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Information about Homer ppt part 3 022508

Published on February 25, 2008

Author: mgilchrist

Source: authorstream.com

Part 3:  Part 3 Analysts:  Analysts “Homer never existed!” Iliad and Odyssey= collection of short stories by many authors Friedrich August Wolf:  Friedrich August Wolf 1795- revived question Claimed: There is no evidence of knowledge of writing when Homer supposedly lived People could not have composed poems Unitarians:  Unitarians Opposed Analysts The Iliad and the Odyssey: Work of one genius poet Unified overall plan Consistent characters Question Today:  Question Today Homer: illiterate and exceptional bard Sang peoms a lot Sang 10 about Trojan War Only 2 survived Illiterate bards sang poems Songs changed slightly each time Used repitition Reused phrases, lines, scenes Both Iliad and Odyssey have this Cont.:  Cont. Scholars believe: Stories reflect an oral tradition Disagree on how poems were composed and preserved Influence on Ancient Greece:  Influence on Ancient Greece Slide11:  Greek culture was centered in its literature Greeks saw Homer as a divine and inspiring source of all literature Iliad and Odyssey:  Iliad and Odyssey Influenced Greece’s legends and myths Characters acted as both humans and heroes Accurate source of information on mythological creatures Gods took active role Showed importance of relationship between the gods and men

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