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Published on February 18, 2014

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SETTING UP YOUR HOMEFINDING GUIDE Save Homefinding Guide on your computer, Then open it from there. Click on EDIT, REPLACE and replace each of these items to update your Homefinding Guide . (today’s date) (Buyer’s name) [Sales Professional’s name] (your Phone #) (your email address) Then on slide: 3 – Insert your photo. 5 – Insert your information and your photo. 6 – Enter your resume. 23 – Enter amounts in closing cost table. Your Homefinding Guide is now ready to use as a power point or it can be printed to give to your client. You can also add slides to put in more personal information if you desire. (Click on the slide before the space you want to enter the new slide, the click INSERT, NEW SLIDE and add your information) Now delete this instruction page (EDIT, DELETE SLIDE)

(today’s date) Dear (Buyer’s name) Thank you for the opportunity to help you find your next home. I understand that buying a home is a major decision. My goal is to take you through the home finding process, making it as efficient, stress-free and successful as possible. The purpose of this Homefinding Guide is to help you understand the process of finding and buying a home, to acquaint you with the kinds of housing and financing choices that are available, and to assist you through the home buying process. In order to serve you, I will need to spend time with you learning more about your unique needs, both in a home and of you real estate professional. My goal is that you will be delighted with the home buying experience. Please feel free to call on me at any time, ask questions and share your concerns with me. Again, thank you for allowing me help you select your next home. Very truly yours, [Sales Professional’s name] [Sales Professional’s name] Phone: (your Phone #) Jack White Real Estate 3801 Centerpoint Drive, Suite 200 Anchorage, Alaska 99503 Office Phone: (907) 562-6464 Office Fax: (907) 562-5485 Email address: (your email address

Prepared for (Buyer’s name) Provided by [Sales Professional’s name] Jack White Real Estate 3801 Centerpoint Drive, Suite 200 Anchorage, Alaska 99503 Office Phone: (907) 562-6464 Office Fax: (907) 562-5485 Email address: (your email address)

Contents 1. Our Credentials 2. How Can I Help You 3. Financing Your Home 4. The Home Buying Process 5. Submitting an Offer 6. Completing the Home Purchase

My Credentials Here are some things you might like to know about me. [Sales Professional’s name] An experienced real estate professional [Insert copy] [Insert copy] [Insert copy] An active member of the community [Insert copy] [Insert copy] [Insert Copy]

My Resume • Insert Your Resume

About Jack White Real Estate Jack White Real Estate has always realized that our success would be found in creating exceptional tools and services for our sales force and staff while providing the very best real estate services for our clients. Our goal always has, and always will be to surround our REALTORS® and clients with a wide variety of world class services, so that we keep our clients and REALTORS® for life. From our ambitious and diverse advertising and marketing to our exclusive online connections and home services offerings, we are unparalleled in our market. Our dream and vision has worked, as our accomplishments listed below will testify -3 offices in the South Central Alaska area, Anchorage, Eagle River and Wasilla - representing over 300 licensees - Ranked #1 for 2005 in the National Prudential Real Estate Network of offices for the Anchorage office in units sold -The only Alaska based residential real estate company in the list of Realtor® Magazine’s Top 500 Brokers in the nation for 2005 -Has annual sales in excess of $1.2 Billion and is the #1 Market Leader -Represents more builders than any other real estate company in Alaska -Serves every major residential neighborhood in Anchorage and surrounding areas -Owners and the most experienced management team are actively engaged in the daily operations of the company -Has a national referral base of 2,000 Prudential real estate offices with sales in excess of $153.6 billion dollars

About Jack White Real Estate What distinguishes Jack White Real Estate from others? A rich heritage We have been serving Anchorage since 1953 Thousands of home sellers have sold their properties with our assistance A strong local presence Approximately one in every three homes purchased in this area is through Jack White Real Estate Research indicates that over 80% of local consumers know us and would refer clients to us We have three offices to serve you in South Central Alaska We have helped thousands of families relocate to and from our communities A connection with the community For over 25 years we have supported the Pioneer Homes in Anchorage, Eagle River and Palmer each year with a Christmas party and gift for each resident. Our company sponsors many events such as: The Great Apple Race for United Way Bean-a-Fit for Bean’s Café The Covenant House Children’s Party Anchorage Highway Cleanup and numerous other charities

Jack White Real Estate Jack White Real Estate can do more to meet your home buying needs:  Market Leader  Highly Trained REALTORS®  Professional Reputation  Name Recognition  Commitment to Customer Service  Advanced Technology  Network Strength  High Standards  National Relocation Department

Our Commitment toS ervice The purchase of your home is easier because both you and your seller can access an array of services through our company: •Mortgage Information •Home Repairs •Insurance Quotes •Temporary Housing •Moving and Storage •Home Improvements •Utility Connections •Title Closings Our one stop shopping gives us more control of the closing process and offers services to help with your move.

How Can I help you? I will apply my knowledge and expertise to help you find the right home. Here is what you can expect from me. l I will work with you at every stage of the home finding process, from the initial selection of properties to view, through the presentation and negotiation of a purchase offer, to obtaining financing and the completion of the transaction. l Communication is important. We will want to agree on a system of regular contacts (whether in person, on the phone, by mail, fax or email) so that you can be kept informed at all times. l I will give you reliable information and solid advice so that you can make informed decisions. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. It is my hope that you will be so pleased with my service that you will turn to me for advice on your future real estate needs and refer me to your friends and family.

Financing Your Home Unless you are in a position to pay all cash for your home, you will need to obtain a home loan (mortgage) to complete the purchase. I will assist you in this process to help ensure that you obtain the financing that meets your needs. pre approved for a loan before you submit an l Being offer will put you in a stronger negotiating position and can save time in the loan approval process. l I can put you in touch with experienced loan officers at leading mortgage companies. Your loan officer will be your principal guide through the financing process. l Various financing options may be available to you, including: Fixed rate mortgage Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) Government assisted (FHA & VA) financing Seller assisted financing Various Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) programs l You can expect the lender to ask for standard information regarding your income, expenses and obligations.

Components of a Mortgage I will to help you find the right lender who can advise you in securing the best loan product for your needs. A pre-qualification appointment will help you determine the price of home you can qualify for to keep from falling in love with a home that is above your purchasing power. A monthly mortgage payment contain several components: Principal The original balance of money loaned. As the loan is paid over time, the principal is the remaining loan balance. Interest The charge for the use (loan) of money. The interest rate remains constant in a Fixed Rate Mortgage. The rate can vary according to specified guidelines over the life of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM). Property Taxes The county assessor charges property taxes based on the value of your home. Two tax installments are due each year. [Insert property tax due dates for your area.] Insurance Protection against loss resulting from certain hazards, such as theft or fire. The standard policy pays replacement costs, minus depreciation based on actual cash value. You will need to obtain homeowners insurance from your own insurance agent. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Loans with smaller down payments involve greater risk for the lender, who requires protection in case the loan goes into foreclosure. Without PMI, lenders would be reluctant to offer loans with lower down payments. Anything less than 20% down payment usually requires PMI.

Loan Application Checklist The following information is typically needed when applying for a and property information mortgage. Purchase contract l l l l copy of the sales agreement Mailing address and property legal description Contact information to access the property Plans and specifications (new construction only) Personal information l Social security number l Age l Years of schooling l Marital status l Number and ages of dependents l Current address and telephone numbers l Addresses for the past seven years l Current housing expenses (rent, mortgage, insurance, taxes) l Name and address of landlord or mortgage holder for past two years Employment history and income l Two years of employment history, with complete details of each job l Recent pay stubs and W-2s for past two years l Complete tax returns and financial statements if self employed l Vested interest in retirement funds l Value of life insurance l Information on vehicles you own l Information on real estate you own l Value of significant personal property you own Liabilities and debts l Itemized list of all current debts (loans, credit cards, and other liabilities) l Written explanation of past credit problems l Full details of bankruptcy during the last seven years Fees l credit report and appraisal fees

License Law Relationships When real estate professionals work with sellers and buyers, relationships are established. As you start working with a real estate professional, you will receive a clear explanation of the current laws and be asked to sign the Alaska Real estate commission consumer Pamphlet, required by law, so that you understand these important issues. There are four different types of relationships established by Alaska Real Estate Law:  Assistance without representation A licensee may provide specific assistance to an unrepresented party after disclosing in writing on the Alaska Real Estate Commission Consumer Pamphlet to the unrepresented party.  Represent A person in a real estate transaction has the right to be represented. The parties must sign the Alaska Real Estate Commission Consumer Pamphlet acknowledging receipt of notification of the licensee relationships.  Designated Licensee This occurs when a Licensee represents or provides specific assistance to a party to a transaction and another Licensee in the same company represents or provides specific assistance to the other party to the transaction. The parties must sign the Alaska Real Estate Commission Consumer Pamphlet acknowledging receipt of notification of the licensee relationships.  Neutral Licensee This occurs when a Licensee does not represent either party but provides specific assistance to both parties in the same transaction. The parties must authorize the Neutral Licensee relationship by signing the Alaska Real Estate Commission Consumer Pamphlet noting Neutral Licensee and signing the “Waiver of Right to be Represented” form.

Your Needs Come First Finding and buying the right home is a highly personalized process, and it all begins by about finding ayour needs. As you think identifying home, the following worksheets can help me clarify your needs. These worksheets explore areas such as: l The values, interests and priorities you want this move to support. l The features you are looking for in a home. l How the neighborhood can best match your needs and lifestyle. l How the home finding process will need to be tailored to fit your plans. l The support you expect to receive from me.

Looking Ahead to the Home Buying Process The following questions will help identify how finding and buying a home can be an enjoyable l How far along are you in the home finding process? (just thinking experience for you. about the possibility of buying a home, or definitely committed to making a move) lHow long have you been looking for a home? l Why are you contemplating the purchase of a home at this time? lWhat is your time frame? Is there a definite time by which you must be settled in your new home? lWho will be included in the home finding and buying decisions? lHave you purchased a home before? If so, how recently? lThinking of previous home finding experiences, what were the most positive features of those experiences? If you have never bought a home before, what are you looking forward to most in the experience? lWere there any unpleasant features of your previous home buying experiences that you hope to avoid this time? If you are buying your first home, are there any problems or concerns that you are worried about? lHow do you plan to handle the financing of your new home? Are you aware of your financing options? lWhat are your expectations of me as your real estate professional? What specific services and support do you expect?

Defining Your Ideal Home The property you buy will be much more than a house; it will be your home. The following questions can help you describe the things that are most important to you in your ideal home and neighborhood. l For some people, “home” means the hub of social activity; for others it might be a place to retreat from the pressures of daily life. What does “home” mean to you? lWho will be living in your household? Will you often have other family members or friends visiting for more than a few days at a time? lIf you will be working outside the home, what would you consider a comfortable commute (in time or distance)? Will you be working at home? lWhat are the most important activities for the members of your household? For example, hobbies, recreation, school, entertaining, religious, or cultural activities. lWhat are one or more features you liked most about the house or neighborhood where you have lived previously? This might include style, floor plan, yard, view and neighborhood. lWhat is something that you disliked about the house or neighborhood where you have lived previously, and that you would like to avoid in your next home? lWhat are the most important “must have” features of you ideal home or neighborhood? Why are they important?

Homebuyers may use several information sources in the process, but they are most likely to find the home they purchase through a real estate sales professional Source: the National Association of REALTOR® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Due to rounding, percentage distributions may not add up to 100 percent.

Your Single Source For Property Information I have access to virtually every property for sale in this market, and will show you the homes that best match your requirements, including: l All homes marketed by Jack White Real Estate Network members. lAll properties listed by other companies through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). lProperties not necessarily on the open market yet. lMany properties offered “For Sale By Owner”. To save you time, hassle and duplicated effort, call me for additional information on properties you see, regardless of whether or not they are being offered by a Jack White Real Estate professional. I can obtain important facts about the homes you see: l Advertised in newspapers, buyer’s guides or real estate magazines. lOn the internet. lOpen houses. lDisplaying “For Sale” signs.

How to Look at Homes Discovering the right home should be an exciting event. As a Jack White Real Estate sales professional, my commitment is to make your home search as stress free and efficient as possible. up front what is affordable will save l Identifying time and frustration in the home finding process. It is important to consider the financing options available and to begin the mortgage pre-approval as soon as possible. lFrom a multitude of properties currently on the market, I will select those that most closely meet your unique needs and interests. It is best to preview only a few homes at a time. lWe will schedule time to look at homes and neighborhoods. I will arrange showing appointments with the sellers or their brokers.

Submitting an Offer Once you have found the offer property, the next right Determine the price you want to step lThe price the a purchase may notto themarket value. is to make seller is asking offer reflect seller. lThe best way to determine market value is with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) showing similar properties that sold recently, those that are currently active on the market and those that failed to sell. lI will discuss with you an estimate of costs associated with purchasing this property. Decide on Financing lWe will review together the status of your loan pre-approval. lWe will work together with your loan officer to explain financing options and help you determine the mortgage plan that best fits your requirements. Decide on other issues that are important to you, such as: lItems of personal property you want included with the house. lWarranty, inspections, repairs or other home enhancements by the seller. lClosing date and possession I will present your offer lThe seller will have three choices: accept your offer as presented; reject it completely; or propose adjustments to your offer (counter offer). lIf there is a counter offer, you can choose whether to accept it, reject it or counter it. This should be done quickly because the seller has the right to accept any other offer while you are deciding on their counter offer. Once you have reached agreement with the seller, you will have a firm contract to purchase the home.

Estimate of Costs It is helpful to have an estimate of the costs associated with purchasing a home. Costs Required to Close the Transaction Title Insurance Settlement Fees Recording fees Property tax (Pro rated) Loan Origination fee Appraisal Credit Report Other loan fees Interest on new loan (pro rated) Home Warranty Pest Inspection Other property inspections Homeowners insurance Other: Other: Total estimated closing costs Estimated Monthly Payment Principal & Interest Property tax Homeowners insurance Private mortgage Insurance Homeowner’s association dues Total estimated monthly payment HOME PURCHASE SUMMARY Purchase price of home Down Payment Amount Financed Estimated closing Cost Estimated monthly payment This is a preliminary estimate only. Actual cost will vary depending on the property, the lender and other factors. You will receive a detailed breakdown of costs prior to closing the transaction.

Important Ways to Protect Your Interests There are several ways to help support a trouble free home purchase:  A written property disclosure statement from the seller will reveal any problems with the house and the surrounding area that you need to know about.  Professional inspections can reveal structural, roof, pest and other problems with your property that the seller will need to remedy.  A home warranty can give you peace of mind by providing repair or replace coverage of major home operating systems and appliances.  A preliminary title report informs you of any problems with the property’s title and a policy of title protects your rights to the property.  A walk through inspection before closing will allow you to make sure all required work has been taken care of and that the property is ready to become yours.  As soon as you get your offer accepted apply for a home owner’s insurance policy and ask for a copy of the (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) C.L.U.E. Report. This tell the claim history of the property and will tell you if it is insurable. (for more information about C.L.U.E. Reports go to )

Completing Your Home Purchase Many details need to be taken care of in order for a home purchase to be completed. It can take 20-90 days to complete all the steps involved in a home sale, depending on the complexity of the transaction. I will work closely with everyone involved in the transaction to help ensure it moves ahead as smoothly as possible:  Explain to you in detail all the steps that will occur, and answer any questions you might have.  Work with the seller’s broker to see that they fulfill their responsibilities under the contract.  Stay in touch with the settlement officer, title officer, lender and others to help coordinate their activities and to help keep the transaction moving forward.  Communicate with you on a regular basis so that you can stay informed and as worry free as possible.

A Smooth Transition to Your New Home Here are some things to consider as you make the move to your new home. I can suggest local professionals for many of these services.  4 Weeks before your move  Contact and contract a reputable moving company  Have school records transferred  Arrange for transfer (or take with you) medical, dental and other important records  Prepare to transfer your homeowners and auto insurance to be sure you will be covered for any unforeseen disasters  Hold a garage sale to get rid of unneeded items; arrange to place excess items in storage  Keep track of moving related expenses. (Check with your accountant to find out which expenses are tax deductible)  3 Weeks before your move  Obtain and mail change of address cards to the post office, subscriptions, credit card companies and important contacts  2 weeks before you move  Arrange for final utility reading at your former residence the day after your move and have utilities and phone turned on at your new home the day before you move in  Close or transfer bank accounts Terminate newspaper delivery service  Arrange for transfer of vehicle and driver’s licenses  Have an extra supply of prescription medications for the next four weeks  We will schedule a final walk through inspection of the property to make sure everything is in order  Week of your move  Keep valuable financial records and personal papers with you; do not pack them with the rest of your household goods  Typically the day before closing you and the seller will sign all closing documents  On closing day, the home purchase documents are recorded and the home is yours  Move in!!!  After you move in  Consider plans for landscaping design, installation and maintenance  Review home security requirements and systems  New home furnishings, appliances and interior decorating will help make the house your home

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