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Published on December 3, 2007

Author: Carlton


HOMESTAKE Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory :  HOMESTAKE Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory W. Roggenthen Dept. Geology/Geol. Eng. SDSMT Tenth Annual Continental Scientific Drilling Workshop DOSECC June 4-6, 2006 Slide3:  Why neutrinos and a physics underground lab? Investigation of a fundamental particle. What was the universe like 10-10 minutes after the “Big Bang”? What is the fate of the universe (Do protons decay)? Why does our world/universe exist? Solicitation 1 Research Definition & Associated Infrastructure Requirements:  Solicitation 1 Research Definition & Associated Infrastructure Requirements Slide6:  physics experiment BUT: must be a multidisciplinary approach including components from: Geosciences Engineering Biology Solicitation 2 Site Development and Conceptual Design:  Solicitation 2 Site Development and Conceptual Design Provide sufficient information about possible sites to permit down-select in conjunction with information coming from S-1 Estimated cost and development schedules Conceptual Design Report due June 23, 2006 Solicitation 3 (as currently envisioned):  Solicitation 3 (as currently envisioned) Detailed Infrastructure Plan for Underground Science and Engineering Site dependent design of laboratory facilities in the context of the science modules Preliminary baseline, including suite of initial expts and future plans Technical Design Report - Probably begin fall, 2006 Slide13:  Crystalline basement of the mid-continent Homestake Location:  Location Modified from Caddey, et al. (1991) Northern Black Hills of western South Dakota. An elongate domal Laramide uplift 100 km long and 60 km wide. Core of Precambrian phyllite, schist, and granite flanked by Phanerozoic sedimentary rocks. X Slide15:  2001 Homestake was selected by the Bahcall Committee as the prime site for NUSEL: fastest time to science and lower initial capital outlay, strong beneficial impact on local community, lower risks 2002 Nobel Prize awarded to Davis for his Chlorine Experiment at Homestake’s 4850 level. Homestake was selected in May 2003 by the NSF as the prime site for DUSEL by an independent panel siting report DUSEL - History Slide16:  2003 - Barrick closed, capped and sealed Homestake: Clean up and and closure documentation by EPA Mothballed surface equipment, Ventilation of the mine altered to preserve infrastructure Pumping ceased current level ~ 6200 level (Jan 2006), ~ 700 gal/min Feb 2004 South Dakota Technology Authority created with $100M bonding ability Enacted Indemnity and Immunity Statutes Funded $14.3M (+ $10M from HUD action) Slide17:  July 2005 Henderson and Homestake selected by NSF, each funded for CDR work October 2005, State Legislature approves additional $20M funding for Homestake, total of $45M from state controlled sources. Slide18:  November 2005 - First call for Letters of Interest for Homestake ~ 80 letters received by February 2006 December 2005 - two workshops at AGU in San Francisco and town meeting. 9 February 2006 - Physics and E&O workshops held in Lead, SD, ~ 135 attendees 10 - 11 February 2006 - 1st PAC meeting for Homestake, LOIs present written documents and oral presentations to the PAC May, 2006 mine transferred to SDSTA Slide19:  Modified from Caddey, et al. (1991) X Slide20:  Geologic Events Intrusion - rhyolites and phonolites ~53 my Regional uplift and erosion ~65 my Deposition beginning in middle Cambrian Uplift and erosion Metamorphism ~ 1.75 by Metamorphism~1.84 by Deposition ~ 1.9 by Slide21:  Environments of deposition Poorman deposition (Yates Member) Homestake deposition Ellison deposition Rogers, 1990 Slide22:  Homestake Formation transition to Fe and Mg carbonate chemical precipitation and iron formation Multiple horizons of carbonate facies iron formation interlayered with marl Homestake Formation:  Homestake Formation Slide24:  Metamorphic grade middle greenschist in the western part of the mine middle amphibolite facies in the deep, eastern section of the mine Slide25:  Caddey, et al., 1990 Homestake Mine Cross-Section Slide26:  Statistics 500 km of drifts > 50 levels (45m [150 ft]/level) total depth of 2.4 km (8000 ft) water inflow <44 l/s (< 700 gallon/minute) extensive (non-mineralized areas not penetrated by boreholes or drifts (virgin territory available) core archives available for scientific investigation Diamond Core Drilling:  Diamond Core Drilling Best sample obtainable for geologic, structural, and engineering purposes. 300,000 feet of core from surface and underground. Slide29:  Can be integrated with Homestake Mine digital (Vulcan database) and paper archive (including geochemistry) Current inventory comprises 20,000 core boxes Slide30:  Early Implementation Program and the Homestake Interim Lab Development of Science Opportunities at Homestake 4850 Lab || Deep/Expanded Lab Astrophysics and Physics Earth Sciences and Geosciences Biology Engineering Outreach and Education Initial Uses in 2007 Expanded Uses in 2008/2009 as DUSEL Slide31:  Yates Ross 4850L Re-Entry Phase Existing Neutrino Chamber For Davis Experiment 56’ x 30’ x 26’ high 4850L Shops Existing Rooms: Slide32:  4850L Phased Development -- additional lab modules Phase 3 Lab Modules Preliminary studies indicate that rooms up to 150’ dia. x 100’ high are feasible in the Yates Formation. Phase 4 Lab Modules Yates Ross Yates formation Poorman formation Phase 2 Lab Modules Phase 1 Lab Modules Slide33:  7100L 7400L 7700L No.6 winze Purpose-Built Lab Modules. Possible 7400L Campus (Phased Development) Develop similar modules at 8000, as required by experiments Slide34:  NSF Response/Homestake Collaboration South Dakota Interim Laboratory (SDSTA): Conversion Plan 4850L 7400L 8000L 300 L Slide35:  Shallow Labs: Intermediate Labs: Deep Labs: Slide36:  ~ 80 LOIs logged in ~ 60% earth science ~ 20% physics dark matter double beta decay geoneutrinos long baseline + pdk low bckgrd cnting astrophysics ~ 5% engineering ~ 5% education ~10% other Letters of Interest for Homestake Large Cavities at Depth :  Large Cavities at Depth Slide38:  4850 Level (max principle stress=1.2x104 contours @ 1000) 6800 Level (1.4x104 c 1000) 8000 Level (2.5x104 c 2500) Johnson and Tesarik, 2000 ~ 50 m cavities stable at 4850 and 6800 foot levels Geomicrobiology:  Geomicrobiology Early research -- adaptation and transport of surface microbial communities to deep environments. Long term focus -- characterization of ancient and present day, thermophilic, subsurface microbial communities. Slide40:  Coupled processes - thermal, mechanical,biological Paleohydrology Geophysical imaging 3-D seismic arrays Opportunities (requirements) for drilling and sampling:  Opportunities (requirements) for drilling and sampling Tends to be of more interest in the fluids, biota, temperatures rather than finding out what is there Challenges will be to develop means for acquiring deep cores using sterile techniques Capture fluids from depth including water but also gases, e.g. methane, hydrogen Slide42:  Homestake Summary Interim Laboratory will open for Initial Suite of Experiments (ISE) in 2007, Early Program permits a evolutionary approach to developing DUSEL: establishing scientific program, developing the infrastructure and operating staff, phasing of experiments and agency involvement, building confidence and experience Initial Studies for Large Cavities exist, much known about the rock and the environment, large operational history to draw on Cavities could be ready by 2012 2006 2008 2010 2011 2012 Ownership Rehab Rehab Initial Occupancy Initial Suite of Expts Cavity R&D DUSEL $ Cavity Start Deep Lab Cavity Construct Cavity Const. Det. Program Starts - detector development Cavity Construct Deep Lab Science 2009 2007 Homestake Mine 1876 – 2001 Homestake DUSEL 2006 - :  Homestake Mine 1876 – 2001 Homestake DUSEL 2006 - Geomicrobiology (>15 LOI’s to date):  Geomicrobiology (>15 LOI’s to date) Early Reentry LOI’s Bioprospecting (LOI 28) Robotic sampling (LOI 25) Mine soil weathering (LOI 29) Microbial ecology + geomicrobiology (LOI 38, 53a) Corrosion of mining structure (TCO3+LOI38, 53a) 4850 Level LOI’s Microbial ecology + geomicrobiology (LOI 3, 53a, 83) Deep Biogeochemical Cycles (LOI 70, 38, 83) Transition biogeochemistry and impact on geology (LOI 75, 79) Intermediate Coupled Processes Laboratory (LOI 38, 53a, 76) Bioprospecting (LOI 28) Robotic sampling (LOI 25) Mine soil weathering (LOI 29) Corrosion of mining structure (LOI 38, 53a, 77) DUSEL – deep level – LOI’s Limits of life (3+ km borehole array) from 8,000 level (LOI 38, 15, 80, 81) Deep Coupled Processes Laboratory (LOI78, 83) Deep Biogeochemical Cycles (LOI 70&38)* Bioprospecting (LOI 28) Robotic sampling (LOI 25) Mine soil weathering and corrosion (LOI 29, 38, 53, 77) Slide46:  Existing Surface Buildings for Facility Operations and Support included in the Agreement 186 acres being transfered Slide47:  WWTP Open Cut Approximate boundary Of transferred property 186 acres

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