Homonyms and homophones

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Information about Homonyms and homophones

Published on August 30, 2012

Author: Englishteacher87

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A fun powerpoint illustrating the differences between homonyms and homophones


Final Definition• Homophones • Homonyms• Noun: Each of two • Noun. Two or or more words more words that having the same may have the pronounciation same sound and but different the same meanings and spelling but spelling. differ in meaning.

Re-write the sentences with the correct word underlined.1. Have you read the story of the tortoise and the ? (hair/hare)2. ______ going to be freezing cold outside today. (Its, It’s)3. _______________your teacher this year? (Who’s, Whose)4. Can you help me find _____picture book? (their, they’re)5. There is a __________________in my left sock.(hole, whole)6. I won the game ________only four points. (by, buy)7. I would like __________________have a chocolate. (to, two)8. Crystal ____________ a prize in the sweepstakes.(one, won)9. Please make sure you a coat when you go outside. (wear, where)10. ________________aunts party is tomorrow (You’re, Your)

Examples of homophones• Right - Write - Wright• Buy - By - Bye• For – Fore - Four• Allot - A Lot• Heard – Herd• To - Too – Two• Weather - Whether

They’re; their; there• theyre - a contraction for the words they are Theyre going to the airport.• their - something that belongs to people We rode in their car.• there - a place; or used with the word are or is The box is over there. There are five coins in the bag.

Examples of Homonyms• Pole• Record• Content• Deliberate• Tear• Polish• Stalk• Skate

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