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Published on December 13, 2017

Author: mgregory2008

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Created by Marissa Gregory Summary: Summary What is HomeHair Benefits Hair Care I ndustry Competition Marketing Leadership Business Operations Funding Revenue Model What is HomeHair: What is HomeHair A smart phone application Book in-home dry hair and makeup services Trained freelance stylists Benefits: Benefits Customers Tips included in price Payment via application Ease of use Real-time bookings Ability to choose stylist In-home, no traveling Stylists Tips included in price Payment via application Ease of use Real-time application Ability to choose clients No overhead salon costs No personal website, social media maintenance/fees Flexible schedule Higher commissions Hair Care Industry: Hair Care Industry $44 billion dollars in revenue 1.8% growth over 5 years Traditional salons vs. mobile stylists Competition : Competition Indirect Traditional hair salons (brick and mortar) Additional services Overhead costs Direct Traveling hair/makeup stylists Same services No HomeHair application Marketing: Marketing Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat Word of Mouth Blog posts Reviews Referrals Leadership: Leadership Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer Director of Safety Director of Marketing and Sales Business Operations: Business Operations Remote employees No facilities, little overhead, no equipment Funding: Funding HomeHair Start-Up Costs Description Amount ($) Application Development/ CTO Salary 100,00 IT costs - Hardware, Software, Network 30,000 Director of Safety Salary 50,000 Director of Marketing and Sales Salary 50,000 Legal Retainer Fee 10,000 Accountant Consultant 20,000 Advertising/Marketing 20,000 TOTAL 280,000 Revenue Model: Revenue Model HomeHair Pricing Menu Service Description Price HomeHair Percentage (40%) Stylist Percentage (60%) Wash $30 $12 $18 Wash & Blowout $65 $26 $39 Blowout only $40 $16 $24 Add Hot iron $15 $6 $9 Add Hot Curls $15 $6 $9 Add roller curls $15 $6 $9 Up-do $90 $36 $54 Make up application $75 $30 $45 Eye-Only Application $40 $16 $24 Add Strip Lashes $10 $4 $6 Summary: Summary In-home salon quality services Trained Professionals Easy to use application

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