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Information about Horizons 2014 - OnBase Tips and Tricks

Published on May 28, 2014

Author: KeyMark

Source: slideshare.net


Leah Rice
Systems Engineer
KeyMark Inc.

OnBase Tips and Tricks
This session is a technical and practical review of how to configure OnBase and train your staff to get the best performance out of your solution. OnBase and SQL configurations will be given to increase the speed and reliability of OnBase. Best practices for administrators and end users will also be given.


OnBase Tips and Tricks 1. Policy Planning 2. Scanning Tips 3. Technical & Configuration Tips

OnBase Tips and Tricks Policy Planning

Administrator Training • Provides greater onsite support. • Better user training and follow up. • More intimate knowledge of business and the business processes. • Vision to apply in-house technology to new issues. • Anticipation of future needs.

Administrator Training • Trained, experienced administrators get more out of your vendors and resellers. • Less talk, more action – the confidence to conceive, test and implement. • Trained, experienced administrators understand and implement Vendor suggestions & best practices better.

Test Systems • Key to a Dynamic Imaging installation. • Increases ROI by:  Testing of new processes before production implementation.  Training users prior to deployment.  Extra experience for administrators.  Confirmation of infrastructure abilities.

Test Systems • Enhances the probability of a smooth upgrade. • Upgrade possible points of failure:  Custom programs  Scripting  Workflow processes  3rd party program integration  Data imports and exports

Change Management • Document System • Document all Configuration Changes • Have multiple people with an understanding of the installation • Create an organized transfer of knowledge when change happens

Virtual Machines • Yes, they can be powerful tools! • Yes, KeyMark uses them. • BUT - the near infinite combination of various VMs, BIOS, firewalls/security, and platforms make troubleshooting VM implementations more difficult. • Testing on physical hardware is sometimes required.



Scanning Best Practices • Clean, Clean, Clean – a dirty scanner makes dirty images. • No Paper Clips • No Staples • Proper Batch Prep = faster scanning, less jams, better images

Scanning Best Practices • Have organized scanning area • Have plenty of room to work • Keep batches separate and numbered • Store batches so that rescanning is easy – hunting for one batch to rescan takes more time than staying organized.

Trouble Shooting Poor Images • Clean again • Check for scratches and spots w/ vertical lines • Check the quality of originals • Check scan settings, have they changed? • Call for maintenance – if you have a contract.

Trouble Shooting Lost Batches • Record Batch Name at Scan time. • Check Batch Names during Document Review. • Report missing Batches to Administrator. • Have a Batch Name or Date and Time to Report.


Desktop Optimization • Put the OnBase Web Server in the Trusted Group • Do not Block pop ups, Active X and .Net from the OnBase Web Server • For best results use IE • Delete all desktop Themes, 3rd Party Tool Bars, Web Crawl, etc that uses resources

OnBase Optimization • Disable the Document List Refresh user option for all users • Administer Workflow to process and remove documents efficiently. Maintaining 20,000 + documents in Workflow (esp. in a few queues) will hinder performance

Workflow Simulator • Create life cycles graphically • Simulates document processing and queue transitions • Stand alone app • No database connection • No license to buy


Keyword Configuration

Keyword Options

Document Configuration

Group Search Enabled

Document Query Limits • Set an Unrestricted Query Warning • Running a query without Dates or Keywords over tax the resources of the SQL server.

Document Date Label

Property Mapping

Copy Doc Type Option

Usage Button

Doc Type Delete • Can delete document types • Needs the ROMANZO switch • VERY dangerous


VB Script Editor

Import Configuration

Reverse Keyset Lookup • Allows for an indexer to use another keyword in an AutoFill Keyword Set to look up the Primary Keyword

DIP Config Option • The Copy Configuration enables the user to copy the DIP configuration of one document type to another within the DIP Process.

COLD Config Option • Allows for the keyword configurations of one document to be copied to other document types configured in this COLD Process.

Indexing Migrates File

User Configuration

Thumbnail Viewer • Thumbnail Hitlist Results Viewer from a hitlist on Images • A user group priv

Passwords • more robust password handling • adding the functions, prevent reuse and password expires every X days.

License Affinity • Web Client license use for this Group • User must have the “Primary user group for license restrictions” configured

User Settings • Copy User Options allows for quick user setup from existing users rights • Service Account –specify an account to run as a service. This account is a super user

View Metrics – User Names

Attachment Settings • Set the attachment size to match or be less than the email limits at your site.

Global Client Settings

Configuration Logging • Sets up logging for all activity for the Config module • Automatically stores each session as a SYS Configuration Report

Committed Batch Display • Automatically prompts the user for a batch range for display • Much faster that querying all committed batches

Email Attachment Naming • When checked this will use the autoname string for email attachments • Deselected OnBase generates a random file name • Off by default

MIKG Display • Displays the name and primary keyword as the collapsed title in a Multi-Instance Keyword Group

OnBase Configuration Utils

Minimum Client Version • Ensure that all client version meet minimum standards after an upgrade • Version mismatches can cause data corruption

Increase Itemname Length • Increases the length of the itemname column for the autoname string from 101 to 255 • This feature only applies to databases created before version 5.2 • Only run once and cannot be undone

Configuration Window Size • Retains the size of the configuration window on that desktop • Allows for personalized use

Configuration Tree • Graphical and hierarchical display of the OnBase environment • Shows relationships of system elements • Has a report feature

Configuration Tree Report

Core Based Settings • Prevent usage of saved credentials disables the Always use this Account that is displayed on the Desktop login Screen • Log License Usage logs license usage on the OB App server

OnBase Fast Load • Creates a text file that will load doc types and related keywords • Global so use a UNC path that is accessible to all • If Fast Load is unavailable the db will be accessed normally

Database Settings

Security Keyword Checking • Set by default • Will only list documents in the thick client retrieval the user has rights to • Web and core based clients will never display documents with out rights

Prevent Database Upgrade • When checked the database cannot be upgraded. • OnBase upgrades are performed prior to authentication

Global Tracing • Tracing level is applied to Transaction logs • Levels 0 – 3 • Setting level above 1 will adversely affect performance for all • Do not set above 0 unless instructed by Hyland

Lockout Users • Allows all users to be locked out of the system (ex: during maintenance) • One user can be selected to be able to log in during the lockout

Service Configuration

Windows Service from the Client



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