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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: flyingrobin13

Source: slideshare.net


Home automation with Perl (FHEM).
I've used a Raspberry Pi with 868MHz technology to gather data about my home, and view/analyse this with Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana.

monitoring Home automation with Perl Raspberry Pi, 868MHz, FHEM, Redis, Logstash , Kibana and Elasticsearch

The hardware ▪ Raspberry Pi ▪ COC (868MHz) ▪ JeeLink ▪ FS20 ▪ Homematic

The software stack ▪ FHEM (perl!) ▪ Redis ▪ Logstash ▪ Elasticsearch ▪ Kibana

What is FHEM ▪ Home automation system ▪ Written in Perl ▪ Badly documented (mostly German) ▪ Great auto-configure functionality ▪ Has web interface and Android app

What is Redis ▪ An advanced in-memory key-value data store. ▪ FAST!! ▪ Durable (configurable disk-write) ▪ Single-threaded ▪ Lots of fancy features (lists, hashes, sets) ▪ Very well documented ▪ Great perl module ▪ Not very scalable… master-slave possible

What is Logstash ▪ A tool for managing events and logs ▪ Primarily an interface - between sources (redis, files, pipes, …) and storage (elasticsearch, mongodb, email, …) ▪ Lots of very helpful filters (date, grok, geoip, …) ▪ Horizontally scalable ▪ Fantastic community “If a newbie has a bad time, it’s a bug”

What is Elasticsearch ▪ Elasticsearch is a search server based on Lucene ▪ Very easy to set up ▪ Very horizontally scalable ▪ Written in Java… ▪ Great RESTful API ▪ Great perl module written by the developers themselves ▪ Needs BIG hardware (500 million events/day: 132GB RAM, 16 cores) ▪ Stability….. :-/

The costs (so far…) Device Unit cost Total RPi + Power + SD card 50 50 COC 868MHz 75 75 JeeLink v3 868MHz 32 32 EM1000 power monitor 34 68 PCA301 remote socket with power monitor 34 34 HMS100TF remote thermometer/hydrometer 25 50 Total 309

Concerns ▪ Security for actuators ▪ Social implications – Big Brother ▪ Catastrophic Corner Cases


Links ▪ FHEM http://fhem.de/fhem.html ▪ Redis http://redis.io/ (The little Redis book) ▪ Logstash http://logstash.net/ ▪ Elasticsearch http://www.elasticsearch.org/ ▪ ELV Elektronik http://www.elv.de/ ▪ Busware http://busware.de/ ▪ Raspberry Pi http://www.raspberrypi.org/

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