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Published on March 5, 2008

Author: mwipper

Source: authorstream.com

Homer:  Homer Megan Wipper World History I Slide2:  ? ? Many of Homers works have little to no original texts from Ancient Greece.:  Many of Homers works have little to no original texts from Ancient Greece. Homeric Question:  Homeric Question Slide6:  Vs. Theory #1 :  Theory #1 Homer is not one particular person, but many people or a group of people. PROBABILITY: It is very hard to have multiple works consisting of hundreds of pages to be as consistent as Homers works. This work is just too consistent to support this theory. Theory #2:  Theory #2 The stories were told orally over many years and were eventually written down by some random people called “Homer” or were addressed as “Homer”. Transcription Hypothesis :  Transcription Hypothesis Estimates the time a particular text was written. The Odyssey and The Iliad :  The Odyssey and The Iliad Homers works:  Homers works The Iliad The Odyssey Batrachomyomachia Cypria Epigoni Little Iliad Nostoi Phocais Thebaid Homeric Hymns The Odyssey :  The Odyssey The Odyssey is about king Odysseus’ travel home. The Iliad:  The Iliad The Iliad describes the Trojan War in detail. Homers works:  Homers works The Iliad… The Odyssey… Batrachomyomachia… Cypria… Epigoni… Little Iliad… Nostoi… Phocais… Thebaid… Homeric Hymns… Batrachomyomachia:  Batrachomyomachia A story of a mouse and a frog king. Cypria:  Cypria Narrates the Trojan War. Epigoni:  Epigoni Sets out on a journey of meaning. The Little Iliad:  The Little Iliad What happens after the Trojan War? Nostoi:  Nostoi Return home of the Greek Soldiers after the Trojan War. Phocais :  Phocais Epic dedicated to Homer. The Epic Cycle:  The Epic Cycle All of Homers works put into one grouping. Greek Language:  Greek Language Aeloc Greek Epic Greek Ionic Greek Dactylic hexameter The End:  The End

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