSON SALIFU BAKUTOMAH MICHAEL OTCHERE MOZU EDUKU JEFFREY DANIELLA AKRASI SARPONG SANDRA OTOO SALOMEY ABABIO PROBLEM STATEMENT: PROBLEM STATEMENT Opanin Kwaku Fori , a cocoa farmer, was diagnosed of tuberculosis three years ago. Over the past month, he has been experiencing severe tiredness, chest pain with persistent cough and haemophtysis . Physical examinations revealed partial ptosis and miosis , and anhidrosis on his right side and a tender supraclavicular lymphadenopathy . Chest X-ray revealed fibrosis of the lungs with right apical cavitation . OBJECTIVES: OBJECTIVES ANATOMY OF THE EYES AND FACE INNERVATIONS TO THE EYES AND FACE THE SYMPATHETIC TRUNK (CERVICAL) HORNER’S SYNDROME TUBERCULOSIS AND ITS MANAGEMENT PSYCHOSOCIAL IMPLICATIONS ANATOMY OF THE EYES: ANATOMY OF THE EYES Source: http://virtual.yosemite.cc.ca.us/rdroual/LectureNotes/Unit/musclesfigures.htm ANATOMY OF THE FACE: ANATOMY OF THE FACE INNERVATIONS OF THE EYES: Sympathetic Parasympathetic Motor Sensory INNERVATIONS OF THE EYES INNERVATIONS OF THE FACE: INNERVATIONS OF THE FACE Sensory Motor Sympathetic THE CERVICAL SYMPATHETIC CHAIN: THE CERVICAL SYMPATHETIC CHAIN Source: http://academic.amc.edu/martino/grossanatomy/ HORNER’S SYNDROME: HORNER’S SYNDROME Lesions at any point along the sympathetic pathway Signs and symptoms miosis ptosis hemianhidrosis Sympathetic denervation of dilator pupillae muscle Sympathetic denervation of Müller's muscle Sympathetic denervation of sweat glands of the face TUBERCULOSIS: TUBERCULOSIS Mycobacterium tuberculosis Signs and symptoms: Persistent cough Blood in sputum Chest pains Mantoux test TB and Horner’s syndrome Management of TB PSYCHOSOCIAL IMPLICATIONS: PSYCHOSOCIAL IMPLICATIONS Anxiety Embarrassment Ostracization CONCLUSION: CONCLUSION REFERENCES: REFERENCES Kardon , R. Anatomy and physiology of the autonomic nervous system. In: Walsh and Hoyt Clinical Neuro -ophthalmology, 6th ed , Miller, NR, Newman, NJ, Biousse , V, Kerrison , JB ( Eds ), Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore 2005. p.649. Biousse V, Guevara RA, Newman NJ. Transient Horner's syndrome after lumbar epidural anesthesia. Neurology 1998; 51:1473. Perry C, James D, Wixon C, et al. Horner's syndrome after carotid endarterectomy --a case report. Vasc Surg 2001; 35:325. Ettinger ER, Wyatt HJ, London R. Anisocoria . Variation and clinical observation with different conditions of illumination and accommodation. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1991; 32:501. OTHER REFERENCES: OTHER REFERENCES Ogita S, Tokiwa K, Takahashi T, et al. Congenital cervical neuroblastoma associated with Horner syndrome. J Pediatr Surg 1988; 23:991. Woodruff G, Buncic JR, Morin JD. Horner's syndrome in children. J Pediatr Ophthalmol Strabismus 1988; 25:40. George ND, Gonzalez G, Hoyt CS. Does Horner's syndrome in infancy require investigation? Br J Ophthalmol 1998; 82:51. Musarella MA, Chan HS, DeBoer G, Gallie BL. Ocular involvement in neuroblastoma : prognostic implications. Ophthalmology 1984; 91:936. Johnston JA, Parkinson D. Intracranial sympathetic pathways associated with the sixth cranial nerve. J Neurosurg 1974; 40:236.

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