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Information about Home Recording Studio 2.0

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: jtanasi12

Source: slideshare.net


This slideshow is dedicated to helping up and comers build a home recording studio on a low budget at an affordable cost.

Building a Home Recording Studio

To build a decent home-budget studio, the computer is the essential for any modern day record producer. It’s important to pick a computer that has at least a dual CPU processor, multiple hard-drives and 2 GB of RAM. Buying a computer that is fast and can store a sufficient amount of memory will allow the producer to run their audio program without lagging. Price Range - $1,000 - $2,000 Perhaps the most important piece of equipment is the DAW (Digital-Audio-Workstation). The DAW allows the producer to record, edit, mix, and master their songs. Pro tools is the industry standard and comes with its own amplifier. Price Range - $500 - $1,000

While Pro Tools is provided with its own amp( the Pro Tools amp enhances the microphone and speakers ) it’s recommended to get a separate amp for the microphone. The amp will make the sound louder and give the vocals more warmth and color; it also allows the artist who’s recording to hear themselves a lot better. Price Range - $300-$1,000

This is referred to as a pop-filter. It’s an anti-pop noise filter that removes or reduces “popping” sounds that is created by the impact of fast moving air that hits the microphone when an artist sings. Price Range - $20 - $70 This is referred to as an, “Isolation Foam Panel”. It’s placed behind the microphone and absorbs the remaining sound into the foam. This reduces feedback that is caused when sound bounces off objects and travels back into the microphone. Price Range - $150-$300 The microphone should be able to connect to an amp. Avoid USB microphones (they are bad in quality). Price Range - $150-$1,000Microphone stand. Price Range - $100 - $300

Speakers are very important; a producer will want to hear everything at full quality to perform a proper mix. A producer will either have two sets of speakers, one high quality and one low quality ( so they can hear how the song sounds like in a car with a lot of bass and how the song sounds like in a laptop with no bass or high-definition). Some producers (myself included) will have one high quality speaker with a switch to turn the bass on and off. Price Range - $100-$1,500 A producer will make sure that their speakers are at a height near their ears whether it’s using professional stands or books to mount the speaker on. Both get the job done. Price Range – $25- $50 (or free)

Last but not least are headphones which are very important. A good pair of headphones will have; a nice contrast between bass and tremble and closed heads so that the sound doesn’t exit the headphone and enter the microphone causing feedback. Price Range - $100 - $300

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