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Published on February 25, 2008

Author: Michela

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  THE NORTH GEORGIA CONFERENCE AND YAEL ADVENTURES INVITE YOU TO: THE HOLY LAND -A QUICK TOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT- SUMMER - 2008 FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US: OFER OVED-YAEL ADVENTURES CONTACT (706) 494-8818/ofer@yaeladventures.com SHARI HICKOM–NG YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT CONTACT (706) 867-3101/shickom@ngumc.org SHARI RATES-NG ADULT QUICK TOUR CONTACT (678) 533-1444/srates@ngumc.org $2,673* - FROM ATLANTA - JULY 19-29, 2008 YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT TOUR PRICE INCLUDES: Roundtrip Airfare-Deluxe Motor coaches-Guest houses-Guided Sightseeing-Entrance Fees to Sites Visited -Daily dinner and breakfast. VISIT: www.yaeladventures.com/shari NOW! REGISTER NOW! www.yaeladventures.com/shari “KESHER” -Hebrew for “connect”- The North Georgia Conference in conjunction with Yael Adventures seeks to create “Kesher” through two initiatives: THE YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT QUICK TOUR OPPORTUNITY – SUMMER OF 2008 and THE ADULT QUICK TOUR OPPORTUNITY – FALL OF 2008 These two programs will afford participants the opportunity to tour the historical and spiritual foundations of our faith, and through identified projects also work closely with the needs of the people and the land. Slide2:  DAY 6: (FRI 07/24/08) SEA OF GALILEE, JORDAN RIVER. WATER ACTIVITIES On this day we will sail on the Sea of Galilee, visit Capernaum, the town of Jesus, visit the Church of Multiplication in Tabgha where the Lord performed the miracle of the Leaves and Fishes, and visit the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus taught “The Sermon on the Mount”. We will continue to Beit Tzida, where the amazing miracle of the Lord walking on the water took place. We’ll proceed to see the Galilee Boat - a boat found on the bottom of the sea of Galilee and dated to Jesus times. We’ll proceed to an unforgettable experience of baptism in the Jordan River. During the afternoon we will enjoy water activities in the Jordan River or in the Sea of Galilee. The specific activities will be coordinated with the group leaders before departure. DAY 7: (SAT 07/25/08) MOUNT TABOR, CANA, NAZARETH, CAESAREA We will start our day in Mount Tabor, the Mount of Transfiguration. We’ll continue to Cana where the Lord preformed the wedding miracle, and then continue to the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. We will continue to Caesarea, a Roman city with many archeological findings such as a theater, a public bath, a hippodrome and a city gate. We will enjoy the new computerized exhibitions of the city in Roman times. In the afternoon hours we will tour the charming alleys of the old city of Jaffa and visit the square where the Church and Monastery of Saint Peter reside. We will continue to over night in Jerusalem. DAY 8: (SUN 07/26/08) JERUSALEM This day will be dedicated to Jerusalem. We will visit the digs of the City of King David, the place where archeologists found a papyrus with Gemariah’s seal impression. Gemariah was King Zedekiah‘s scribe. We’ll walk inside the hidden Hezekiah water tunnel and continue to the Pool of Siloam where the Lord sent the blind man to DAY 1: (SUN 07/19/08) DEPART FROM ATLANTA We depart from Atlanta to Tel Aviv. Dinner and breakfast will be served during the flight. DAY 2: (MON 07/20/08) ARRIVE IN ISRAEL Upon arrival in Israel we will drive to an overnight stay in Northern Israel. We will meet our JNF youth and young adult hosts who will be with us for the next four days as a cultural exchange opportunity. DAY 3: (TUE 07/21/08) FOREST WORK, CAESAREA PHILIPPI, RECREATION ACTIVITIES In the early morning we will meet with our hosts. We will continue as a group to one of the JNF forests. We will help to plant new trees to replace those which where burned in the last war, and prune the trees for a new fire lines. We will continue to Caesarea Philippi and enjoy walking in the shadow near the river, we will listen to the story of the place told by one the group members and completed by the tour guide. We will be back in our guest house for recreation activities and special dinner with our hosts. DAY 4: (WED 07/22/08) ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATION, ACCO, HOSTS’ HOMES In the early morning we will help to excavate part of the aqueduct from Kabri to Acco. We will visit the old city of Acco and discover a crusaders’ buried city under today’s city. This tour will expose us to the interesting crusaders’ life, table manners, buildings and their mission in the Holy Land. During the afternoon we will be invited by our hosts to their homes and enjoy dinner with them. DAY 5: (THU 07/23/08) RENOVATING CHURCH, MEDITERRANEAN SHORES, ROSH HANIKRA On this day we will help to renovate a church in Haifa or in northern Israel. During the afternoon we will walk near the amazing rocky shores of the Mediterranean Sea north of Acco and visit the Rosh Hanikra crevice. We will continue to our guest house for dinner and overnight. wash his eyes. We will visit the Tomb of King David on Mount Zion. Proceed to the Last Supper Room, the site that commemorates Jesus’ last meal with his disciples. We will continue to tour the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem and see all the preparation for “Shabbat”. We will visit: the Roman Cardo, the Madaba Map and the Western Wall. Dinner and overnight stay in Jerusalem. DAY 9: (MON 07/27/08) JERUSALEM, THE DEAD SEA, EIN GEDI This day will be dedicated to the Dead Sea area. After Sunday service in one of the old churches of Jerusalem or near by we will drive to the Judean Desert. This desert is a preferred place for a life of solitude. Different congregations built their lives there, like the Essences in Qumran 2000 years ago, and the monasteries of today. Our first stop today will be next to one of the St. George monastery crosses, which offers an amazing view of the monastery. This stop is important for understanding the water system of the Judean Desert monasteries. We’ll continue to Qumran to hear the amazing story of the Dead Sea scrolls' discovery. We will try to answer questions like: Who wrote the scrolls? Who were the Essences? How did they live and why there? We will continue to the oasis of Ein Gedi, a nature reservation. We will learn there about King David, the wild animal life of the Judean Desert and we will have the chance to get wet. We will proceed to bathe in the Dead Sea and to enjoy the sun and the famous mud. Dinner and overnight stay in Jerusalem. DAY 10: (TUE 07/28/08) BETHLEHEM, JERUSALEM We will start our day in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. We’ll visit the cave and learn about Jesus’ birth. We will proceed to the Israel Museum to visit the miniature Model city of Jerusalem from the time of the Second Temple. A scaled reconstruction (1:50) of Jerusalem and the Temple at 66 CE, before the great rebellion and the destruction. We will proceed to the Garden Tomb, the garden and sepulcher of Joseph of Arimathea. We will climb to the Mount of Olives for a breathtaking panoramic view of the old city of Jerusalem. We will continue to the Church of All Nations where Jesus is said to have prayed before the night of his arrest. We will enter the old city through the Lions Gate and walk through the Via Dolorosa stations to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Dinner and overnight stay in Jerusalem. We’ll continue with a special dinner and transfer to the night flight to the U.S. DAY 11: (WED 07/29/08) BACK TO THE UNITED STATES On this day we will be back home full of unforgettable memories. REGISTER NOW! EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO ENSURE THE ACCURACY OF THIS BROCHURE. WHILE YOU WILL SEE ALL SITES LISTED ABOVE, THE ORDER OF SITES AND/OR DAYS MAY BE ALTERED TO ACCOMMODATE CHANGES IN AIRLINES, HOTEL SCHEDULES, AND LOCAL CONDITIONS. SHARI HICKOM NORTH GEORGIA CONFERENCE YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT CONTACT (706) 867-3101/shickom@ngumc.org What an incredible opportunity to experience the richness and history of this land first hand!  This trip is intended for older high school students and young adults, along with the folks who work with them.  It’s a chance to scope it out as a smaller leadership group in order to share the experience with your entire church community in hopes that they, too, would want to make the trip.  Thus- a “quick tour”.  Talk to the young people in your midst or the adult volunteers who are a part of your ministry and think about joining us.  As with all conference events, we’ll adhere to the Child Protection Policy and be intentional about safety while traveling internationally. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!  EXPERIENCE! DISCOVER!

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