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Published on September 15, 2014

Author: starhomeopathy

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Most of the people suffers from back pain.90 % of American suffering from back pain.it is second most disease after common cold.
Back pain is not disease, it is symptom may occur from different process.
1 common cause for back pain is injury to the muscles ,bones nerves of the spine
2 degeneration of the vertebral bones , discs known as lumbar spondylosis.spondylosis occurs due to loosing moisture in central portion of the disc known as nucleus pulposum. For More Info Visit: http://goo.gl/vKgnHa

HOMEO TREATMENT FOR BACK PAIN “BACKPAIN” is universal human experience; almost everyone has it at some point. Most people get back pain in their 30’s of age. Back pain affects spines flexibility, stability movement and strength which can cause pain, is comfort and stiffness. Backache can relate to discs, ligaments, spinal cord, nerves, muscles of back , internal organs of pelvis and abdomen. CAUSE: The causes of back pain can be complex.  It is usually caused by strain from lifting weights, twisting (or) bending.  Inactive life style, obesity, uncomfortable sitting posture  Some causes of back pain include accidents.  Muscle strain, sports injuries, sciatica. Ex: 1. cervical radiculopathy 2. spondylolisthesis, spinal stenos is. 3. Disc hermination, lumbar strain nerve irritation Other causes like kidney problems, pregnancy, ovarian tumors’, and pelvic inflammatory disease. Uncommon causes like bone T.b, aortic aneuryrm, and psoriatic arthritis. SYMPTOMS:  Low backache (or dull pain in the back.  Numbness, tingling of lower extremities  Stabbing (or) shooting sensation.  Inability to walk ,move and to stand straight  Joint pains with weakness of lower extremities.  Sudden backache due to heavy lifting (or) after damaged bones. MANAGEMENT: *Regular exercise massages therapy. Warm bath may provide temporary pain relief

Maintaining, good posture. HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT: Each patient is individually evaluated in homeopathy. According to the patient constitution and disease diagnosis permanently. The most common drugs used are ruta,aruica, hypericum etc.

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